Women’s Runderwear review: Best underwear for running?

Dec 14, 2020 BY Michelle Rees

If you like to go jogging then you may know that the right underwear can make a huge difference to your comfort. So in this Women’s Runderwear review of underpants, bra and socks we ask the all important question, is it the best underwear for running?

Running underwear: My story

I was one of the many people who decided to use lockdown to get fit. I had not run for a long time due to back pain, but physio before lockdown combined with lots of yoga in the first month or two had cleared it up.

So, I downloaded the NHS couch to 5k app to help me get back into shape. The couch to 5k is a nine week program that helps people who don’t run build up to jogging five kilometres. Now I wasn’t ridiculously unfit, but with the worry of my previous back problems I decided to take it easy and I followed the plan step by step.

Women's Runderwear review Best underwear for running

At the start I pulled on my old trainers, briefs, sports bra, shorts, vest and socks, switched on the app and I was off. It was a nine week adventure of overcoming mental blocks and physical limits. But I did it. I now run 5k or more twice a week and feel all the better for it.

However, in doing all this running I quickly realised how important the right kit is… Enter Runderwear and quite possibly the best underwear for running!

Women’s Runderwear review: Socks

First up socks, specifically Runderwear anti blister mid socks. Ideally you are looking for socks that doesn’t slip around in your shoe. They need to have good elasticity, too tight and they will restrict blood flow, too loose and they will slide off. Well so far that sounds like good advice for everyday socks…

Now for the technical bits. There are areas of your sock that will get more friction and wear and tear when running. These areas need to be reinforced if you don’t want to replace your running socks every few months.

Running socks need to be made from a breathable material to keep your feet at a good temperature and moisture wicking to whisk the sweat away from you feet. Sweaty feet are never good, but with the right socks your feet should not feel damp. And with all that sweating, running socks need to be washable at a normal temperature.

Women's Runderwear review blister free mid socks

So what makes these socks worthy of the awards they have won? That would be their two layers which mean any moment is between the layers, so they rub over each other which reduces rubbing against your skin. This type of friction is the main causes of blisters, something you should avoid while wearing Runderwear socks. It also helps that Runderwear finish their socks by hand to minimise seams and increase comfort.

Review of Runderwear Anti Blister Mid socks

The first thing I noticed when putting on the Runderwear socks is they in a left and right sock. This is clearly labelled and is designed to ensure the fit is anatomically correct. Furthermore, there is a grip part way along the foot to stop it slipping within your shoe.

On first putting these socks on I was amazed at how super soft they are. It was like, how I imagine, slipping your feet into bunny ears would feel. They are cosy and warm and fitted with the right amount of stretch.

When running I didn’t notice the socks at all, and that is not as unremarkable as it sounds! Try running in a standard pair of cotton socks and you will quickly have damp feet as they don’t wick sweat away. Furthermore, with normal socks you notice every slip down your ankle and twist around your foot and crease around your toes. I had none of that with these Runderwear socks.

I decided to try the socks out on a long walk in my hiking boots that always create a sore spots even when wearing hiking socks. Wearing the runderwear socks on a 10km walk my boots felt far more comfortable and the socks eradicated the sore spots.

Women's Runderwear review of socks

My conclusion for this women’s Runderwear review of the Anti Blister Mid socks is they are amazing. I will be getting several more pairs to wear on a more regular basis for running, hiking and active days. In any shoes my usual sore spots were cured and my feet felt dry and fresh on arriving home. Runderwear Anti Blister Mid socks really go the distance.

Women’s Runderwear review: Bra

The next item on my essential running wear list is a bra. All breasts move during exercise anywhere between about 4cm (a petite A) and 14cm (an ample G). This movement causes the ligaments to tear which leads to sagging and lets face it if that is something we can avoid, we should.

Therefore a running bra is essential. It should provide ample support, fit comfortably, give you extra confidence to exercise in style and help you to perform better. Having always used a sports bra for exercise this information was not new to me, but it did mean I had a marker for comparison.

