Visiting New York for its Whitewater Rafting

Feb 03, 2012 BY Dion Wick

We all adore New York City, but if you’re experiencing major withdrawal from adrenalin-induced adventures, head beyond Bloomingdales and back-street speakeasies, for a dose of white-water rafting just outside the Big Apple.

Visiting New York for its Whitewater Rafting Image courtesy of Aro Adventures

Escaping to the Black River Canyon, near Watertown, New York, will have you clinging with dear life to your raft in this wonderfully warm-water heartland.

What makes it such a draw for rafting fans is its narrow shape, creating the perfect combination of white-water foam and fury via myriad boulders and crags, littered throughout the passageway.

Head here in summer for almost guaranteed high flow and the most ferocious white-water rafting. Even if you’re a beginner, rafting is one of the only adventure sports you don’t need experience in – just a knack for teamwork, the ability to hold on tight, and a daring streak.

From staying in your hostel in New York to paddling your heart out, the Delaware River is around 90 minutes from the metropolis but couldn’t be more of a world away.

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Running between the Pocono and Catskill Mountains, the Upper Delaware is the longest free-flowing river in the northeast of the US, and is dotted with idyllic coves, placid pools and eddies, ideal for summertime wallowing. Its water, meanwhile, passing through highland scenery, is pretty fierce too, although rapids don’t generally go beyond grade one or two.

Elsewhere, the Hudson River Gorge, in the central Adirondacks of New York, is another rafting hotspot and with good reason; crystal clear waters, thundering white-water and a number of ominous-sounding rapids like Givneys’ Rift, the Narrows, Little Nasty and Greyhound Bus Stopper, abound.

The best time to visit is spring and autumn when the flow is at its most powerful, although summer rafting, when the flow’s gentler, may suit those a little more nervous about the prospect of all this aquatic action.

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