4 Traveller Videography Tips for the Best Adventure Travel Videos

May 06, 2023 BY AWE365 Team

Are you looking to make best adventure travel videos you can? Creating visually stunning and captivating travel videos may not be easy, but it’s worth it. In addition to technical videography skills, you need a combination of planning, creativity, and editing to create a masterpiece. To give you a head start we’ve got an expert to share their traveller videography tips.

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How to Make the Best Adventure Travel Videos

 Traveller Videography Tips

If you want to make the best videos about your adventure holidays and vacations then follow these expert tips below:

Properly Plan your Adventure Travels

Before you leave, take the time to research the area you’ll be visiting. This should include the best time of year to go, the weather conditions, as well as the activities and attractions in that location.

For example, if you want to capture stunning landscapes, plan to visit during the golden hour, the hour before sunset, or after sunrise, when the light is soft and warm. If you want to capture wildlife, research the best spots to find them and plan your trip and tools accordingly.

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Planning also involves gathering videography tools such as microphones, lenses and batteries. Also preparing tools that you’ll use to add subtitles to a video, apply filters and transitions and anything necessary to create the best adventure travel videos.

Use a Good Camera

Consider investing in a high-resolution, versatile camera that can perform well in different lighting conditions. For example, a camera with a wide dynamic range will allow you to capture details in both bright and dark areas, which is incredibly useful when shooting landscapes or wildlife.

One of the top traveller videography tips is to look for a camera with image stabilization. This will help eliminate camera shake and ensure smooth footage, especially when you’re shooting while walking or in a moving vehicle. You may also use a gimbal or tripod to stabilize your shots so they don’t look amateurish or difficult to watch.

That said, don’t let the price of a top camera stop you from shooting videos. Amazing things are being done with smart phones and GoPro, even the much cheaper GoPro alternatives shoot great quality videos. Remember, the quality of the video is less about the price of the camera and more about your creativity.

Traveller Videography Tips for the Best Adventure Travel Videos pexels royalty free image

Tell an Adventure Travel Story

The best adventure travel videos tell a story. So use your footage to create a narrative about your trip, rather than just showing random shots. Here’s an example of how to tell a story through traveller videography:

  • Get a variety of shots for different scenes instead of shooting continuously.
  • Shoot a mix of close-up shots of walking feet, faces looking at the surroundings, and wide-angle shots of hikers, in that order to create a sequence of shots.
  • Include shots of interesting things you see on your trips or the unforeseen things that occur during your travels.

Different shots can show the same thing but create different impacts. For example, a close-up shot of walking boots can tell the viewer that it’s about hiking, but at the same time, it leaves questions about who is hiking and where are they hiking. By using a close-up shot first and a wide-angle shot later, you keep the viewer engaged through your video.

Edit Like a Pro

Use video editors to cut out unnecessary footage, trim down long shots, and rearrange the order of the clips to create a more cohesive narrative and keep your viewers engaged throughout your video. Don’t forget to add wipes, dissolves, and slides to create a sense of flow and continuity in your video.

You may also try cool editing techniques like color correction and you can apply image stabilization during editing. Consider adding special effects like slow motion, background music, and time-lapse.

Conclusion: Best Adventure Videography

Whether you’re a seasoned videographer or just starting, these tips will help you create visually stunning, emotionally engaging, and truly reflective videos of your adventure travels. Remember, creating the best adventure travel videos is not purely about how expensive your equipment is, but about your creativity and attention to detail.

Of course, you need to ensure your next video is better than the previous one. So keep learning – that’s the easiest way to become a pro, or end up with a profitable YouTube channel!

We hope you found these traveller videography tips useful. Perhaps check out these overlanding holidays worldwide to find a trip worthy of making the best adventure travel videos that you can.


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