Where have all the snowboard and ski films on Netflix gone?

Sep 05, 2018 BY Mark Barber

Over the years, Netflix have boasted some of the best snowsports movies ever made. So where have all the snowboard and ski films on Netflix gone?

Art Of Flight - snowboard and ski films on netflix

After a search on Netflix UK, I only came up with two films.

Snowboard and ski films on Netflix

The first is Chalet Girl (2011), starring Felicity Jones before she became part of the Stars Wars franchise as the character Jyn Erso. Chalet Girl is a pleasant enough rom-com, typically British, with a strong cast. But it isn’t exactly a snowboarding film, it is a film that has snowboarding in it

The only other film I found was Ski School (1990). This is a a typical end of an era teen sex film, following on from 80’s movies such as Animal House and Porkys. It is just about watchable but hardly a good movie.

Ski School - snowboard and ski films on netflix

Snowboard and ski movies that were on Netflix

Netflix used to be rich pickings for ski and snowboard films, so why have Netflix (UK) taken them all off? Some of the best snowboard and ski movies that were on Netflix are as follows:

Art Of flight (2011) – A RedBull sponsored, action packed, visually stunning masterpiece. One of the best (if not the best) snowboarding movies ever made, starring such legends as Travis Rice and Jeremy Jones at the height of their careers.

McConkey (2013) – An inspirational and moving film about the legacy that the groundbreaking Shane McConkey was to skiing.

McConkey - snowboard and ski films on netflix

Jeremy Jones Trilogy – It started with Deeper (2010), then Further (2012) and then lastly Higher (2014). This superbly filmed and heady trilogy follows Jeremy Jones, famed for his back country riding. The films can be watched in any order and cover everything from all-night hikes in freezing conditions and exploration of untouched mountain terrain. It included snowboarding in locations such as Alaska and the Himalayas.

First Descent (2005) – A fantastic insight to the early days of snowboarding with amazing footage from the pioneering days of the 80s. Featuring snowboarders such as Shaun White and Nick Peralta.

Supervention (2013) – A visually stunning treat showcasing the art of freestyle and freeride, in both skiing and snowboarding. This documentary may have stunning scenery, but what makes it special is the way it captures the personalities of the skiers and snowboarders, as they simply do what they love to do.

supervention - snowboard and ski films on netflix

Netflix please put them back on!

I have named but a few, as the sheer volume of snowboard and ski films on Netflix in the UK was staggering. It is true, I know, that we can alter the territory to where Netflix thinks we are (e.g. US or Germany will give you a great choice still), but we shouldn’t have to do that! Bring them back for the UK!

What do you think? What ski and snowboard films would you want to see on Netflix?

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