Why you should take a Wimbledon bike ride in London

May 02, 2022 BY AWE365 Team

For a few weeks every summer, tennis courts in Britain are full of sweaty amateur players who don’t get out on court very often. Inspired by the Wimbledon Championship, they pant and grunt like the pros, and make it very difficult for us regular players to get a game in. Which prompted me to take a Wimbledon bike ride in London.

Why you should take a Wimbledon bike ride in London pixabay royalty free image of Tower Bridge

Can’t book a tennis court

The championship inspires us Brits to dust off our rackets and brush up on our ball skills. It is great to see so many people loving the game. But unfortunately once it’s over, interest fades and many courts get quietly neglected again.

During the last Wimbledon tournament before Covid I was getting very frustrated. I had a couple of tennis matches cancelled and could not book a court locally for love nor money.

As a fan I watched a lot of tennis, at one point I had three devices playing different matches. But it wasn’t enough! In fact I was so bored that I joined a few casino sites to take advantage of their introductory bonuses, and even started betting on the tennis. But I realised I needed to stop and to get outside for some exercise.

Take a Wimbledon bike ride in London

Rather than dwell on a lack of tennis courts available, I chose to take a much-needed break from the chaos of Wimbledon. So I decided to take a Wimbledon bike ride in London. This first problem was I don’t have a bike.

Why you should take a Wimbledon bike ride in London pixabay royalty free image of Boris Bikes

Luckily, London is one of those cities where you can easily rent a bike at a moment’s notice. The popular Boris Bikes (actually a scheme put in place by the previous London Mayor Ken Livingstone) are everywhere. They are easily accessible via the Santander Bike app.

Anyone who visits London should know that you do not always have to take public transport or request an Uber. You can rent a bike for £2 per half an hour and get anywhere in the city with ease. In many cases you can stick to cycle lanes to completely avoid traffic.

Wimbledon bike ride

One of the great aspects of being in Wimbledon is you have wonderful greenery within a stone’s throw. Wimbledon Park is not the biggest park in London, but it is beautiful, and there is plenty to see.

After riding around that area for a while, I made my way to Cannizzaro Park, which is a little larger. There are plenty of little paths that you can ride here which is especially good if you are not in the mood to go onto busy streets.

Cannizaro Park, Wimbledon, London The Sunken Garden Wikimedia CC image by AndyScott

I am a little braver when it comes to biking in cities. So I did not stay there long, and eventually made my way close to the A3 road and into Isabella Plantation. A giant park near Kingston University, Isabella Plantation is a stunning area that you can get lost in for hours.

I already knew London is an attractive city. But despite living there for more than a decade if it were not for this bike ride, I would not have known there was so much greenery. There are many great cycle paths that you can take around Isabella Plantation, which eventually blends into Richmond Park.

Bike ride in London: A new way to experience the city

Being on a bike in a city gives you a sense of freedom that is hard to explain – definitely one of the best London experiences I have tried. After a while in Richmond Park, I was ready for the next adventure. I had a choice to go West towards the Royal Botanic Gardens or northeast towards Fulham.

I chose the latter, as I wanted to experience riding a bike through a major city without a care in the world. That is exactly what I got to do, even seeing the River Thames along my ride. As I got closer to Fulham, the traffic increased, which made it a bit less enjoyable.

River Thames through london part of Thames Way UK trekking Pixabay royalty free image

Deciding to take a Wimbledon bike ride in London for a few hours was a great decision. I got to see the city I live in in a different way. I normally rush everywhere, mostly using the tube, meaning I don’t actually see the city. From now on I will certainly ride in London a lot more often.

Free things in London

Any visitors that travel to London need to realize that there is a lot you can do on a budget. There are so many fun things to do in the city, and not everything is as expensive as people would have you believe.

There are plenty of free or affordable activities you can enjoy. Places such as Borough Market are a lot of fun to visit, while the British Museum, Science Museum and Natural History Museum are all free. There are various art galleries such as the National Gallery, Tate Modern and Serpentine and many more that don’t cost a penny.

In terms of buildings, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Westminster Cathedral, St Pauls, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben are big draws. But everywhere you go there are impressive buildings both young and old.

Why take a Wimbledon bike ride in London pixabay royalty free image of Big Ben and Houses of Parliament

Make the best of a situation

The week had started with frustration at not having my usual tennis matches. But rather than focusing on the negative, I chose to do something different and make the best of the situation.

It was a beautiful day, I had some time off with no other commitments. So I made up my mind to take a Wimbledon bike ride in London.

I enjoyed one of the best days I have had in a very long time. Plus I got to see my adopted home in a new way. One that I have since repeated many times. So, if you ever have the chance, rent a bike in London and explore the city on two wheels!

We hope this article had inspired you to take a Wimbledon bike ride in London. If you enjoy it perhaps check out these cycling holidays in England to explore more of the UK on two wheels.

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