Top 10 dropzones in Europe: skydiving European style

Skydiving in Europe is very popular with over 550 dropzones so why not join the trend and try skydiving European style. The reasons for preferring one dropzone over another are individual to the skydiver but there are some that standout. That’s why we have compiled a list of the top 10 dropzones in Europe.

Top 10 dropzones in Europe Wikimedia image by Tequesquitengo

Before we start, we should say that there are many factors that make a good dropzone. Some are simply beautiful locations, others are blessed by perfect conditions. However, some dropzones are great because they are conveniently located near other attractions like major cities.

All of this makes it hard to compare them, so instead of this being a countdown, consider it a more a guide to ten of the very best dropzones in Europe. If you have any other favourites then be sure to let us know in the comments section at the end.

Empuriabrava, Spain

With a full-time skydiving centre since 1985 and host to some of skydiving’s biggest tournaments over the years, including several world championships, this was a shoe-in for a spot in the top 10 dropzones in Europe. Found in the very north east corner of Spain near the French border, jump here and you’ll get some spectacular views of the Mediterranean on one side and the Pyrenees on the other.

Ibiza, Spain

You might associate the island with clubbing and nightlife but during the day there’s plenty to do too. Including a dropzone in the south east corner of the island not too far from the airport. Again, this being an island in the Med, there are some stunning views and after you’ve jumped you can take all that adrenaline with you onto the dance floor.

**UPDATE** It seems the Ibiza dropzone is either no longer operating or was an optimistic rumour as we have been unable to find any evidence of a company offering skydiving there. Please drop us a line if you know different.

Top 10 dropzones in Europe Wikimedia image by Pannali

Unterschüpf, Germany

Located roughly equidistant between Frankfurt and Nuremburg, this little town is something of a hotspot for skydiving in Germany and is fully deserving of its place in the top 10 dropzones in Europe. Take off from a small airport just outside the town and enjoy freefalling over the picturesque hills and villages of Bavaria, one of the most beautiful parts of Germany.

Skytandem are the company operating the Unterschüpf dropzone and it is open all year round. Jumps are from a large engine Cessna, which reaches 13,500 feet (4100 m). The dropzone is relaxed and friendly with an onsite restaurant. It is all nice and compact, with landing, take off and packing all within 50m of each other.

Top 10 dropzones in Europe image courtesy of Skytandem

Skytandem offer tandem skydives from €199, and offer a video and photo skydive package for €309. They also provide AFF accredited courses and can take you from complete beginner to qualified skydiver. Throughout the year they run workshops for accuracy, canopy control, freefall formation and freeFly. To find out more visit:

Interlaken, Switzerland

Ever wanted to skydive between snowy mountains and blue lakes and get the ultimate feeling of freefalling from a helicopter? Then this is the place for you. Tucked in between two alpine lakes, a glacier and some huge mountains, this exquisite drop zone is an amazing place for skydiving.

The flat valley floor makes it safe for landing and with some spectacular countryside all around for trekking and biking in the summer and skiing and snowboarding holidays in the winter. Interlaken is a great adventure sport destination in itself, add the skydive and its an adrenaline junkies heaven.

Top 10 dropzones in Europe Wikimedia image by Pannali

The Algarve, Portugal

You might associate the Algarve more with lobster-red tourists than white-knuckle adventure but it turns out that it’s not all about relaxing on the beach. The Aerodromo Municipal de Portimão is a great dropzone in the west of this region blessed with 300-plus sunny days a year meaning the weather rarely cancels jumps.

Even if mass tourism isn’t your thing, it’s hard to deny the sheer beauty of the Algarve and seeing it from above is a rare treat. Whether you are heading to the Algarve for a beach break or something more adventurous like a surfing holiday then this might just be the perfect opportunity to try a tandem skydive.

Rome, Italy

Rammed full of history Rome is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. Lucky enough there is a dropzone just outside the city in Nettuno so you can combine a cultural break with skydiving European style at one of the top 10 dropzones in Europe.

Located close to the coast good views are guaranteed as is friendly and relaxing staff to help calm the nerves. Once you are finished you can head back to the city and the adrenaline buzz will help you party into the early hours Italian style.

Toulouse, France

It’s hard to pick just one French destination to go in the top 10 dropzones in Europe because there are so many to choose from. Jumping near to Paris, in Peronne, for easy access from the city is hard to beat. However, the dropzones at Castelnau Magnoac and Pamiers, near Toulouse, just edge it.

This is a beautiful part of the world and the fact the city is the centre of the European aerospace industry means there are plenty of runways and planes on hand.

Top 10 dropzones in Europe Wikimedia image by DanNav


Malta has been a traditional island retreat for centuries, with beautiful landscapes and a relaxed way of life offering a welcome break from the mainland. However, in recent years, the laid-back lifestyle has had an injection of adrenaline.

After a couple of days ground training and top instruction, take to the skies above the island and enjoy some world-class freefalling accompanied by spectacular views. The island’s close ties with the UK also make it a great place to hang out.

**UPDATE: Please note that the Malta dropzone is currently not operating. The skydive centre is operating out of Pozzallo on Sicily which is a 1:45 ferry ride away. So our top 10 dropzones in Europe just became a top 9……**

Langar, UK

With nearly 30 dropzones to choose from, there had to be one UK destination in the top 10 dropzones in Europe. Choosing one was a tough job so we opted for the biggest and most popular (in the hope of not causing too much of an argument).

OK, so there might be more beautiful spots but every serious skydiver in the UK will have jumped here at least once. Its handy position in the middle of the country also gives it an edge over some of the harder to reach dropzones.

Top 10 dropzones in Europe flickr image by Ryan Harvey

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Like we mentioned above, this is an example of a dropzone where the benefits are mostly about the other attractions. At about 100 kilometres from the city of Amsterdam, Blauwestad is a dropzone where you can tandem skydive and then a couple of hours later be celebrating in one of Europe’s liveliest night time destinations.

So, there you have it – the top 10 dropzones in Europe. Like we said at the start, everybody has there own favourite and for different reasons. If you think we have made some glaring omissions then let us know. So, what do you agree with our list?