Why is everyone talking about extreme sports?

May 24, 2010 BY Mark Pawlak

If you haven’t noticed, everyone is talking about extreme sports. By talking about, we meant Tweeting about it; one quick search on the popular social network messaging site Twitter and you’ll see what we mean.

Where previously followers were extreme sports fans or experts like us, now it seems that business too has got in on the scene. But why? Well, as you will find out, it’s as much to do with the lifestyle as the freestyle…

Why is everyone talking about extreme sports like motocross pixabay royalty free image

Why is everyone talking about extreme sports?

Extreme sports is a label as much as it is a category. We cover all the types of extreme sports and they are always evolving, spawning new disciplines. Whereas one might find a set list of water sports or ball sports, in the extreme sports world the list is always getting longer.

For us, and we consider ourselves one of the authorities on the matter, extreme sports is a broad-bush term for activities that defy the traditional understanding of what ‘sport’ is.

Most importantly, extreme sports are defined by the people who take part in them. They are typified by people pushing boundaries and extending the limits of what it is to be human.

Take an element, any element, and humans are pitted against it. Gravity and evolution dictate that we can’t fly, so we make wingsuits and jump out of planes; we can’t swim underwater, so we free-dive; and if the mountains tower over us, we go on mountaineering holidays worldwide to climb them.

Extreme sport push boundaries

And if a sport is established, we take it, flip it, and turn into a hybrid form that again challenges convention. Surfing becomes windsurfing, becomes kitesurfing, becomes landboarding and then the real twist: Somebody takes it to the Sahara and says: “I’m gonna landboard across this desert.”

Don’t think it is primarily about conquering nature. We are really not foolish enough to try – we just live with it, respect it, do our best to protect it, all the while having a good time.

It’s this mindset, this attitude – one that falls not with the fluctuating markets, but with the tide – that business is interested in. We are a demograph, a niche, but we represent something more than this, much more than this.


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