Top 15 high wind windsurf spots: Best windsurfing for experts

Oct 03, 2019 BY AWE365 Team

Looking for the best windsurfing for experts? Well this list of the top 10 high wind windsurf spots are a good place to start.

Top 15 high wind windsurf spots Best windsurfing for experts Pixabay Royalty free image from Ujung, Java in Indonesia

Best windsurfing for experts

Windsurfing in high winds is considered to be the pinnacle of the sport for many people. Simply because it offers the most challenging conditions suitable only for very experienced windsurfers.

High wind often involves waves – but equally it doesn’t have to. Whatever you preference of sea state, these top 10 high wind windsurf spots features plenty of destinations you’ll love.

From the flat water freeride/freestyle haven of Vassiliki in Greece to the super stardom of Maui. All of the locations featured have some serious winds that experts will love. Of course in most spots less experienced sailors can enjoy the conditions too.

Top 15 high wind windsurf spots

Either use this top 15 as a reference point for future windsurfing holiday inspiration. Or perhaps try to tick off all the locations on this expert windsurfing bucket list.

Tarifa (Spain)

Tarifa gets seriously breezy – no bones about it. With winds that can gust up to 60+ knots as they funnel through Straits of Gibraltar, Tarifa is a high wind freeriders’ paradise.

Best summer windsurfing in Europe Flickr image by by luis jimenez

Two distinct winds consistently batter this part of Southern Spain. The Poniente (west to east) and Levante (east to west) whip across the beaches of Tarifa. They can deliver full power conditions year round.

During the winter there may even be some swell action. But mainly the spot is full power nukin’ windsurfing that’s awesome fun. Without doubt Tarifa has some of the best windsurfing for experts – but it also caters to the less experienced.

Can water start and plane in the straps comfortably? Enjoy being on small kit (who doesn’t?)? Then Tarifa is for you.

Brandon Bay (Ireland)

Ireland’s reputation for windsurfing was cemented when the PWA Tour rolled into town back in year Y2K. Many of the sport’s big guns rocked up to do battle with the cold North Atlantic.

During the course of the event some fantastic conditions hit this part of the Emerald Isle. Which saw some cracking action with Francisco Goys sealing his Wave World Championship win.

Brandon Bay, located on the northern side of the Dingle Peninsula, is now a Mecca for windsurfers. It is regularly smashed by severe storms that make it one of the best high wind windsurf spots on the planet.

Proof of this claim was the first mission of the Red Bull Storm Chasers. It saw a group of wave sailing stars rock up to take on ferocious 70 knot winds and off the chart 20ft waves. You can see the video highlights above.

Leucate and Gruissan (France)

Looking for the best summer windsurfing in Europe? Located just north of Perpignan, Leucate and Gruissan offer excellent conditions near the Spanish border and have hosted the GKA Freestyle World Cup.

The reliable Tramontane winds often reach 40 knots in the summer – at that speed even pro windsurfers are in for a challenge. There is both coastal windsurfing to enjoy and large sheltered lagoons with waist deep water.

Check out the Défi Wind Race is held in Gruissan and the Mondial du Vent Festival, in Leucate. Both annually attract thousands of windsurfers.

Summer windsurfing in Europe: Leucate in France one of the 11 best places for European windsurf holidays Flickr image by Leucate Mediterranee

Pistol River (USA)

Pistol River in Curry County, Oregon is known for its strong winds and big jumps. In June each year the International Windsurfing Tour visits for the Pistol River Wave Bash.

Many windsurfing competitors say it’s their favorite spot on the tour. If you can tame the rough seas and handle the cold waters, some of the best windsurfing for experts can be found here.

Tiree (Scotland)

The west coast of Scotland sits in the path of Northern Hemisphere storms and is open to all the weather the Atlantic can throw its way. So it’s a sure-fire bet for some high wind windsurfing – which can happen in any month of the year.

The Isle of Tiree in particular has a reputation for producing the goods on a regular basis. Which is why various competitions including the annual Tiree Wave Classic are held here.

The event sees the final showdown of the UK’s wave sailing elite. And on many occasions has been the deciding event for who will be crowned champion.

