What’s a Malibu Longboard and why buy a big surfboard?

May 08, 2019 BY AWE365 Team

New to surfing, or always wondered what’s a Malibu Longboard? Don’t worry you are not alone! In this article we answer this and also ask why buy a big surfboard?

What's a Malibu Longboard and why buy a big surfboard Flickr CC image by surfingsanders

What’s a Malibu Longboard?

When surfing emerged on the California coast in the 1950s it was the Malibu beachfront that was the epicenter of the activity. This is no surprise as the surfing began in Malibu back in 1926. The famed right-hand point break became synonymous with the sport itself. So much so that the type of boards ridden there took on its name.

Malibu longboards are similar to classic longboards in general shape. But they are slightly tweaked to promote the flashy riding style characteristic of those mid-century watermen just up the coast from Los Angeles.

Learning how these boards differ from classic longboards will help you when buying a big surfboard. Perhaps a malibu is right one for you?

Longboard vs Malibu Longboard

A Malibu is slightly shorter and narrower than its larger, longboard counterparts. Instead of 9’ in length, a malibu will be somewhere from 7’ to 8’6”.

Why buy a big surfboard Flickr CC image by surfingsanders

The width will be closer to 20″ across instead of 22-25″ wide longboards. This slight downsize substantially increases maneuverability and speed while only sacrificing a negligible amount of floatation and paddling ease.

Malibu longboards are also more “eggish” than a common longboard. The nose and tail are more curved than usual creating subtle points at either end. NB: The tail of the modern Malibu is generally a small squashtail at its rear point to help with turns.

The extra area provided by this egg-like template increases the stability of the board. This means a greater opportunity to walk up and down the deck, and, of course, allows for hanging five or ten toes off the nose.

Who should buy a big surfboard?

So what kind of surfer should look into buying a Malibu as their big surfboard? Well, frankly, all kinds.

What's a Malibu Longboard Flickr CC image by surfingsanders

Of the different types of surfboards Malibu longboards are great for beginners. They give provide the sturdiness, strength, and buoyancy of a true longboard that are musts for the novice surfer.

Not only can they catch any wave, but unlike a classic longboard, the malibu is lighter and easier to handle. This makes it better for surf travel, and transporting to and from the beach.

Buying a Malibu as a first board is a great investment. They can be ridden in almost all types of surf and will never grow obsolete. Once a beginner has mastered basic surfing skills, they can continue to improve their skills on the same board. Turns, floaters, nose rides, and walking the deck can all be accomplished on a Malibu.

Such maneuvers are what more accomplished surfers love, so the Malibu is great for advanced riders too. Less cumbersome than a classic 9’ or 10’ longboard, a Malibu is perfect for a progressive longboarder.

What's a Malibu Longboard and why buy a big surfboard Flickr CC image by surfingsanders

Try top turns against the lip or balancing on the nose. The extra speed gained from the narrower width means a lot more freedom on the wave face.

Why buy a big surfboard (Malibu!!)?

And a Malibu is not only great for longboarders. When surf trips take you to spots where the surf is smaller they’re always a good bet for a shortboarder looking to improve his skills.

Learning how to throw a turn on a larger, heavier Malibu translates into slicing carves on a much lighter and nimbler shortboard.

Buying a Malibu is certainly a great call for any surfer. They are the hybrid boards between longboards and shortboards. Which makes then the perfect choice for beginners, those looking to have fun a smaller days, and advanced riders honing their skills.

Well I hope we’ve answered ‘what’s a Malibu Longboard?’ and ‘why buy a big surfboard?’. Be sure to check out our surfing holiday discounts as you could save a fortune on your next surf trip.

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