While in Mexico learn to surf in Los Cabos

Aug 02, 2013 BY AWE365 Team

When you come and learn to surf in Los Cabos on a High Tide surfing expedition, it starts when you’re picked up by our guides from your hotel. On the way to the beach, you’ll be given an insight into the sights of the desert, the natural attractions of the surrounding area and the history of this part of Baja California Sur. All our guides are accredited by SECTUR, the national Tourist Secretary. If you’re here in Mexico to learn to surf in Los Cabos, we hope to give you a great beginning to your adventure.

While in Mexico learn to surf at Los Cabos

On arrival at the beach on the first morning, you’ll suit up with the appropriate “rashie” or rash guard shirt. This will protect your skin from the sun, but mostly from the abrasive effects of the sand, salt water and the board rubbing against you during surfing. In winter, you can suit up with a neoprene wet suit, so the cold water doesn’t get in the way of the fun while you learn to surf in Los Cabos.

Learn to surf in Los Cabos

Training starts with getting up onto the board and learning a few movements. After the dry practice comes your chance to experience the real thing. Our guides go with you into the sea and help you reach the waiting point, away from the break. You’ll learn how pick up the appropriate wave, catch it, stand and ride it back to the beach. It’s that simple (and if it’s not, it’s still fun trying).

One of the instructors at High Tide is Alan Blyth, the 2012 Senior Surfing National Champion, and most of our instructors compete on a regular basis, so you’ll be heading out to the waves with the very best.

Take a break in the shade with a drink and get some feedback on your performance, before heading back out to the crashing waves to try again. When the class is over, dry off and change before we take you back to your hotel.

While in Mexico learn to surf at Los Cabos

It’s a unique experience becoming a member of a surfing clan for the first time. However, if you already know how to surf, or even if you’re an expert but only have a few days here, our instructors can take you to the best swell spots. These are the places they go themselves when they’re not working. It’s less of a surfing lesson than a chance to hone your skills and get advice from a champion or national competitor.

Where you’ll find Los Cabos

Los Cabos is located at the southernmost tip of the Baja California Peninsula, in the state of Baja California Sur, Mexico. The peninsula is great for surfing because each year the currents change directions, creating new swells. That means there is always a beach with a good swell close by.

At High Tide we usually go surfing to Cerritos beach or to Costa Azul, depending on the season. If you learn to surf in Los Cabos you get the incredible opportunity to watch the sun rising from the Sea of Cortez. The sunset is equally spectacular, with the huge solar disk slowly sinking into the Pacific Ocean. Imagine sitting on the beach with friends or the love of your life watching this unforgettable spectacle.

While in Mexico learn to surf at Los Cabos

Los Cabos is a small municipality with a population less than 170,000 people. They’re mostly found in the two small cities of Cabo San Lucas, better known as Cabo, and San José del Cabo.

Cabo (San Lucas) is where the nightlife is. Tourists mingle in bars and pubs with beautiful locals and films stars, enjoying the vibrant night life that’s so unique to Mexico.

What you can do in Los Cabos when you’re not on a board

As well as the world class surfing you can also enjoy spa retreats and luxury hotels if you’re in the mood for a bit of pampering. If you’re looking to relax you can enjoy world class fishing. There are also thirteen spectacular tailor made golf courses to try out. Swim with dolphins, kayak, kite surf, windsurf, snorkel or scuba dive – the list of activities is endless. For nature lovers, there is even the chance to go whale watching

If engines and adrenaline are more your thing then you can try out off road racing (Baja 1,000), cart racing, ATV riding, mountain bike riding and trekking which are also all available near by.

While in Mexico learn to surf at Los Cabos

Los Cabos is also famed for international events like the Los Cabos Iron Man competition in April and the Los Cabos Surf Open in June. Film fans will love the Baja International Film Festival and other short film events, from September through November. There’s also some of the greatest Marling fishing tournaments in the world, starting in September. As you can see, it’s all going on.

Experience the true Mexican culture

San José del Cabo itself is a small typical Mexican town, with the main plaza surrounded by art galleries, souvenir stores, pubs and restaurants, with a relaxed vibe. Enjoy strolling through the streets,  shopping or trying out new food and drinks. Perhaps you might want to visit the special desert garden Wirikuta, where you’ll find an array of cacti and palms.

The gardens celebrate the annual voyage of the Huicholes (an ethnic group native to the north of Mexico) to their fatherland, a spiritual journey to the land of the peyote and the deer. According to their legends, this is the place the first man was created. At High Tide, we have a couple of tours to San Jose where you can see all this and more.

While in Mexico learn to surf in Los Cabos and you’ll experience an intimate relationship between man and the majesty of the sea. At High Tide, we make sure you cherish your first surfing experience, whatever your age.

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