Why are Extreme Sports Fun? Why we Love Adventure Activities?

May 24, 2024 BY Luke Rees

Flying high, diving deep or riding fast provide an adrenaline hit, but is that the only reason we love adventure activities? In this post I pose the question why are extreme sports fun? From passion to purpose and exploration to friendship I discuss what us adventures get from action sports, and why we keep coming back for more.

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From skydiving to skateboarding, kitesurfing to canyoning and bouldering to bungee jumping, extreme sports are obviously exciting. But why are adventure activities so enjoyable? I have tried most action sports, and there is so much more to doing them than being an adrenaline junky seeking that next hit.

Why are Extreme Sports Fun?

Why we Love Adventure Activities?

Most types of extreme sport will push your personal limits. They allow you to embrace freedom, to be part of a tribe, to be active and explore the great outdoors. From the terror of falling towards earth attached to an bungee cord to the speed and power I feel carving a snowboard, action activities are about pushing myself, experiencing life to the fullest and having fun.

Here’s why action sports are fun:

Adrenaline Buzz

It would be remiss of me not to admit I love the buzz that comes from the epinephrine – more commonly known as adrenaline – hit! From scaling towering cliffs to surfing epic waves and riding rugged terrain to doing tricks in a snow park, adventure sports tap into the fight or flight response that release this hormone and neurotransmitter to alter you physiological.

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You become more focussed and breath deeper, your heart beats faster so muscles get more blood and your eyes dilate so you can better take in your surroundings. Your bodies response to danger prepares you for that danger, and when done as part of extreme activities it makes you feel strong, powerful, confident and invincible. Which for most people feels GREAT!

New Experiences

You don’t need any specialist skills to do a bungee jump, go white water rafting or tandem skydive. So extreme sports are enjoyable because they are a chance to try something new, something outside your comfort zone. While this can be daunting, trying new things is also fun. My first time snowboarding still ranks as one of my most fun days ever, even though I must have fallen a hundred times.

But it’s not just different extreme sports that are fun to try. Almost any activity from a new food to a new board game or a great book to meeting new people is enjoyable. So keep trying new things, like Slot Gacor where you can try lots of different online games.

Overcoming Fears

One of the main reasons extreme sports are fun is that you overcome your fears. There are not many people that stand atop a bridge, cliff or mountain and don’t feel any fear about the drop in front of you. But forcing yourself to rationally face the fear, assess the danger and overcome it feels incredible.

Pushing Boundaries

If you watch Red Bull Rampage or the X-Games you’ll see athletes doing incredible tricks and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. They are at the height of their sport and advancing it, through small incremental improvements. Each new trick, high speed, first descent etc is personal boundaries being pushed, not just by a pro athlete but by that individual to go higher, faster, further etc.

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But you don’t have to be breaking world records or even personal bests to enjoy pushing boundaries. Personally I don’t compare everything I do to my biggest, fastest or highest etc, I push myself to do my best in the moment and enjoy every big or small achievement. I love adventure activities because while I sometimes get it wrong, every progression feels like an achievement.


Why are extreme sports fun? Because they are a reason to explore! I regularly mountain bike on the South Downs, UK. I know my local trails pretty well, but when I spot a new path I will usually take it. Finding new downhill trails or exploring technical routes for the first time is great fun, even if they lead to a dead end or lots of brambles!


From trekking in the jungles of Borneo to scuba diving in Flores, and backcountry snowboarding in Turkey to mountain biking in Utah, my favourite adventure sports have taking me all over the world. I moved to Canada to snowboard, lived in Tenerife to kitesurf, and worked in Tasmania to hike. Extreme sports give you the perfect excuse for adventure travel which is of life’s great pleasures.


Mastering a new trick, conquering a daunting challenge, or achieving a lifelong goal all require purpose. The pursuit of getting better at skiing or skateboarding of getting your skydive or scuba dive licence, or of becoming a kayak or kitesurf instructor becomes a drive beyond the extreme sports you love. Other aspects of your life have more purpose and more fun because you have a goal


Why are adventure sports fun? Because they ignite passion within you. If you get into any activity, it becomes your driving passion to live life to the max. And by following your passion new fun opportunities appear that you would never have considered. By following my passion for snowboarding I ended up becoming an adventure travel writer, and having more fun than I ever imagined.

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From sharing stories around a campfire, in a ski chalet or while having a drink, to cheering on fellow participants, an adventure shared with friends is more fun. As a snowboarding journalist I have been on many winter sports press trips with complete strangers. After a few days on the slopes together you’ve become good friends, and many are now buddies outside of snowboarding.

There is something about sharing an adventurous activity with people that forges connections and lifelong friendships. When I was hitch hiking around New Zealand it was the days I tried bungee jumping, rafting and high rope climbing that led to meeting new travel companions. If asked why you love extreme sports, many will say it’s down to the close friendships they create.


Watch extreme sport athletes at a competition and you’ll see they support each other through triumphs and setbacks. The community spirit of action activities unites people in a shared celebration of adventure and achievement. The sense of camaraderie and connection, creates bonds that transcend differences as you all have fun together.

Inspiring Others

Extreme sports fun isn’t just limited to you, but how they inspires others. Athletes serve as role models and ambassadors getting people into the activities. But you’ll see groups of friends encouraging and inspiring each other to go higher and faster, to try that trick, and not give up when they get things wrong. And most people feel happiness at seeing friends enjoy themselves.

But this inspiration goes beyond extreme sports. For example, mountaineering and exploration feats by Sir Ranulph Fiennes have been listed as inspiration by many people. This includes the well known journalist and keynote speaker Nima Abu Wardeh, she has not repeated his feats but used them to inspire her work and business goals.

17 reasons group overland tours are the best for solo adventure travel Salt flats by Oasis Overland

Being Active

Most extreme sports require physical fitness, or at the very least being active. From the cardiovascular benefits of surfing to the strength-building of rock climbing to the endurance required to ski all day, being active is good for you. Activity releases endorphins, endocannabinoids and dopamine, all of which make you feel good and so make extreme sports fun.

Being Outdoors

Nearly all action activities, adventure sports and extreme experiences happen outdoors and often in nature or the wilderness. Whether it’s summiting a mountain peak, paddling through the line up, or riding a secluded forest trail, being in the natural world releases the ‘happy hormones’ of serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins. And happy hormones meaning having fun.


Last but not least, extreme sports create an appreciation for life, the beauty around us, and for the people you share it with. This leads to a feeling of love, that goes beyond the chemicals mentioned above. I love adventure activities such as snowboarding, mountain biking, SUP, hiking and much more. Just thinking about them puts a smile on my face, which is why extreme sports are fun.

Why we Enjoy Action Sports

Extreme experiences are so much more than just flying high, diving deep or riding fast. They create the feelings of passion, positivity, exhilaration, self-discovery, connection, well-being and love.

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The speed you go, or height you attain are relative to your own experience, which is what dictates how you feel about it. It’s these emotions that make extreme sports fun, and your ability level does not matter. From complete beginner to seasoned pro the feeling of enjoyment is the same, which is why we all love adventure sports.

Why are extreme sports fun? Why do you love adventure activities? Let us know in the comments below. And check out these adventure holidays or action sports courses to keep the fun flowing!


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