Take in top-class onshore attractions while on a yacht charter in the BVI

May 26, 2013 BY Jeff Rhodes

For a chic holiday at sea, there is nothing quite like sailing a yacht charter through the British Virgin Islands, or BVI as they are often referred to. While you’ll be able to navigate the seas in total luxury, make sure you spend part of your holiday onshore so you can enjoy many of the territory’s top-class attractions and amenities.

And you will certainly find there is a wealth of things to catch your interest while in Tortola – the BVI’s largest and most populated island.

Stop by the BVI Folk Museum as here you’ll be able to learn more about the area’s history and see exhibits – including items dating back to the slavery era – that document its past.

For an even closer insight into local culture during your yacht charter BVI break, go on a tour of some of Tortola’s ruins. These include buildings such as Fort Burt and the Mount Healthy Windmill, structures that are hundreds of years old.

Should you be in the mood for a little shopping then Road Town – the BVI’s capital – is likely to be the place for you. The city’s Main Street contains a range of retail outlets, with handmade jewellery, textiles and jams among the many items that are sold.

But if you want to do nothing but relax and soak up the island’s laidback atmosphere then head to the coast. You’ll find there are lots of beautiful beaches for you to visit, including Apple Bay and Smuggler’s Cove.

However, Tortola is by no means the only part of the BVI where you’ll find fantastic onshore attractions and you should certainly think about spending some time at Peter Island.

One of the region’s largest isles, there are a wealth of things to see and do at the resort here.

Moko jumbie dancers and steel bands give regular performances – offering you an insight into Caribbean culture – while there are a range of high-end restaurants for you to dine at.

You’ll also be able to relax on pristine white sand beaches before going snorkelling and exploring the world underneath the waves.

While sailing on a yacht charter Caribbean you might want to consider mooring your vessel up at Marina Cay.

Although the island measures just eight acres, there will still be plenty of things to catch your interest. Indeed, dining at the Pusser’s restaurant gives you the chance to sample award-winning cuisine – both freshly-caught seafood and traditional Caribbean fare will be on the menu – before washing it down with a rum cocktail.

Marina Cay is also a great place to go for a walk and by trekking up to Sunset Bar – the island’s highest point – you’ll be afforded fantastic views of the land below.

Likewise, Virgin Gorda will offer you the opportunity to take in breathtaking natural scenery should you decide to step onshore.

This island contains an array of beautiful national parks, home to a range of exotic wildlife and indigenous plants, while the presence of several ruins provide you a glimpse into its Spanish roots.

One Virgin Gorda attraction that certainly draws many people is the Baths. These immense boulders scattered across the island’s beaches have created a number of saltwater pools and grottoes that are just perfect to explore for an afternoon.

You may also want to make a special effort to spend a little time on the island of Anegada. This is the most northerly isle in the BVI and upon setting foot on dry land make sure you keep your eyes peeled for some of the exotic wildlife to be found here.

Rock iguanas, ospreys and blue herons are just a selection of the creatures you’ll be able to spot on the island, while you can learn more about the region’s past by visiting the Anegada Museum.

Here, you’ll be able to look at items recovered from nearby shipwrecks and hear tales about sunken treasures.

Of course, if you just want to do spend some time sunbathing then you will have plenty of opportunities to take advantage of the favourable weather and beautiful scenery. Nestle up under a palm tree at one of Anegada’s many beaches – which include Bones Bight and Flash of Beauty – and you’ll be able to take in stunning views of the calm sea as you relax.

By going on a bareboat charter BVI holiday, you can take in an array of attractions on land while also enjoying the amenities of your luxurious boat as you sail.

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