Winter Wakeboarding: Three international hotspots to try

Feb 14, 2013 BY AWE365 Team

Given the weather we’ve been having over the last six months, most of us have become used to winter wakeboarding and living without the sunshine. When the sun does break through, don’t be surprised if thousands of us Brits fall to their knees to worship the strange new fire god in the sky…

Wakeboarding in Winter sunset

With the prospect of another wet and windy summer ahead, it’s not surprising that millions of us are trying to book a break somewhere a little bit more clement.

Whether it’s just a beach holiday in the sun or a more adventurous break, a little bit of warmth would be nice. Yet, for those of you who love wakeboarding enough, there are some really great winter wakeboarding destinations to try.

Raise a bit of extra cash by selling stuff online or put in a few hours overtime and book yourself up for a week or two. It really will do you the world of good.

There are places where the sun definitely has got his hat on and comes out to play on a daily basis.

Dok Krai Lake, Thailand

If you’re looking for something really exotic, then head to Thailand and enrol at wakeboarding camp on Dok Krai Lake. At eleven kilometres long, this is the biggest lake in Thailand and a great place for beginners to learn the basics or for experienced riders to show off what they’ve got.

Lake Como, Italy

A little closer to home but no less salubrious is Lake Como in Italy. Surrounded by spectacular mountains and verdant forests, this is one of Europe’s top beauty spots. although not exactly warm in the winter it is an ideal spot for wakeboarding in autumn waters.

George Clooney even has a house here, which might give you some idea of what kind of place we’re talking about.

Lake Tahoe, US

The US state of Nevada is home to Las Vegas but also the incredibly beautiful Lake Tahoe. Ok, so not all of Nevada is desert, as the stunning mountain backdrop of the Sierra Nevada will show you. But the stunning blue waters of the lake and almost guaranteed sunshine make this a perfect place for a winter break.

Wherever you go, make sure the sun is shining and the riding is good. It certainly beats staying back home freezing your unmentionables off doesn’t it?

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