Top 5 windsurfing holidays in the Greek islands

Jul 08, 2013 BY Paul McWilliams

With some of the most reliable winds in Europe, undeniable natural beauty and with plenty more to do besides, windsurfing holidays in the Greek Islands are incredibly popular.

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Although hardcore windsurfers still swear by the Canary Islands, windsurfing holidays in the Greek islands represent a much cheaper and more convenient option for those coming from the UK. Besides that, Greece can offer a lot more than just fun on the board.

That’s not to say, of course, that the windsurfing here isn’t exceptional. With remarkably steady wind patterns all summer, there will be more than enough blustery days to enjoy. It’s just that in the evenings and on calmer days, there are plenty of worse places in the world to kill time.

Windsurfing in Vassiliki

With one of the world’s largest windsurfing centres at Vassiliki, it’s little surprise that this is a very popular destination. With windsurfing options for people of all ages and abilities, and some world-class tuition, it’s a great place to come for beginners.

Located on the southern tip of the island of Lefkas, it overlooks the island of Kefalonia and forms a part of the Ionian islands of northern Greece. As you might expect, it’s a beautiful spot for windsurfing.

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Windsurf like the pros in Paros

Paros has been a regular host for the Professional Boardsailing Association world tour since 1993 and has a global reputation as a top spot. The Golden beach and New Golden beach are popular launch spots found on the south side of the island, although there are plenty of others to choose from.

There is also a lively social scene in the evenings to enjoy. Making it an ideal destination for windsurfing holidays in the Greek islands.

Paros is a six-hour ferry ride from Athens and the third largest of the Cyclades islands. But it is easiest to reach by flying to Mykonos and getting the ferry from there. Or you can take a local flight from Athens to Paros.

Feel the wind in Naxos

Very similar to Paros, Naxos is very windy and the water flat. However, there is one key difference between the two and that is the lack of tourists. Although it is busier these days, there is plenty of wind and water to go around.

There’s no international airport and although. The local Naxos airport can be reached on internal flights via Athens most people get the ferry from Piraeus it can also be reached from Mykonos. Naxos may be slightly tricky to reach, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

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Mikri Vigla on Naxos

Mikri Vigla is a village on Naxos with some serious winds – gusts reach up to 40 knots on some days. The waves here are big too, with some rising up to six foot.

All of this makes it more suited to higher level windsurfers, but on calmer days it’s ok for beginners too. There are some expensive resorts on this stretch of coastline but you can also camp if you’re looking to keep costs down.

Top windsurfing facilities in Kos

Found in the Dodecanese, Kos might be more familiar as a holiday resort but there are also a number of windsurfing clubs here too. This combination of tourist friendly amenities and good facilities make it a great place for family windsurfing holidays in the Greek Islands.

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