Best winter windsurfing in Europe Image of John Skye Balevullin by PWA World Tour in Tiree Scotland

For those into world class wave sailing, the Scottish coast best delivers in autumn and winter. The west coast near Troon and Thurso in the far north of Scotland also provide some of the best windsurfing for experts.

Boracay (Philippines)

From December to April strong reliable winds buffer the small but beautiful Filipino island of Boracay. The average wind speed is around 26 knots and at times a lot stronger.

Due to the conditions the International Funboard Cup is held here each year. From Bulabog Beach there is a flatwater lagoon which is good for beginners and intermediates. Experts can enjoy the waves further out.

Pozo (Gran Canaria)

Pozo Izquierdo is synonymous with massive airs, full throttle slalom and nukin’ winds and one of the best beaches in Gran Canaria. For many years the pro circuit has rolled into town to do battle with the ferocious summer conditions that are usually on offer.

The place of many famous showdowns between rivals, the making of world champions and a spot to unveil mind boggling aerial trickery. Pozo is now embedded into windsurfing folklore as one of the best high wind windsurf spots.

Top 15 high wind windsurf spots Best windsurfing for experts Pixabay Royalty free image from Gran Canaria

There are also some equally impressive venues close by. So if you like it gnarly Gran Canaria is one of the best places to head during the Northern Hemisphere summer. June, July and August absolutely go off and make it a place any windsurfer needs to ‘tick off’.

Mui Ne (Vietnam)

A relatively new kid on the block! Mui Ne in Vietnam really opened windsurfers’ eyes when it was featured on the 2011 PWA World Tour.

With epic freestyle and slalom conditions, sailors put on a fantastic display of top drawer windsurfing at this unique venue. As high wind windsurf spots go this is worth a visit purely for being in Vietnam.

Not yet known to the masses, but getting there, Mui Ne is worth visiting before it becomes mainstream. Expect a choppy sea but during periods of particularly strong wind, Mui Ne can produce an onshore wave. Perfect for the ‘rocket air heads’ out there!

Maui (Hawaii)

Maui hardly needs any introduction with it being the Mecca for all things windsurfing. June, July and August regularly see 30+ knot winds offering some of the best windsurfing for experts worldwide.

Top 15 high wind windsurf spots Best windsurfing for experts Pixabay Royalty free image from hawaii

You can blast around at full power with a steady side shore wind. The waves are slightly mellower than those you find in winter, but it is still so much fun.

Add to the mix that you’re just in boardies and rash vest, and the whole package never looked so good. Order a slice of your own windsurfing dream and head to Hawaii.

Jericoacoara (Brazil)

On the north-east coast of Brazil you’ll find Jericoacoara, the undisputed top spot for windsurfing in Brazil. It is popular with pros due to its ultra-reliable wind. June to January is strongest winds, reaching up to 45 knots.

‘The Point’ is the main spot. It stays flat and attracts beginners, improvers and freestylers – unless the wind is too strong. More exposed Malhada is ideal for experts and advanced wave junkies.

Moulay (Morocco)

Moulay is the home spot of PWA competitor Bouj Guilloul and some of the best windsurfing in Morocco. It is where he honed his mental airborne trickery and as high wind windsurfing goes this is a top location.

Moulay one of the best Morocco windsurfing holiday destinations Wikicommons image by Arabi629

Sitting just round the corner from Essaouira, Moulay is a ‘do-able’ reef wave sailing spot. It pumps swell through the winter but with slightly lighter winds. While summer sees a drop in wave height but the breeze ramps up and howls!

Morocco offers an inexpensive and alternative kind of windsurfing holiday.  Added to the sick conditions you enjoy a vibrant culture, great food, stunning weather and affordability.

Cape Town (South Africa)

For many years Cape Town has been the ‘go to’ high wind windsurfing spot for waves. Many of the UK pros have jetted off there looking for consistent winter training in between competitions.

Although it offers some of the best windsurfing for experts you don’t have to be a pro to make use of the conditions. If you’re an intermediate+ level then there’s plenty to keep you entertained.

