Top 10 windsurfing lakes in Europe: Best inland European windsurf spots

Jan 05, 2023 BY Paul McWilliams

When you compare it to the majesty of the ocean it’s easy to forget the unadulterated joy a windsurfing on a lake can bring you. So, we’ve decided to compile a list of the 10 best windsurfing lakes in Europe. This is to remind you that the best European inland windsurf spots offer some of the best conditions in the continent.

Updated January 2023

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Lakes offer panoramic scenery, tranquil lakeside towns and often local geography means reliable winds. So, all of the below windsurfing lakes in Europe might be beautiful but they’re also home to some world-class wind conditions too.

Best inland European windsurf spots

Top 10 windsurfing lakes in Europe

Before we dive into the top 10, remember this is just the authors opinion and in no way definitive as he has not windsurfed every lake in Europe. Hopefully it will encourage you to comment and let us know of any destinations you feel should make the top 10 windsurfing lakes in Europe.

Lake Garda, Italy

Mountains to the north and vineyards to the south, Lake Garda in Italy is home to some stunning lakeside resorts promenades and piazzas. But it’s on the water where it really counts as this is one of the best inland European windsurf spots. Find out more at GardaTrentino.

Lake Como, Italy

Home to celebrities and films stars, style and charm abound at Como, Italy. Accommodation is available on both east and west shores, and the winds getting quite big throughout the year meaning it easily makes the list. Find out more about conditions and costs at

Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

Strong winds start to blow up in the high Bohinj mountains of Slovenia, before they roll down the hills and across the lake, creating great conditions for windsurfing. For information about accommodation and windsurfing enquiries, contact the Hotel Stare.

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Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

Steady winds blow in the morning, perfect for beginners, with a number of spots to choose from offering lessons and equipment rental, including in the Bay of Uri. Find out why this is one of the best inland European windsurf spots here.

Lake Zell, Austria

Stiff mountain breezes create great conditions for windsurfing on this large Austrian lake. The excellent ski resort of Zell am See sits on it’s shoreline. With windsurfing centres close to the town, there’s everything you need for a break on the water. The Windsurf Center Zell am See can tell you more.

Lake Ohrid, North Macedonia

This little known lake on the Macedonian and Albanian border is one of the most beautiful places in the world. You can also windsurf here if the conditions are right. The hotel Grebnos offers accommodation for windsurfers.

Bray Lake, UK

Home to one of the UK’s largest watersports centres, Bray Lake in Berkshire may not be the most famous stretch of UK water, but with some of the best facilities, it’s well worth checking out. The perfect place to develop and build on your skills check out for more information.

Windsurfing lakes in Europe flickr image by texaus1

Lake Silvaplana, Switzerland

Another Swiss lake, Silvaplana is home to strong winds in the summer that can rival Tarifa, caused by the warm air of northern Italy meeting the cold air of the Engadin mountains. Located in the Engadine Valley near St Moritz, this is where kitesurfing began. You can book lessons with Windsurfing Silvaplana.

Lake Neusiedl, Austria

Only a stone’s throw away from Vienna, the capital of Austria, it’s a popular lake for windsurfing. It’s very shallow, at less than two metres deep across its 285 square kilometres, and with warm temperatures, sunshine and wind, it’s a great spot. Find out more at

Lake Serre-Poncon, France

This amazing crescent shaped man-made lake covers 30 square kilometres and is a little known, but very good, windsurfing spot in the southeast of France. One of Europe’s biggest man-made lakes, it gathers the waters of the Durance and Ubaye rivers. You can learn more about the windsurfing here.

Of course, there are plenty of other windsurfing lakes in Europe but we’ve tried to give a selection of both big and small, popular and relatively unknown. Let us know what you think, and if we’ve missed any major destinations please leave a comment below.

We hope you found this guide to the best inland European windsurf spots inspiring. Check out our wide range of courses, holidays and experiences to windsurf in Europe if you want to book a trip.


One response to “Top 10 windsurfing lakes in Europe: Best inland European windsurf spots”

  1. Interesting list, Lake Garda is definately on my “must visit” list of windsurfing destinations.

    I’m a little surprised that you didn’t include Leucate in France in your list. It can be a good chouice for mixed ability groups because it offers a combination of safe, shallow and flat water ideal for beginners with sometimes very strong winds (often over 25 knots).

    Not to mention the fact that it’s in France so there’s good local wine (Fitou) and food on offer 😉

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