Toscana activity holidays: Best adventures in Tuscany, Italy

Jan 24, 2019 BY Luke Rees

Toscana activity holidays are a great way to explore one of the most beautiful regions on the planet. The best adventures in Tuscany include a range of air, water and earth activities. Combine all three for a truly unforgettable experience!

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Tuscany – or Toscana in Italian – is home to Florence, one of the world’s premier cultural destinations. There are also the rugged Apennine Mountains and beautiful Tyrrhenian Sea to explore. Of course the weather is not bad either!

Best adventures in Tuscany: Earth

Below are the top ideas for Toscana activity holidays that are based on land:

Cultural hiking and trekking

Tuscany was the centre of the Renaissance movement in the 15th century. It is home to some of the most recognisable architecture in the world. It is an art and culture powerhouse with delights around every corner. And what better way to explore it than on foot?

Toscana activity holidays: Best adventures in Tuscany, Italy Flickr CC image by flöschen

Hike your way across the rugged and rolling hills, from Florence to Siena. Pass along beautiful country trails stopping off at cultural highlights such as Saint Gimignano and the Chianti countryside. Turn your hike into a trek by going further and carrying all your own gear for multiple days on the trail.

But take the terrain at your own pace. Explore the cultural side and enjoy one of best adventures in Tuscany. Find out more about hiking and trekking in Tuscany.


Tuscany is widely regarded as one of the international centres for tennis excellence. Many of the finest Italian players have cut their teeth here over the years. The fine climate and abundance of tennis facilities make it a great place to combine a holiday whilst fine tuning your game.

Toscana activity holidays: Best adventures in Tuscany, Italy Image courtesy of Tuscany Tennis

Tuscan Tennis has been offering tennis holidays in the region since 1994. Taking advantage of the weather and superb tennis clubs in Lucca and Florence you can have an amazing tennis holiday in Tuscany.

They offer the chance to play and learn at two of the best clay court clubs in Italy. Many of the country’s finest young players have learnt their trade here so you are in safe hands.

Trips are aimed at discerning travellers with an independent streak and a desire to improve their game. And Tuscan Tennis have obviously got their service game bang on – in more ways than one. That’s why 75% of their clients return year on year for more tennis, Italian style.

Toscana activity holidays: Best adventures in Tuscany, Italy Image courtesy of Tuscany Tennis

Rock climbing

All along the rugged Tuscan coastline you can find more than 80 documented crags. There are thousands of climbing routes to tackle dotted all over the region. There are great spots near Lucca and Carrara in the north and on the island of Elba in the south west.

Routes range from beginner pitches to multi-pitch 550-metre faces. There is a good selection of both bolted and trad climbs available. And it’s all set against the backdrop of the Tuscan countryside with its medieval villages and rugged landscape.

Mountain biking

You can find some of Italy’s best mountain biking routes in Tuscany, including the Crete Senesi. It lies just to the south of Siena and is so called because of the dark clay that has formed this unique landscape.

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The ground is undulating, which makes it a great primer for kids, although it can get dusty here because of the clay topsoil. Keep your eyes peeled for wild foxes and boar, for which the region is famous.

Rest up your legs in a choice of villas, hotels and converted farmhouses that offer accommodation. And be sure to enjoy the local food, wine and friendly hospitality.

Road biking

Road riding and Italy are inextricably linked. Some of the world’s greatest riders, and even more of its most beautiful bicycles, are Italian. And with countryside and roads like this to ride, is it really all that surprising?

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There are thousands of miles of superb road riding to enjoy. Worth exploring are the Guardistallo Loop from Cecina, Campiglia Marittima Loop from Populonia and the Passignano Sul Trasimeno Loop from Terontola.

Toscana activity holidays: Air

Want to fly? These are the best adventures in Tuscany for those that wish to take to the air.


Growing in popularity, skydiving is establishing itself as another reason to visit Tuscany. There is a choice of skydiving centres in the region, including the Lucca Skydiving School plus options in Pisa and Arezzo.

Toscana activity holidays skydiving one of the Best adventures in Tuscany Italy Image courtesy of Lucca Skydiving School

Throw yourself out of a plane and enjoy a view of the region from above. Skydives take place from up to 14,000 feet 365 days a year – weather dependent. Go tandem or take an AFF course to learn to skydive on your own.


Paragliding in Tuscany is not worth writing home about. But in the neighbouring region of Umbria you’ll find some of the best paragliding sites in Europe. The Apennines here are green and rounded with a big breeze convergence and lack of turbulence meaning you can soar for hours.

Flights of 100 km and more are not uncommon. Popular launch sites such as Monte Cucco, Gualdo Tadino and Gubbio offer some of best paragliding conditions in Italy. Tandem flights are possible as are lessons to fly solo. Paragliding in Umbria is worth trying during Toscana activity holidays.

Italy paragliding holidays courtesy of Flytaly

Best adventures in Tuscany: Water

Want to get wet? Then check out these water based ideas for Toscana activity holidays.


Looking for a different way to explore the Tuscan coastline and river networks? Then join a kayaking adventure! There are many great spots across the region where you can jump in a kayak and paddle to parts of Tuscany that other visitors rarely reach.

Head to Garfagnana and experience kayaking on Lakes Vagli, Gramolazzo and Pontecosi. These are man made bodies of water used to create hydroelectric power, but nonetheless come with stunning scenery.

Toscana activity holidays kayaking one of the Best adventures in Tuscany Flickr CC Image by Conanil

Or you can head over to Elba and Capraia Islands. Paddle around the coast and explore the hidden coves and bays before returning to your accommodation on the mainland. Alternatively head inland and paddle down the Arno river, where history is the main attraction.


Sailing the Tuscany coastline incorporates the Tyrrhenian and Ligurian Seas. There are well equipped marinas up and down the coastline with large harbour areas and a selection of other facilities. July and August are the best sailing season, although the marinas are open all year round.

Plus there is the Tuscan archipelago that includes Elba and six other islands to explore. Legend has it that these islands were created when Venus emerged from the sea and seven pearls fell from her necklace. And the natural beauty on show certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Toscana activity holidays kayaking one of the Best adventures in Tuscany Flickr CC Image by pom'.

Toscana activity holidays give you the chance to explore this ancient, historic and naturally beautiful region from the air, on the water or from the earth. Pedal, paddle, walk, run, fly or forehand smash your way around one of Italy’s most spectacular destinations.

Learn new skills along the way and make new friends. That’s what the best adventures in Tuscany are all about.

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