Top 3 Destinations for Luxury Learn to Sail Holidays in Europe

Jun 25, 2021 BY AWE365 Team

Nothing beats a holiday where not only do you get to relax and unwind in opulence but also to try something new. Which is where the best destinations for luxury learn to sail holidays in Europe come in.

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Combine five star accommodation, incredible food and top class service with time on the water learning a new skill. Luxury sailing holidays mean you can indulge in the finer things in life while at the same time getting to grips with all sorts of sailing craft.

Have you ever dreamed of owning  – or hiring – a yacht to sail the open sea? Well you need to know how to sail first. There are a number of different qualifications by RYA (Royal Yachting Association) that teach you the skills required. And when better to learn them than on a holiday somewhere luxurious?

Best Luxury Learn to Sail Holidays in Europe

There are many great European destinations to begin sailing. From the Greek Islands to Croatia and the British Coastline to the Lofoten Islands in Norway. But if you really want to do so in luxury the three below are tough to beat.

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Monte Carlo, Monaco

When it comes to sailing culture and all that it entails, the principality of Monaco is right up there as one of the premier destinations in the world. This is because as well as its famous old Monte Carlo Casino and wealthy residents, it is home to the Yacht Club de Monaco.

This really is the place to go in the principality for a whole range of sailing courses. You can start out with basic training and go all the way through to Yachtmaster. Their La Belle Classe Academy not just teaches wannabee sailors but primes trainees in the art of caring for a super yacht and its demanding clientele.

There are also many sub-sections of the club that cater to those who already know a thing or two about taking to the high seas. Or total beginners can try their hand at sailing Toppers, J70s or Smeralda 888s.

Wannabe racers can take things up a notch in special small craft race training sessions. And for those who love classic yachts there are even session’s organised on the club’s very own 1909 gaff cutter.

Monaco one of the top 3 Destinations for Luxury Learn to Sail Holidays in Europe piqsels royalty free image

This all means that a prospective sailor could spend an entire year in Monaco and still find themselves with lots to learn. Luckily the principality has plenty of other pursuits to indulge in away from the high seas.

The aforementioned Monte Carlo Casino has to be visited. It is one of the inspirations for many of the online casinos that feature today on comparison sites like oddschecker. The restaurants that line the bay’s steep banks and cliffs are incredible. Check out the fish restaurant La Marée or the classical French brasserie, Café de Paris Monte-Carlo.

All in all, Monaco is one of the best destinations for luxury learn to sail holidays in Europe. It can serve up a superb short or long-term sailing adventure thanks to the Yacht Club de Monaco. There are also other reputable sailing schools in the area.

Trondheim, Norway

Do you sunburn easily or prefer your sailing to be a more rugged affair where you are pitted against the elements? Then Trondheim in Norway could be just the ticket.

Trondheim Norway one of the top 3 Destinations for Luxury Learn to Sail Holidays in Europe pixabay royalty free image

It is here, lodged in the Norwegian fjords, that the Mid-Norway Sailing School can be found. They put on intimate classes for everyone from total beginners all the way through to those looking for skipper courses.

Sailing against the stunning backdrop that this part of Norway provides it magical. And top it off by staying at the luxurious 5-star Britannia Hotel, which dates back to 1870 and has a spa for weary sailors to soothe their bodies in.

Aeolian Islands, Sicily, Italy

While learning the ropes at a sailing school can be lots of fun, there is another way to get to grips with a yacht or catamaran. Some best best luxury learn to sail holidays in Europe are actually liveaboards. Guests stay on a luxury yacht for a week or two while learning to sail in the day and enjoying its decadence the rest of the time.

Such is the case with the Italy Explore package put together by Yacht Getaways. It sets off from Portorosa and over eight days visits six of the beautiful Aeolian Islands.

Aeolian Islands one of the top 3 Destinations for Luxury Learn to Sail Holidays in Europe pixabay royalty free image

Along the way you can learn from a qualified skipper and on some trips you actually finish the holiday with a qualification. This means that next time you will have the skills and confidence to do such a trip without the help of a trained professional.

We hope you found the top 3 destinations for luxury learn to sail holidays in Europe useful. Check out our Europe sailing holidays for more trip ideas.

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