Taghazout beginner surfing holiday in Morocco with Surf Berbere

Nov 27, 2018 BY Cara Rees

Want to learn to surf? Read this review of Taghazout beginner surfing holiday in Morocco with Surf Berbere to find out why it’s the perfect destination to take up this new sport and have a great vacation.

Taghazout beginner surfing holiday in Morocco with Surf Berbere photo courtesy of Surf Berbere

Introducing Taghazout

Morocco is well known for its surf and Taghazout has many of the best spots in this African nation. The coastline has physical attributes that create point break, beach break and reef break waves. This means that regardless of the type of swell you will get plenty of water time when learning to surf in Taghazout.

There are many budget airlines that serve Agadir from all over Europe. Taghazout is less than an hour transfer from Agadir Airport, and surf schools such as Surf Berbere run transfers. This makes Taghazout beginner surfing holiday in Morocco that little bit easier.

Taghazout has a comfortable climate year-round with 6-8 hours of sunshine each day. Daytime temperatures range between 20 and 30°C and there are only a few days of rain each year. Bring warm clothes for the evenings in the winter as the temp drops when the sun goes down.

Taghazout beginner surfing holiday in Morocco with Surf Berbere photo courtesy of Surf Berbere

Beginner surfing holiday in Morocco

I joined the Surf Berbere beginner surf and yoga camp in Taghazout in October to fulfill a long time ambition of surfing. Straight away I learnt that all the Surf Berbere instructors are qualified and have oodles of local surf experience. So they know where to take you for the best conditions to help you keep improving.

I had two instructors (Yusef and Eylas) during my 5 days. Both were enthusiastic, encouraging and celebrated our successes with us. Their teaching started with simple knowledge building, directions and demonstrations. Then we practiced on the beach before working with the instructor in the water.

Once in the water you learn what to look for and what it feels like to be on the board on a wave. By the end of day one of this Taghazout beginner surfing holiday with Surf Berbere everyone in my class had managed to stand up for at least a moment.

Taghazout beginner surfing holiday in Morocco image courtesy of Surf Berbere


A standard day involves a two hour hands on class in the morning and a two hour development session with your instructor’s guidance in the afternoon. During my stay we often didn’t start until 11 due to the tides not giving the right water.

The instructors explained they would not do a lesson before the conditions were right otherwise we’d be wasting our energy. Watching surfers in the water you could see very few caught waves until the tide was right. Plus we got to relax while we waited and learnt the importance of being patient when it comes to surfing.

Taghazout beginner surfing holiday with Surf Berbere

Surf Berbere offers the full package quite literally. For £390 per person you get a 7-night all-inclusive beginner surf holiday in Taghazout. This includes five days of surfing with all the equipment, beach transfers and four hours of coaching each day. The accommodation is comfortable and the food is lovely.

Taghazout beginner surfing holiday in Morocco with Surf Berbere

I shared a two bedroom apartment with three other women. There was plenty of space to relax with two sofas and seating on the balcony with beautiful views across Taghazout. We had a kitchen area with a sink and fridge.

The apartment had bright with vibrant soft furnishings, carved wooden and wrought black iron furniture giving a modern Moroccan feel. It was cleaned, and the beds were made daily.

The food was delicious! You will be well fuelled on a Taghazout beginner surfing holiday in Morocco with Surf Berbere.

Review of Surf Berbere Taghazout surf holiday in Morocco by Cara Rees

A buffet breakfast with bread, fruit, boiled eggs, pancakes, cereal, hot drinks and more. Lunch on the beach was your choice of a baguette sandwich or warm dish like couscous, rice salad or bolognaise, with crisps, cookies and fruit snacks.

Dinner was a multi-dish event. There is bread with olives and dip when you arrive, then soup or an appetiser like grilled aubergine. The main is a mixture of barbequed meats (or stuffed vegetable), burgers, chips and tagines. The fish tagine was my favourite! All followed by desert, sweetened mint tea and a flavoured tobacco shisha to give a real Moroccan feel.

Why choose Surf Berbere?

The atmosphere! Taghazout is a laid-back fishing village with a relaxing vibe. The Surf Berbere camp is fun, friendly and inclusive. During my Taghazout beginner surfing holiday in Morocco there was an age range between 19 and 48, with a mixture of couples, friends and solo travellers. They also cater for families.

Review of Surf Berbere Taghazout surf holiday in Morocco yoga by Cara Rees

The mini buses and roof terrace where dinner is served have Bluetooth sound systems, so everyone gets their turn picking the music. The staff are welcoming, they obviously enjoy their jobs and want you to have the best experience possible.

There are beach umbrellas, frisbee, beach ball and footballs available to play with while you are not in the water. A group of us even played cards with the instructors one day using a surfboard as a table.

Daily sunset yoga classes are available to stretch and relax you aching muscles – I’d highly recommend this. Going through a specific routine aimed at reducing your aches and improving your surf strength and balance is a great way to end the day.

Guide to Morocco surfing holidays: 10 best Moroccan surf spots Imsouane

Also Surf Berbere offers additional excursions and activities to local beauty spots, shopping in Agadir Souk or to surf beaches further away.

I did a day rip to Imsouane which was was a real highlight of this beginner surfing holiday in Morocco. Imsouane has a pretty harbour arm jutting out into a crescent shaped bay. This gives the perfect conditions for gentle waves up to 800m long. Plus, you can walk out around the bay saving energy by not having to paddle.

Conclusion: Learn to surf with Surf Berbere!

My beginner surf holiday in Taghazout, Morocco was everything I hoped for and more. It is a great location for surfing and a beautiful destination for a holiday.

Guide to Taghazout surfing holidays Tamri break image courtesy of Surf Berbere

The service and atmosphere created by the Surf Berbere team is wonderful. You will learn to surf and probably catch the surfing bug. The camp is like a home away from home for me and I made a whole group of new friends. We are meeting up soon to plan our next Surf Berbere holiday, and I can’t wait. Maybe I’ll meet you there!

For more information visit: www.surfberbere.com

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