Walking in Rhodes: Greek hiking holidays on the Aegean

Apr 23, 2019 BY AWE365 Team

Walking in Rhodes is probably not top of every visitors list. But they are missing out on some of the best Greek hiking holidays on the Aegean.

As one of the most developed tourist islands in the Aegean, Rhodes is often overlooked for a walking holiday. But look a little closer, back from the tourist beaches and built-up areas, and you’ll find trails and tracks aplenty.

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Greek hiking holidays on the Aegean

Rhodes, and the other 11 main Dodecanese Islands, are just the mountain tops of far larger landmasses sunken beneath the Aegean Sea.

The climate ranges from temperate to dry tropical. The island chain serves up a long summer and cooler spring and autumns that may suit walkers better.

In spring you’ll enjoy more sumptuous views. By the end of the summer, some of the landscape is a little parched thanks to the power of the unrelenting sun.

And with summer temperatures rocketing past 40C, you may have to accept that walking any distances in summer months will take considerable time.

Walking in Rhodes: Where to hike

Rhodes has a mountainous interior with plenty of routes for more experienced walkers. To the south and east you’ll find wooded hillsides and mountain villages along walking routes that are less testing.


Rhodes is dominated by the highest mountain in the Dodecanese Islands, Attavyros (1215m). From on top of its mountainous spine, you can see Crete to the south and from time to time you’ll even get a slight snowfall.

Attavyros in Rhodes Greek hiking in holidays on the Aegean Flickr CC image by AndrewFilippov.com

There are various routes up to the peak, with the most popular being the thike from Embronas. The 11 mile route takes from three to six hours depending on fitness


Lindos, on the east coast, can be easily reached in a day from Vlicha. The paths and tracks lead you through pine trees and there are excellent coastal views.


Further north Archangelos makes a good starting point. There is easy walking through olive groves to the inland oasis of Seven Springs.

Petaloudes (Butterflies) Valley

Walking in Rhodes and venturing out to the west coast you will be tempted by a detour to the Petaloudes (Butterflies) Valley. In summer it’s a haven for millions of these intricate creatures.

Rhodes hiking: Conclusion

With steep mountain walks inland, steady forested paths and stunning coastal trails Rhodes has a lot to offer. There are plenty of options for Greek hiking holidays on the Aegean if you visit Rhodes Island.

Fourni cliff walking in Rhodes Flickr CC image by Luc Coekaerts from Tessenderlo

And it’s tourist facilities means there are accommodation options to meet all tastes and budgets. Plus the facilities are great with lots of options for rest days.

Make sure you spend some time on the beach, there are plenty to choose from! Also sampe a little Greek history in the towns of Lindos, Kamiros and Ialysos.

Check out our Rhodes adventure holiday discounts as you could save a fortune on your next trip.

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