The Runderwear Original Support Running Bra is available in B through to D cups from a 32 to 38 inch fit. For fuller cup sizes there are different fitting and style bras which again shows the thoughtfulness that has gone into the design of the bra. Which is one of the reasons they are the official bra partner of England Athletics.

Review of Runderwear Original Support Running Bra V4

Putting the Original Support Running Bra V4 on is easy, it simply slips on over the head – the racer style back means this is the only way. There are hook-eye fastenings to undo which gives greater stretch and space for getting your arms up through and the bra positioned to the right place. These fastenings also allow the back to be adjusted to fit securely.

Review of Original Support Running Bra v4 by Runderwear™

The racer back offers support across the back and prevents any strap slipping so no distractions as you’re enjoying your run, sprinting for the finish line or lifting your best weight yet in the gym. The straps are also adjustable so you can personalise the fit of this Runderwear Original Support Running Bra V4.

Once on and adjusted you will notice how soft the fabric feels against your skin, because as much as the appearance and colour (of which there are two vibrant and one classic to choose from) are deciding factors when choosing garments, how they feel when you can’t see them is far more important.

The softness of the bra means there was no rubbing or sore spots when I have been running or doing fitness classes while wearing it. Also the fabric is a wonder! It is breathable and moisture wicking which stops your skin becoming wet with sweat.

There is a band running around the base of the bra keeps it in place. This too is soft and supportive with enough elasticity to fit snugly but still moves along with you during exercise.

Overall I would say this bra fits like a second skin and is now my sports bra of choice! I will conclude this review of Runderwear Original Support Running Bra V4 by saying if you are looking for the best underwear for running and other sports you need to get one of these!

Womens Runderwear the best underwear for running

Women’s Runderwear review: Underpants

So I’ve left the most revolutionary, in my eyes, til last. Until discovering Runderwear I had not seen specialised women’s underpants for exercise. My husband has an array of different styles of sports underwear that provide extra support, are non-riding and don’t chafe. I may be late to the party or sharing something not commonly considered, but specialist women’s sports underpants was simply not on my radar.

When I started running for 30 minutes several times a week I noticed how uncomfortable my usual everyday underpants were. Seams would rub, waistband in the wrong place, lace or bows causing pressure in unwanted ways, plus sweat caused lingering dampness.

So I was overjoyed to find Runderwear not only sell the best underwear for running but a whole variety of styles. Briefs, long shorts, g-strings, hipsters and hot pants with both merino wool and anti-vpl options on some of the range.

Review of Runderwear Running Briefs

I chose the Runderwear Running Briefs to directly compare them to everyday underwear and because I hadn’t experienced and chafing from my running shorts or leggings . These briefs sit fairly high, just below the belly button. My first impression was they feel comfortable without any particular wow factor.

The waistband sits flat and is comfortable even under the band of my shorts. Runderwear use an amazing 360° seamless design which means there are no seam to make sure there are no points for rubbing. The fabric is also super soft and feels very comfortable against the skin.

Women's Runderwear review

During this review of Runderwear Running Briefs I have found them to be very breathable, they improve airflow and preventing you from getting hot. The fabric is also moisture wicking which stops you from feeling sweaty and damp. This made for a much more comfortable run and completely eradicated chafing, seams rubbing and horrible sweaty pants.

Best underwear for running?

Since starting the couch to 5k many months ago running has become part of my life. My distance has increased, my speed improved and I feel so much healthier. But there was a point when my running comfort started to become a barrier to my new found love of jogging.

It was at this point that I discovered Runderwear and what a difference it made to my comfort. Clearly I have not tried every kind of undies on the market, so it is hard to say definitively that Runderwear is the best underwear for running. But during this women’s Runderwear review my running has never felt so comfortable.

There are no more distractions from pants, bra or socks feeling not quite right or the icky feelings as I peel sweaty underwear off post exercise. I feel much more confident being out in public knowing that I’m well supported and protected. And ultimately the improved comfort means I run further and more often.

I hope you found this Women’s Runderwear review as useful as I have found the socks, bra and briefs. If you want to buy what is possibly the best underwear for running then head to: www.runderwear.co.uk


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