Women surfing retreats: 3 best female surf camps in North America

Dec 04, 2018 BY AWE365 Team

In recent years women surfing retreats have grown in popularity. So whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert if you want to surf away from testosterone filled waves it’s a great option. With that in mind we’ve pulled together three of the best female surf camps in North America.

Women surfing retreats

While there has been much improvement in equality all over the world, the reality is that it is still a male dominated world. Centuries of conditioning have made men feel entitled to tell women what they can and can’t do. Unfortunately this attitude has spilled over into adventure sports such as surfing.

Women surfing retreats 3 best female surf camps in North America

Women are still catching up with men in terms of their goals of self-realisation, purely because they have been denied the opportunity to do so. In many walk of life women have equalled and bettered men, and arguably the world would be a better place if it was female dominated.

But even in areas where there is ‘parity’ there are still huge differences. Take tennis for example, prize money is equal at Grand Slams, and the women are some of the richest athletes in the world. But despite Serena Williams earning $18 million in 2018, she is only fifth on the Tennis top earners list and way behind Roger Federer’s $77 million.

So although improvements have been made, there are still huge discrepancies in how males and females are treated. Which is why women surfing retreats have become so popular. It gives girls of all ages and abilities the chance to get surfing without guys in a more relaxed environment.

Women surfing retreats 3 best female surf camps in North America flickr CC image by Hoggheff aka Hank Ashby aka Mr. Freshtags from Huntington beach California

Best female surf camps in North America

Surfing is not a mans sport, it is an activity for everyone. Take a look at these top three surfing retreats for women. They are perfect destinations whether you are a solo traveller or on a trip with the gals.

Las Olas, Mexico

Always had the desire to float on a speeding wave but never tried due to fear? Then Las Olas in Mexico is the perfect place for you. They focus heavily on improving your sense of connection with the ocean. The training is designed so that each person can understand their goals and combat fears about surfing.

They have a six day retreat which includes yoga sessions in the morning and evening plus (of course!) surfing lessons. Other services include massage, sea-facing accommodation, and personal development workshops. The six days that you spend here will help you rediscover yourself.

Women surfing retreats 3 best female surf camps in North America

Surf with Amigas, Costa Rica

The stressful modern lifestyle does not help to maintain balance between your body and mind. For our overall well-being both must stay healthy which is wear surfing can help. Combating stress and addressing your balance is one of the top options for an escapist long weekend.

Surf with Amigas believes that the best way to achieve this is by a combination of adventure, surfing, and yoga. The moderate yoga stretches are combined with the more rigorous surfing and other adventure activities such as hiking, zipline, etc.

Surf with Amigas is run by a pro surfer, Holly Beck Obermeyer, who also has masters in psychology and business. As a former U.S. National Amateur Champion she is an inspiration and the perfect example for women who go to train at her school. Without a doubt one of the best female surf camps in North America.

Kelea Surf Spa, Hawaii

Women surfing retreats 3 best female surf camps in North America flickr CC image by pmarkham from Banzai Hawaii

This place in Hawaii is named after its chiefess who chose the ocean and its waves over the royal status. This retreat can be a life-changing experience. Learn a passion for the waves, adopt a healthy lifestyle, develop a love for exploring and adventure, and connect with the nature.

Nearly all women are required to be responsible for their home even if they are working. This puts them under a lot of stress. Kelea Surf Spa has gives them a reason to go out there and surf, to forget about their responsibilities, to relax and to become healthier.

If the best female surf camps in North America has inspired you to book women surfing retreats be sure to check out our surfing holiday discounts as you could save a fortune.

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