World first expedition in Papua New Guinea: Summit Mt Kabangama

Jan 21, 2018 BY Luke Rees

Ever dreamed of summiting a mountain that has never been climbed before? It’s not often you get the chance, but with this exciting opportunity to summit Mt Kabangama on a world first expedition in Papua New Guinea, you’ll do just that.

World first expedition in Papua New Guinea: Summit Mt Kabangama

Mt Kabangama is a true enigma. With virtually no information about the mountain online other than its exact geographic location. So this is your chance to experience a genuine adventure of discovery with No Roads Expeditions.

Mt Kabangama lies between Mt Wilhelm and Mt Giluwe, the country’s two highest peaks, and appears to be a vast high-altitude plateau. But pretty much everything else about the mountain remains completely unknown.

Summit Mt Kabangama

The summit of Mt Kabangama stands 4,104 metres above sea level, protruding around 2,284 metres above the surrounding landscape. It’s surrounded by thick jungle vegetation in all directions, which is one of the main reasons why it has remained unexplored.

The mountain sits in a pristine environment of towering peaks and lush valleys. Expect to find hidden waterfalls and meet a diverse range of local people.

The first reference to the mountain in the records was made by the Leahy brothers, who passed through here in 1934. They traversed the area from South to North but made no summit attempt.

World first expedition in Papua New Guinea

Following in the Leahy brothers footsteps, this No Roads expedition will cross the region, taking in the stunning views of Mount Wilhelm and Giluwe. The trek will cover a big stretch of the massif, incorporating all its beauty and difficult terrain.

Heading out into the unknown, the 10-day expedition will include an attempt to summit Mt Kabangama. At around 3,400m, the jungle will give way to open grassland where you’ll be exposed to the elements.

At this height firewood is scarce, and night temperatures drop below zero, so you’ll need to bring some suitable kit. Strong winds and mist are common and visibility can reduce suddenly, so there are obstacles to overcome.

World first expedition in Papua New Guinea: Summit Mt Kabangama

Summit Mt Kabangama: What to expect

Climbing a mountain should never be underestimated. Although it’s expected to be a non-technical trek, the terrain will be tricky. And the unknown factors also add to the danger levels. So, you’ll need a good level of fitness in order to take part.

You should expect to experience a wide variety of elements, from hot and humid to wind and rain and very low temperatures. And due to the thinner atmosphere at altitude, there is a risk of burning even at cooler temperatures.

If you’re looking for an expedition in Papua New Guinea. Or would like to take on a fresh challenge that no one else has ever experienced. Then this is a unique opportunity for a world first expedition in Papua New Guinea.

World first expedition in Papua New Guinea: Summit Mt Kabangama

Explore a genuine new country, a place where few if any other human beings have ever been before. It won’t be easy, but drinking in the sunrise views as you summit Mt Kabangama will be a once in a lifetime experience.

Would you like to take on this world first expedition in Papua New Guinea to summit Mt Kabangama? Then find out more at the No Roads Expeditions website:

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