Windsurfing holiday in paradise: 10 best Caribbean windsurf spots

Feb 08, 2019 BY Mark Pawlak

Looking for a windsurfing holiday in paradise? With enchanting islands, warm waters, beautiful beaches, steady winds and friendly locals the Caribbean fits the bill. But what are the best Caribbean windsurf spots?

St Vincent and Grenadines Caribbean windsurfing Flickr CC image by _dChris

It would be ever so easy to rattle off a top 10 based on visitor numbers or Google search results. But that is not our style.

Here you’ve got ten great options for a windsurfing holiday in paradise. They are not all pretty, but as it’s the Caribbean chances are they’ll seduce you in some way our other.

10 best Caribbean windsurf spots

Check out the top 10 Caribbean windsurfing destinations below. And if you know any better please leave a comment.

Cabarete Bay, Dominican Republic

This North Shore spot has been a destination for surfers for a very long time. However, Cabarete ‘only’ started attracting windsurfers about 20 to 25 years ago.

But its relative youth on the windsurfing map has done little to deter its position on this list. Cross-shore winds in the winter and summer are great for beginners or those honing their technique.

Dominican republic one of the 10 best Caribbean windsurf spots Wikimedia image by Ed Yourdon

While regularly flat from May to August, waves do pick up in the winter and can reach double-mast height. Always windier in the afternoon, conditions are sympathetic to the exuberant nightlife found here.

One downside is the massive amount of kiteboarders crowding Cabarete’s western beaches. Despite this it is easily one of the best Caribbean windsurf spots.


Always a classic on any Caribbean itinerary. Just a skip from the Venezuelan coastline, it is well out of the way of any potentially threatening hurricanes while still being able to reap their thermo benefits.

Winds can truly howl on Aruba. It is not surprising to see speeds of 30 knots in midsummer, and they rarely fall below 15 knots throughout the rest of the year.

Although the island is small, you’ll need to rent a car to experience the best two spots here. Boca Grandi is on the eastern tip and offers some playful waves and chop and plenty of wind.

Aruba one of the 10 best Caribbean windsurf spots Wikimedia image by Ed Yourdon Flickr image by kmattrn

Fisherman’s Hut is on the opposite end of the island. It is sometimes gusty, but is usually beginner friendly and home to more hotels and resorts. It is ideal for a windsurfing holiday in paradise.

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Los Roques, Venezuela

Los Roques is series of many tiny exotic islands declared a national park by the Venezuelan government. It is not a resort, casino or restaurant destination, but is one of the best Caribbean windsurf spots.

The only populated island, El Gran Roque, has less than 2,000 inhabitants. There are tiny taverns as accommodation. If you can rough it, though, the payoff is tremendous. Wind blows year round, especially from January to July.

Windsurfing holiday in paradise: 10 best Caribbean windsurf spots Los Roques image from google maps

The attraction is the unimaginable beauty of the transparent water, vibrant reefs, and white-sand beaches. Sailors should island hop to find waves or seclusion. This is a wonderful windsurfing holiday in paradise for the adventurous.


Not a glamorous island of ritzy resorts and high-rise hotels either. Antigua’s charm is a product of its colorful local culture and astounding scenery.

In a land of gorgeous islands, Antigua’s beaches lay claim as the most beautiful and pristine. The wind is not extremely powerful, but playfully consistent averaging 15 knots throughout the year.

Boasting a sandy takeoff, a shallow bay, and side-shore wind, Jabberwock Beach is the spot for beginners. Explore the island’s innumerable beaches on your own. Or try Dickenson Bay, Darkwood Beach, and Turner’s Beach for more options.


The quintessential Caribbean escape. White-sand beaches, warm locals, and plenty of accommodation options. Barbados is a great place to visit regardless of whether you windsurf or not.

Barbados a caribbean Windsurfing holiday in paradise:  Flickr image by Meg Stewart

But if you do plan on windsurfing, be sure to leave the slalom board at home. Barbados picks up some serious chop on its eastern flank and is bombarded with good sized Atlantic swell.

The wind is on all year except for August to October. Silver Sands and Silver Rock are the best places to ride and catch air. Oistins Bay and Casuarina Beach are best for beginners.


Off the northwest coast of Venezuela, Bonaire is one of the best Caribbean windsurf spots. The scuba diving in Bonaire is also excellent and the island is untarnished by excess tourism.

The most popular windsurfing area is Lac Bay on the eastern coast of the island. Wind blows into this pearly bay year round and kitesurfing is prohibited.

Beginners should stay close to the interior of the bay where flat and shallow water conditions prevail. More accomplished windsurfers take to the middle or outer portions of the bay to enjoy the bumps and waves.

Bonaire Windsurfing holiday in paradise 10 best Caribbean windsurf spots Flickr image by queulat00

The wind is especially consistent and steady from December until August. Other good spots to check out are Pink Beach and the small leeward island of Klein Bonaire.


The smaller of the Trinidad and Tobago duo, Tobago is a tropical paradise. Rainforest, waterfalls, bright white beaches, and colorful reefs make this exotic location one of the best Caribbean windsurf spots .

Tobago is out of reach of Caribbean hurricanes and known as one of best vacation destinations in the world. Expect winds from late in the year until midsummer. August and September see wind speed taper off, although there are still windsurfing days to be had.

Try taking off from Pigeon Point to Buccoo Bay. Inside the reef is usually flat while just beyond waves it can grown to well over mast-height. Mt. Irvine Bay also picks up plenty of swell.


Margarita is a Venezuelan island. Different to the turquoise/clear water of the Caribbean, here the water is greener and more opaque. Making for a unique windsurfing holiday in paradise.

El Yaque in Margarita = Windsurfing holiday in paradise Wikicommons public domain image

Playa El Yaque maintains world class conditions nearly the entire year. The beach is exceptionally popular with so many windsurfers and kiteboarders taking to the water that restrictions are enforced.

Professionals are a common sight here but the fun is for everyone. Try El Agua, Parguito, Coche, and Cubanga for less crowded conditions.

St. Martin / Sint Maarten

Split down the middle by a French/Dutch border, it’s the smallest inhabited island that’s split into two countries. The locals are friendly and the atmosphere is warm and inviting. Plus the beaches are astounding and the windsurfing is incredible.

Many of the bays have tiny islands which you windsurf to. Relax on the secluded shore before windsurfing some more. Beautiful beaches abound all along the coast, but most windsurfing occurs on the French side.

Orient Bay offers some minor swell and chop, but also some relaxed zones for beginners. The uninhabited island of Pinel is also a great bet for a snorkeling, windsurfing and relaxing day trip.

Saint Martin one of the best Caribbean windsurfing spots Flickr CC image by jsmjr (1)


The tiny circular island is dominated by a 1,000 metre mountain. Its appearance is more South Pacific than Caribbean. Nevertheless, Nevis is ideal for both novice and advanced windsurfers.

Beaches are usually uncrowded and you’ll often have the water to yourself. This lack of crowds is what makes Nevis one of the best Caribbean windsurf spots. Visit in the late winter to early spring for the most consistent wind.

Oualie Beach to the north is a sheltered cove and ideal for beginners with shallow, flat water. Head outside the bay to experience a bit of chop. Nisbet Plantation offers more challenging conditions and waves beyond a reef.

Windsurfing holiday in paradise

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Do you agree or disagree with our list of the best Caribbean windsurfing spots? Let us know in the comments.


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