What is coasteering? So much more than cliff jumping

Apr 12, 2017 BY AWE365 Team

What is coasteering? Jumping off random cliffs into the sea is not clever. However, as a sport coasteering uses local experts to help groups navigate around the coast so they can then jump safely and have a lot of fun in the process. But coasteering is also so much more than cliff jumping.

What is coasteering? So much more than cliff jumping! Image courtesy of Celtic Quest Coasteering

If ever there is country that is perfect for coasteering, it’s the United Kingdom. There are rocky coasts and coves aplenty, and no shortage of cliffs.

What is coasteering?

A usual day’s coasteering will involve swimming, climbing, scrambling and of course cliff jumping – but only if you want. All trips begin with a safety brief and equipment check you will be kitted out with a helmet, wetsuit and life vest. You will need to wear some old trainers you don’t mind getting wet.

From here it could be a short swim to the first jump site, and a demonstration on how to enter the water carefully with some scrambling tips. Then you’re off! Following an instructor, you swim through rock pools, around rugged rocks and right up to the next jump spot.

What is coasteering? So much more than cliff jumping! Image courtesy of Celtic Quest Coasteering

A brief climb and you’ll be peering over the edge wondering, “why the hell did I agree to this?” Then, and to the roars of your friends, you’re leaping in, with a smile that’s guaranteed to last the rest of the day.

So much more than cliff jumping

Coasteering is exciting that’s for sure and is so much more than cliff jumping. If ever a sport could claim to be confidence building, this is it. And it’s also a group activity, so get ready for some serious bonding as you share the cliffs and waves.

Companies use trained guides who have established knowledge of local tides, hazards and weather conditions. These people lead the show and are qualified lifesavers – always reassuring.

What is coasteering? So much more than cliff jumping! Image courtesy of Celtic Quest Coasteering

Coasteering is the perfect activity for groups of friends and would make a great hen or stag activity. It is also idea for adventurous families who want to explore the coast. Many companies offer daily trips, so even if you are on your own or a couple you can join in with a larger group.

Where to try coasteering in the UK

In England coasteering is popular in Dorset along the Jurassic Coast and around Swanage. The north Devon coast is also has some good spots to coasteer – where Exmoor meets the sea there are big sea cliffs and routes suitable for beginners to experts.

It is also popular in Cornwall with many spots along the northern coastline near St Ives and Newquay and on the south coast around Lizard peninsula and Lands End. Unfortunately most of the east and southeast of England has the wrong kind of rocks and cliffs for coasteering.

Pembrokeshire in south Wales is another hotspot with many coasteering companies offering day trips, further north it is also popular in Anglesey. Parts of the Scottish coast are perfect too, with coasteering popular near Glencoe and Elgin.

What is coasteering so much more than cliff jumping Flickr image by ARG_Flickr

Celtic Quest Coasteering

As coasteering becomes more mainstream it is being made more accessible. Celtic Quest Coasteering in Pembrokeshire tailor every adventure to suit participants abilities and expectations, particularly those who might not necessarily be outdoor extreme enthusiasts.

With the right attitude, guidance, equipment and location anyone can give Coasteering a try at their own level and speed. Minimum age is just 8 years of age, non-swimmers and people with disabilities are welcome.

If you can fully immerse yourself in the sea in the kit, then you can go Coasteering! Find out more by visiting www.celticquestcoasteering.com of contact them by email: [email protected] or phone: (+44) 01348 881 530

Coasteering is already popular around the UK and more people are exploring the dramatic British coastline in an up close and way each year. At least now you won’t have to ask ‘what is coasteering?’ if someone you know gives it a go, and you know it is so much more than cliff jumping.

Coasteering is not just popular in the UK. If you would like to give it a go check out our other coasteering articles.


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