Want to visit Southern Europe? 10 of the best Mediterranean activities

Apr 19, 2016 BY Luke Rees

Do you want to visit Southern Europe? Tens of millions of us flock to the Mediterranean each year for the endless sunshine, incredible food, stunning landscapes, laid back lifestyles, and abundant culture. There’s also a lot of fun things to do, so what are the best Mediterranean activities you should try.

Want to visit Southern Europe? 10 of the best Mediterranean activities

10 of the best Mediterranean activities

There is so much on offer when you visit Southern Europe that it helps to narrow down the options a little. So here are out top 10 activities in the Mediterranean.

Overland travel & island hopping

The most obvious way to experience the best of Southern Europe is to travel around it. Whether you travel by train, bus, car or boat the options are only limited by your time and budget. Travel independently, or book a tour with experts such as Anemos Tours.

Greek island hopping is one of the best ways to travel in the Med. Hop from island to island, exploring the incredible beauty of the Ionian, Dodecanese and Cyclades. Greek island hopping makes the perfect romantic getaway or honeymoon destination too.

Greece Island hopping  10 of the best Mediterranean activities Flickr image by szeke

Sailing & yacht charter

From the pristine Aegean coastline to a choice of Greek Islands, sailing is without doubt one of the best Mediterranean activities. Conditions are frequently perfect, and exploring by boat lets you discover hidden coves and secluded beaches that land-based explorers just can’t reach.

Kayaking & canoeing

Another great way to take to the water in the Med. Kayak along the Italian or Sicilian coastline, explore the southern coasts of Spain and Croatia by paddle power, or discover more or Turkey’s Mediterranean coastline at your own pace.

Best Mediterranean kayaking holidays image by Val ToursBest Mediterranean kayaking holidays image by Val Tours


From the ancient history of Rome and Greece to the Moorish past of Spain and Portugal, Southern Europe is dripping with culture. It can be a bit overwhelming at times, so why not enjoy a small escorted cultural trip with Anemos Tours to fit in as much as possible during your break?


From siestas in Spain to Greek tavernas, the southern half of Europe really knows how to relax. But when the sun is almost always shining, there’s not much to worry about. Spend a few days on the beach in the French Riviera, relax in olive groves on Greek islands or visit hidden hot springs in Tuscany.

Windsurfing in Turkey one of the 10 of the best Mediterranean activities Flickr image by neiljs

Windsurfing & kitesurfing

You can find some of the world’s best windsurfing spots in the Greek island, including Rhodes, Naxos and Vasiliki. Tarifa – with the most reliable winds in Europe – on the southern tip of Spain and Sardinia are also top windsurfing and kitesurfing destinations.

Scuba diving

There are excellent dive sites all over Southern Europe. From the Islands of Chios in Greece to Portofino in Italy, learn the ropes and get PADI certified in some of the most beautiful dive spots on the planet.

scuba diving france one of the 10 of the best Mediterranean activities

Hiking, trekking and walking

Some of the world’s best hiking trails can be found in Southern Europe, including the infamous GR20 Trek in Corsica. For those wanting something less strenuous, try the rolling countryside of the Alentejo in Portugal and the Amalfi Coast in Italy .


There’s a good reason that Spain and Italy are two of the most esteemed cycling nations on the planet. Largely that they’re both home to incredible cycling terrain. But if road touring is not your thing, there’s plenty of off roading available in Andalucia, the Sierra Nevada and across the Greek Islands.

Visit southern Europe 10 of the best Mediterranean activities flickr image by RonSaunders47


Why limit yourself to just one activity when you visit Southern Europe? The Mediterranean is home to world class multi-activity holidays.

In addition to the above have a go at jet skiing, coasteering, wakeboarding, water skiing, fishing, rock climbing and plenty more besides. Customise your own adventure, picking the best Mediterranean activities and create your perfect holiday.

Why not take the hassle out of planning a visit to Southern Europe and take in the best Mediterranean activities by booking a tailor made trip with Anemos Tours.


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