At certain times there can be big swells pounding South African shores. But fear not, as 90 minutes north of Cape Town you’ll find Langebaan Lagoon. It is a flat water freestyle/freeride respite where you can shed the rubber and cruise about in boardshorts.

Best windsurfing for experts windsurfing cape of good hope South africa wikicommons image by Octagon

In contrast, open ocean sailing is actually quite cold and neoprene is definitely needed when heading for the wave venues. Consistently windy with ample swell action, SA is not to be missed.

Vassiliki (Greece)

Vassiliki Bay nestles on the southern shores of Lefkada Island in the Southern Ionian area of Greece. This tiny little windsurfing Mecca is where you’ll find the famous wind ‘Eric’.

Eric spews cross shore goodness during summer months. Blowing right to left (starboard tack) it can hit 35+ knots on cranking days. In the morning winds are weaker and ideal for beginners and less experienced windsurfers.

It’s home to many freestyle pros during high season. And Vass is where you’ll witness flakas, shakas, culos and burners being thrown down regularly.

However, if you fancy some high wind slalom or freeride windsurfing then Vass is still welcoming. You don’t have to be made from rubber and aspire to the freestyle moves of the pros.

Vassiliki one of the top 5 freeride windsurf spots Best windsurfing holidays for all image of Tez Plavenieks by Edge Productions

With its flat water, warm weather and consistent wind, Vassiliki is a sound bet for your summer windsurfing holiday. And the best thing? Eric doesn’t kick in until lunch time meaning plenty of time to get rid of the Zeus Bar hangover!

Guincho (Portugal)

Portugal is not generally noted for its windsurfing action. But Guincho, puts windsurfing in Lisbon on the map. Located in the Cascais area it boasts pumping high wind wave sailing conditions through summer.

A thermally-generated breeze blasts across the bay. This gives awesome side shore conditions that inspires sailors to line up with a steep ramp and ‘sky one’!

Being slightly onshore, Guincho demands respect when it gets big. The meaty swells will happily destroy kit and pride in equal measure, but offering some of the best windsurfing for experts.

Guincho is comparable to Pozo in many respects. If anything Guincho has a better wind angle and better waves – possibly not quite as breezy though.

Guincho one of the best high wind Windsurf spots in the world image of kauli seadi Copyright of PWA tour Guiche 2005

Luderitz (Namibia)

Home to the month long Luderitz Speed Challenge. The winds are very strong and the water fla. As such its where many speed windsurfing world records have been set.

There is very little infrastructure here so it is not the best place for a windsurfing holiday. But if you want high wind windsurfing to break records this is the place to be.

Best high speed windsurfing spots

At any of the destinations above you’re likely to score epic conditions –season dependent of course. There are many more high wind windsurf spots worldwide – these are just a handful.

For example, the opening picture in this article is from Ujung in Java, Indonesia. It looks amazing but we can’t find any information about it. We believe it is in Ujung Kulon National Park at the western tip of Java. Surfing is popular here and perhaps windsurfing can be too.

Lets us know your favourite high wind spots in the comments below. And remember while most of these spots are ideal for expert windsurfers they also cater for less experienced sailors.

Want to save some money? Check out our windsurfing holiday discounts as you could save a fortune.


4 responses to “Top 15 high wind windsurf spots: Best windsurfing for experts”

  1. Australia
    I am Swedish moved to Western Australia 30 y ago , Geraldton , we have world Class Windsurfing with waves or flat. off or onshore Or cross, small or large waves it’s all here Sept to April season 25kn + almost every day
    Home of wave sailor Yeager Stone plus many more

  2. Small Taiwanese island called Penghu. From October to February. There is no windier place. Steady winds from 30 to 50 knots. If you see windguru lit up, add couple of knots, take your 3.0 to 4.0 and off you go. Fronts usually last a week, then two or 3 days off and then comes the next one. They say Pozo can be windy but Penghu is windy on the next level. And yes, there’s decent waves too. Besides, it’s accessible and secure. Not a party island but it has its charm and it’s hardcore windsurfing.

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