Summer X-Games: Who’s taking extreme sport golds this year?

Jul 29, 2010 BY Mark Pawlak

The Summer X-Games in Los Angeles are on the way but who’s taking the extreme sport golds this year? If you don’t know: the X-Games are the extreme sports World Cup, Olympics, Cup final and Superbowl rolled into one!

BMX  flickr CC image by Tyler J. Bolken

Summer X-Games

This is where skate legend Tony Hawk first pulled off the legendary ‘900’ back in 1999 and BMX uber rider Dave Mirra somehow turned a double backflip in 2000.

We just sat in on a press conference with Tony Hawk and friends, and Sandro Dias, one of only a handful of skaters to land a 900 told us he did it at the X-Games the first time he hit the ramp, never even checked it out beforehand: X-Games is where things happen!

The organisers run Summer and Winter X-Games, with both packed to the rafters with international superstars of the extreme sports fraternity.

Who’s taking extreme sport golds this year?

Well, starting today you can expect to see Olympic gold medallists take on all comers in your favourite and most radical sports.

So to help you schedule it all in, here’s a breakdown of who’s up and what’s on. As for which stars are going to take gold, we’ll leave that for you to predict.

Date/TimeTime (UK)Event
Thurs 29/719:00 – 23:0002:00 – 05:00 (Fri)BMX Park/ Skateboard – EliminationMoto X Freestyle Round 1, Women’s Super X Final, Men’s Super X Final, Moto X Freestyle Final, Skateboard Big Air Final
Friday 30/719:00 – 23:0001:00 – 05:30 (Sat)Skateboard Park Elimination, Adaptive Super X Final, BMX Street Elimination, BMX Vert Final, Moto X Step Up Final, Skate Vert Final, Moto X Best Whip, Moto X Best Trick Final, Skateboard Vert Best Trick
Sat 31/719:00 – 23:5901:00 – 05:00 (Sun)05:00 – 18:00 (Sun)BMX Park Final, Rally Car Racing Seeding, Skateboard Street Final Rally Car Racing Elims, Quarters, Semis and Final, BMX Big Air Final, Super Rally Final Skateboard Big Air Rail Jam
Sunday 1/819:00 – 23:0001:00 – 05:00 (Mon)Skateboard Real Street, BMX Street Final Game of SKATE, Skateboard Big Air Rail Jam, Skateboard Park Final, Women’s Skate Street Final, Moto X Speed & Style Final

Check out the timetable and predict your champions, and most of all enjoy: this is our games, so let’s support it! You can catch it all on ESPN/ESPN2 and in 3D! But if you want it online, look out for the channel’s new online streaming player. And watch out for our Twitter updates: results as they come in!

We hope you enjoyed our summer X-Games preview. Who’s taking extreme sport golds this year? Your guess is as good as ours! Be sure to check out our adventure sport discounts to save yourself a fortune.

California, Los Angeles, North America, United States
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