Victor de Le Rue Interview: 2x Snowboarding Freeride Champion

Dec 05, 2023 BY Luke Rees

Excited about the Freeride World Tour (FWT)? I know we are! So check out a pre-season update in this Victor de Le Rue interview. We explore how the two time Freeride champion of the world is getting over injury and is stoked with the changes to the FWT format this year.

Victor de Le Rue 2 time world Freeride champion FWT22 VERBIER © Freeride World Tour by CLEDERERARR

With snowboarding as his chosen career, Victor de Le Rue has embarked on a globetrotting journey, whether it be for competitions, filming projects, or personal adventures. Following in the footsteps of his big brother Xavier de Le Rue, Victor has left an indelible mark, becoming a two-time Freeride World Champion.

Victor de Le Rue Interview

The FWT is sponsored by Peak Performance. They took time to conduct this Victor de Le Rue interview during his snowboarding in Antarctica. They spoke about his expectations for this season, as he returns from an injury that kept him out of the Tour last year.

You’ve had a long time out of action with an ankle injury. Have you been back in the mountains since – snowboarding or otherwise – and are you back to 100%?

I had an ankle injury for one and a half years, but now I’m doing much better. Currently, I’m in Antarctica, riding for the first time since my injury, and it’s going very well.

Victor de Le Rue Interview snowboarding in Antarctica © Freeride World Tour by Jerome Tanon

After many years on Tour, what still motivates you? What are your objectives for the season?

I have been on the tour for four years already, and every year brings exciting moments with lots of ups and downs. I’m still very motivated and I can’t wait to experience it again with all the other riders. It’s truly an exhilarating time of the year. My objective this season is to feel great on my board, to push it beyond what I have done so far, and to take pride in the runs I will execute.

What do you think of the new stop in Georgia? In your travels have you ridden in the region before?

I’m very excited that there is finally a new stop on the tour. With six stops this year, it’s going to be refreshing and cool. I can’t wait to see which face we are going to ride on, and I’ve never been to Georgia, so I’m eager to discover a new place.

Do you think having an extra event before the cut will change the way riders approach the first four competitions? How will this change for you?

It’s really awesome that there is an extra event before The Cut because riders will feel more free to ride when they know they have a better chance to land tricks and try new stuff. And I’m very happy that only 4 scores out of 6 will be counted; it will truly allow us to go full send during the entire season!

Victor de Le Rue Interview while snowboarding in Antarctica © Freeride World Tour by Jerome Tanon

Has your time away from competition changed the way you are approaching this season?

As I’ve been out for one year due to injury, and that experience has given me much more motivation for this year. I’m going to approach it with much more determination, and I’m very happy to come back to the FWT family.

About the FWT

FWT Management SA is based in Lausanne, Switzerland. They have been organizing premier sports events globally in mountain resorts since 1996.

The company founded the Xtreme Verbier, an iconic event in freeride skiing and snowboarding. In 2008, it turned this single competition into a prestigious series of worldwide events, called the Freeride World Tour (FWT).

The company has since grown to include multiple competition series that fall under the FWT brand – including FWT Challenger, FWT Qualifier and FWT Junior. With freeride snowboarding and skiing events across all formats taking place in Europe, North America, South America and Oceania.

About Peak Performance

Born in the Scandinavian mountains out of a love for skiing in remote, untouched terrain, our passion for adventure and nature runs deep. Our purpose is simple: we bring the freeride spirit to the world.

As for our products, they all have the same purpose – empower the freedom to be adventurous and follow your own line. Whether it be horizontally or vertically, on skis, by bike, or on foot, they offer a balance of style and performance.

Victor de Le Rue Interview © Freeride World Tour by Jerome Tanon

Our Scandinavian heritage is ever present and our commitment to doing better things in a better way is our never-ending responsibility. For more information, please visit:

We hope this Victor de Le Rue interview has you gagging to get on the snow! If so check out these snowboarding holidays worldwide to get your fix!

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