Thule AllTrail 15l backpack review: Lightweight daypack for hiking & more

Nov 20, 2019 BY Michelle Rees

Are you looking for a lightweight daypack for hiking and other activities? Then check out this Thule AllTrail 15l backpack review.

AllTrail 15l Lightweight daypack for hiking

When I booked to go on a hiking weekend in Italy I knew that I’d need a really comfortable backpack. I was looking for something which is lightweight but big enough to carry the essentials for day hikes in the mountains.

Thule AllTrail 15l backpack review

I wanted a bag with pockets and straps for all occasions. The Thule AllTrail 15l certainly looked like it ticks all the boxes and has very useful features. So I put this small daypack to the test hiking around the stunning Dolomites in Val Gardena, Italy.

Size and weight

The Thule AllTrail 15l is very light. At 0.54kg it feels no heavier than a canvas shopping tote bag. Making it the perfect lightweight daypack for hiking and much more.

Thule Alltrail 15L backpack review

The backpack is 15 litres which is slightly bigger than those I have previously owned. But its slim design means it doesn’t feel or look bulky.

Straps and comfort

The shoulder straps are shaped for a great ergonomic fit and are padded for extra comfort. There is plenty of length in the straps offering lots of adjustability.

The back of the bag has two padded strips that sit comfortably against your back and shoulder blades. The chest and waist straps have a good range of adjustment to get the fit and support in the right place. They do a great job of keeping the bag stable while you are hiking, particularly in rougher terrain.

Lightweight daypack for hiking in Dolomite Val Gardena Ortisei Italy

The material on the straps and back is soft and breathable. This means that you won’t get uncomfortable damp patches where the bag is contact with your body. Even when fully loaded I found it very comfortable.


During this Thule AllTrail 15l review I mainly used this lightweight daypack for hiking, but that was not all. It was also my bag to take on the plane, and at home it has been used for trips to the shop and days out with the kids.

It is useful for a whole range of activities because the zippered main compartment opens up fairly wide. This means you can easily see inside and access the bottom without pulling everything out.

Thule Alltrail 15L backpack review for hiking and more

The main compartment narrows towards the bottom of the pack, which I found strange at first. However upon using the pack this made sense as it keeps everything in place while walking.

Pockets and features

On the top of the pack is separate zipped compartment. This is great for keeping things that need to be easily accessed such as snacks, keys or maps. Or for keeping your passport and tickets safe when at the airport.

There is also a stretchy pocket on the shoulder strap. It expands just large enough to fit my mobile – a Samsung A3. This meant it was always close to hand when I wanted to take a photo of the stunning Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site during this Thule AllTrail 15l backpack review.

Thule Alltrail 15L backpack review 4

The other shoulder strap has a couple of stretchy loops. I tucked the tube from my hydration bladder through these to keep it in place and to provide for easy access.

The Thule AllTrail 15l backpack also has a bottle holder on either side. I have tested these with bottles when out with the kids and they do a good job. But while hiking I used them to keep my sunglasses on one side and tissues on the other.

These side pockets are elasticated but do not close fully. However they are easily accessible so very useful. While hiking the intermittent cloud meant I kept swapping between my sunnies and normal glasses. I could do this without taking the bag off my back.

Thule Alltrail 15L backpack review 5

There is also a handy clip and loop for attaching walking poles to the outside of this lightweight daypack for hiking. This meant I could stow them away when not in use, but they were still easy to access.

Hydration Pack

I went for the optional extra of a 2.5 Litre bladder to turn the AllTrail into a hydration pack. If you are not aware a bladder is basically a very durable bag which you fill with water. The water tight bladder goes inside the backpack and is attached to a tube which you can drink through while walking.

I had not used one before but it was a revelation! It meant I was drinking small amounts of water more frequently without having to stop and get a bottle out. After hiking I was much more hydrated than usual, because I wasn’t waiting until I was thirsty to stop and drink.

Lightweight daypack for hiking in adler group around Sassa Longo in Dolomites Val Gardena Ortisei Italy

The bladder slips into a sleeve on the inside of the pack and there is a clip to keep it in place. This ensured the water is held against your back as close as possible to your body. It is a very efficient way to carry water and much more stable than bottles.

Lightweight daypack for hiking

While hiking I didn’t need to reposition the bag at all and felt completely comfortable wearing it. This is a great looking and functional backpack for day hikes.

It certainly meets my requirements of being lightweight and having room for essentials plus some extras. To conclude this Thule AllTrail 15l backpack review I thoroughly recommend it.

The AllTrail 15l costs £70 and comes in black with red trim, black with green trim or blue. You can purchase it directly from Thule:


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