What to expect on a Sun Kosi rafting holiday in Nepal

Jan 29, 2018 BY AWE365 Team

The Sun Kosi is listed as one of the top ten river journeys in the world by National Geographic. Ask anyone who’s been on a Sun Kosi rafting holiday in Nepal before and they’ll give you plenty of reasons why. Not only does it have world-class whitewater but it also boasts some incredible wildlife and scenery.

Sun Kosi rafting holiday in Nepal image by GRGs Adventure Kayaking

The best time to raft the Sun Kosi (also known as the Sun Koshi or Sunkoshi) is September to early December or April to June. There are plenty of options then for both whitewater rafting and kayaking on this amazing river.

Sun Kosi rafting holiday

GRG Rafting logoStarting the journey in the hills near the Tibetan border just three hours from the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu, traverse 270km of river all the way to the flat plains of India.

You’ll put in at a small riverside town called Dolaghat where you’ll set up your equipment and get any last minute supplies. Then…you’re off. The river starts off fairly gently – for the first three days it is mostly Grade II/III. As the days go on, the river gets bigger and by the time you reach day four you’re treated to impressive Grade IV/V rapids. The most famous are Hakapur and Rhino Rock – both not to be missed.

Sun Kosi rafting holiday in Nepal image by GRGs Adventure Kayaking

As you travel downstream you’ll be treated to local Hindu temples, where you’ll be given a tour. The forests here are abundant in wildlife including tigers, leopards, monkeys and more. You’ll see the hidden waterfalls and, if you’re brave enough, cliff and bridge jumps you can tackle. You’ll explore the local villages in the afternoons, once you’ve made camp.

You’ll hear shouts of ‘bye bye’ as you travel down stream, mostly coming from the Nepali kids on their way to or from school. You’ll also see local fisherman catching their dinners for their families. It’s a wonderful insight into traditional Nepali life whilst having the adventure of a lifetime.

Sun Kosi rafting holiday in Nepal image by GRGs Adventure Kayaking

Sunkoshi camping experience

The camping on the trip is always a highlight. There are a multitude of white sandy beaches to choose from. You’ll set up camp under the stars every night, collect driftwood and make impressive campfires to BBQ and roast marshmallows.

Before the sun sets they’ll be time for volleyball or football with the local village kids or why not try a spot of fishing or yoga? Once the campfire gets going you’ll be served with some local Roxy (the homemade brew of Nepal) or our famous rum punch. Let the good times roll. It’s the perfect setting to make some memories of a lifetime.

Then when the morning comes you’ll rise with the sun, have fruit and curd, toast, eggs, pancakes, bacon and more before jumping back in the rafts and heading downstream. After eight days on the river, you’ll be working like a well oiled machine.

Sun Kosi rafting holiday in Nepal image by GRGs Adventure Kayaking

Who is this Sunkoshi rafting trip for?

This Sun Kosi rafting holiday is ideal for anybody wanting to have a go at rafting. Even total beginners can come as we have all the skills and knowledge you need. It can also suit any level of kayaker. For beginners, if you come in the spring months, it offers the ideal setting to learn with the opportunity to jump in the support raft when the river gets a bit to big.

GRG Rafting logoFor intermediates, the first three days offer a nice warm up so that you are ready for the rapids on days four to six. And for experienced kayakers, come during the monsoon or early September and this river can really pack a punch. This is a great adventure for any one wanting a slightly different experience in Nepal than the normal tourist trails.

If you fancy joining the expedition of a lifetime on a Sun Kosi rafting holiday in Nepal then contact GRG Adventure kayaking on [email protected] Or check out their website for more information.

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