Three great places to learn to snowkite in Europe

Nov 25, 2016 BY AWE365 Team

Every once in a while a new extreme sport comes along that’s so simple and yet looks like so much fun that we kick ourselves for not having thought of it before. That’s exactly the deal with snowkiting. This is the latest winter sports to take the world by storm and there are plenty of great places to learn to snowkite in Europe.

Learn to snowkite in Europe Flickr image by Konstantin Zamkov

Snowkiting is considered a lot easier to learn than kitesurfing, for the simple reason that it’s easier to stand up on snow than it is on water (try it if you don’t believe us). Which means that if you’ve any snowboarding experience, you probably won’t find the basics too hard to master.

If you want to begin snowkiting this winter these are our top three places where you should learn to snowkite in Europe. But before you set off for what could be your greatest adventure you may want to purchase some snowkiting gear, we recommend you visit the kite shop who have one of the best selections of kite gear in Europe.

Learn to snowkite in Switzerland

Learn to snowkite in Europe Flickr image by Big Dubya

So why not head to Switzerland in the heart of the Alps and let the sensational Swiss Alps be the backdrop to your snowkiting experience? The high plateau of the Simplon Pass above Brig is ideal snowkiting territory as is the near by Grimsel Alpine pass in Oberwald.

The conditions here are pretty much perfect to learn to snowkite with both North and South facing slopes to cater for all wind directions and 3 to 4 meters of snow each winter. There are plateaus, hills and features to ride and of course if you don’t get on with snowkiting or the wind lets you down then there is plenty of snowboarding to keep you busy.

If you want to learn to snowkite is Switzerland we recommend the Swiss Snowkiting School based on the Simplon Pass (Matterhornstate). You can check them out here:

Learn to snowkite in Iceland

Learn to snowkite in Europes Flickr image by Konstantin ZamkovWith just you, your board, some strong winds and a truly unforgettable backdrop of volcanic mountains, Iceland is not like other snowkiting destinations. With trips that are tailored for seasoned kitesurfing veterans, the hottest new snowkite riders and absolute beginners, if you want to learn to snowkite in Europe, this might just be the best place to come. The Langjökull Glacier is the second biggest ice cap in Europe and the destination of choice for some of the world’s best riders.

Of course, this being Iceland there is also plenty to do when you’re not on the board. Kick back in luxury cabins, sooth your aching muscles (trust us, they’ll be aching) in a geothermal hot tub and make a whole new bunch of international snowkiting friends. Sounds good right?

Learn to snowkite in France

As one of the hottest new sports around, it’s no surprise that you can learn to snowkite in France. As France is the most popular snow sport destination for UK visitors you can learn to snowkite on your skiing or snowboarding holiday this winter.

Learn to snowkite in Europe Flickr image by Big Dubya

There are plenty of locations to snowkite in France such as Morzine/Avoriaz, La Rosière, Les Deux Alpes, Petit St Bernard in view of Mont Blanc, and Col du Lautaret in the Serre Chevalier valley.  The Col du Lautaret is one of best places to learn to snowkite in Europe, hosting the annual Serre Chevalier snowkite festival, Snowkite Masters international competition and the French championships each year.

learn to snowkite in Europe

Learn to snowkite in Europe2 Flickr image by Konstantin Zamkov

Master the art, carve up some fresh snow and get some huge air snowkiting in the mountains. You won’t only be learning one new sport either, as if you learn to snowkite in Europe, you’re already most of the way to being ready for next year’s kitesurfing season too.

Kites have been around for millennia, skis for centuries and snow boards for decades. So just how has to taken until now for mankind to put them together in such a fun way? We probably shouldn’t spend too much time dwelling on the this though, as it might start to eat into our time on the snow.


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