Ultimate adventure stag weekend: 4 of the best extreme stag dos

Jul 25, 2019 BY AWE365 Team

Want to plan the ultimate adventure stag weekend? Need to arrange something incredible for your mate? Then check out 4 of the best extreme stag dos that we’ve selected for their adrenaline and novelty value – and don’t worry we won’t sent you BASE jumping!

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Ultimate adventure stag weekend

Chances are if you’re into adventure sports then your mates are too. Cool, but what do you do when you’re setting up a stag weekend for one of them?

Well, when it comes to a stag-do, it’s as if the gloves come off. If you and your friends are into action sports you’ll be looking for full-on activities. Something a step above the typical paintballing or quad biking.

If you and your mates have been there and done that you need to find something new. Only the ultimate adventure stag weekend will do!

4 of the best extreme stag dos

Here’s four inspirational adventure sports weekends. They will help you plan a send-off that no one will ever forget!

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Of course you will need the typical stag attire. So pick up matching t-shirts, get some funny names put on them, and buy something embarrassing for the stag to wear.

Heli-biking/ Heli-skiing

Heli-ski or heli-bike is not new and is on may peoples bucket list. You can get heli action in New Zealand, as part of a weekender in the Alps, the Rockies, Andes and other mad mountain ranges.

Bikes, skis or boards are attached to the chopper and it’s off to the top. The idea here is to maximise ‘down time’ – that’s time spent going downhill. Look out for operators that include a vertical guarantee to get best bang for your buck.

The trip up’s pretty intense too. Most people have never been in a small helicopter as it weaves into a mountain pass. It’s a bit twitchy on the first uplift, but you’ll soon be soaking up the peaks and firing off pictures with the other grinning adrenaline junkies.

Heli biking in New Zealand The best MTB adventure ever Image courtesy of Heliview.co.nz

Guides lead the way down, taking you to places you’d never be able to reach. And once it’s done, it’s back up for more.

Heli-biking and heli-ski are about packing in as much as you can into a short time – without doubt the ultimate adventure stag weekend. There is also heli-hiking, heli-mountaineering, heli-rafting and heli-kayak options in some destinations.

Extreme multi activity

Multi activity breaks for stag weekends are nothing new. In the past it was probably a combination of karting, kayaking and comedy – or similar. We won’t knock that, it’s a tried and tested formula of activities anyone can do, and it’s a lot of fun.

But it’s not the ultimate extreme stag do! If you want to try a lot of different adventure activities in a weekend then head to St Moritz where they offer probably the most extreme weekend on the planet.

Cresta Run in St Moritz one of 10 of the best winter sports holiday destinations

You will Toboggan down the iconic and exclusive Cresta Run. Try out skijoring and/or snowkiting. Ride an Olympic bobsleigh track – with pro pilot. And skydive over the stunning Engadine Valley. And in any free time you can ski or snowboard.

Adventure racing

There’s a lot more to running than you thought – and don’t think that the only challenge is to run farther each time. For the super-fit and the crazy brave there’s a new generation of activities that push endurance to the limit: Adventure races.

We’ve included this as a stag weekender because often the races take more than a day. Or the events are so hardcore you’ll need a couple of days relaxing in a bar to recover!

Events must have two or more disciplines and include navigation. So pretty much any combo applies. Running and mountain biking, kayaking and hiking (ok running!) or swimming and ziplining…. You get the idea.

trail running Pixabay royalty free image

Check out the Coast-to-Coast Adventure which happens in September each year. You can sign up the stag, create a team and get across the country by swimming, running, road cycling, mountain biking and kayaking. Tough stuff.

Which brings us onto the last adventure sports weekender…

Tough mudder races

Less technical and more comical this is, in a way, the ‘fun’ side of adventure racing. It is not so much a sport as a sufferance. But without doubt one of the best extreme stag dos.

Events are designed to be difficult – but not in a sporting way, more in a sadomasochistic way. It’s so nasty, it’s fun. Perfect stag weekender. And there are events all over the world.

how about a tough mudder for a stag do Pixabay royalty free image

The bastard child of the military assault course, a Tough Mudder race is not just a challenge but a great bonding experience. Expect ice baths, mud crawls, even electric shocks in a perverted practice that’s more suited to interrogation than adventure sports.

You’ll need to prepare well for its 12-mile course with plenty of training. And arrive on the day with a sense of humour – not a hangover – as it’s going to get emotional!

Be sure to check out our adventure sports discounts as you could save a fortune when booking a stag do.

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