Summer windsurfing in Europe: 11 best places for European windsurf holidays

Jul 04, 2019 BY AWE365 Team

Summer windsurfing in Europe can be idyllic, incredible and indecently expensive. So to avoid paying out for a flop, we’ve pulled together 11 of the best places for European windsurf holidays over the summer.

Summer windsurfing in Europe

Work got you down? Your local spot is flat and windless? Then you need to head to a summer windsurfing hotspot. Searching for European windsurf holidays can range anywhere from exciting to excruciating.

Best summer windsurfing in Europe Flickr Image by 169Clue in Fuerteventura

Some places get booked up many months in advance. Other spots see fickle summer conditions that are not reliable enough. What you want is a proper summer holiday destination, but with great windsurfing.

So in order to book the sweet deal you’re looking for you need to focus on a destination first. Base your holiday around where is good for windsurfing, and fulfils your off water needs and the rest will fall into place.

11 best places for European windsurf holidays

So here’s the top 11 spots for summer windsurfing in Europe. Get packing! And don’t forget to take your GHIC (Previously the EHIC – European Health Insurance Card) as you can get free healthcare in EU countries.

Leucate, France

On the Mediterranean coast Leucate and nearby Gruissan offer the best summer windsurfing in France. Located just north of Perpignan near the Spanish border and the Pyrenees mountains it’s a beautiful location.

Summer windsurfing in Europe: Leucate in France one of the 11 best places for European windsurf holidays Flickr image by  Leucate Mediterranee

There are strong and reliable Tramontane winds with both coastal windsurfing and large sheltered lagoons with waist deep water. Each year the Défi Wind Race in Gruissan and the Mondial du Vent Festival, in Leucate attract thousands of windsurfing enthusiasts.

Rhodes, Greece

The Greek island is notable for its scenery, beaches, and uncommon amounts of sunlight – it is sunny 90% of the time. The summer months, especially July and August, see plenty of wind and waves.

Gentle in the mornings and increasing as the day progresses, the conditions are suitable for all levels of windsurfer. Easily one of the best places for European windsurf holidays.

Lefkada, Greece

Lefkada is a peninsula on Greece’s west coast, in the Ionian Sea and is connected to the mainland by a narrow causeway. The tiny town of Vassiliki has become a hotbed for windsurfers with some of the best summer windsurfing in Europe.

Vassiliki one of the top 5 freeride windsurf spots Best windsurfing holidays for all image of Tez Plavenieks by Edge Productions

The winds shift direction and strengthen through the day, meaning it’s a spot that suits everyone from beginner to expert. The morning wind is fairly light on-shore, while the afternoons see strong cross-shore conditions loved by freestylers.

Lemnos, Greece

If you want to visit Greece but without the tourist crowds then the stunning island of Lemnos (also spelt Limnos) is an option. Expect beautiful beaches, traditional villages and plenty of wind.

Keros Bay offers flat water, chop and waves all at the same beach. From June until September the wind is reliable from morning until late afternoon.

Sicily, Italy

A romantic Mediterranean destination for connoisseurs of food and wine. But Sicily also boasts some top-notch windsurfing spots.

Summer windsurfing in Europe Wikicommons CC image of Paweł Tarnowski in Mondello, Sicily in June 2015 by Paweł Paterek

Puzziteddu on the southwest corner of the islands sees strong northwest wind flow in late summer. Mondello, in the north west near Palermo is also very popular. Plenty of swell energy reaches Sicily which is perfect for boosting aerials and improving your skill.

Lake Garda, Italy

One of the lakes near Milan, Garda benefits from thermal winds. They are caused by temperature difference between the Alps and the lower valleys during the summer months.

The mornings see southerly wind flow which dies off and reverses direction by midday. Shops, restaurants, museums, and historic sites in Milan all offer distractions off the water. One drawback the waves don’t get much larger than a ripple.

Brac, Croatia

Bol on the south coast of the Island of Brac in the Croatian Adriatic has ideal wind and wave conditions. Furthermore, the nearby Zlatni Rat beach is renowned as one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean.

11 best places for European windsurf holidays wikicommons CC image of Murvica windSurfer, Brac in Croatia by Kelovy

Less experienced windsurfers should hit the water in the morning when the mild Levant is blowing. Later the wind shifts direction to a stronger Maestral suited to more experienced windsurfers.

Sagres, Portugal

In the far western tip of the Algarve you’ll find Sagres. There are stunning beaches facing different directions meaning whichever way the wind blows you can get out on the water. There is also a well known international windsurf centre in Sagres.

It is a great destination for flat water windsurfing and known as a freestyle Mecca. However, the other side of the peninsula is facing the Atlantic with excellent wave windsurfing.

Tarifa, Spain

At the southern tip of Spain lies the beautiful town of Tarifa. You can stand on the beach here with one foot in the Atlantic and the other in the Mediterranean.

Best summer windsurfing in Europe Flickr image by by luis jimenez

Add Moorish culture mixed with Andalusian style for an unforgettable destination. Oh and did we mention that Tarifa is also known as the wind capital of Europe.?

The narrow strait between the landmasses of Europe and Africa accelerate gusts like a wind tunnel. Winds are stronger in the winter but easily strong enough to windsurf year round.

Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

OK so these Spanish isles are off the coast of Africa. But for the purpose of this article they are one of the best places for European windsurf holidays.

Now the Canaries are significant tourist magnets, but for good reason. Although much warmer than mainland Europe in the winter, come summer their climate is less stifling due to the Atlantic trade finds that buffer the archipelago.

11 best places for European windsurf holidays Flickr CC image from sotavento Fuerteventura by dirkvorderstrasse

Oh, and the windsurfing? World class. Fuerteventura has ideal conditions year-round in both Corralejo and Sotavento. Add restaurants and nightlife to your visit and you’ll be planning next year’s trip before you leave.

Tenerife, Canary Islands

If anything Tenerife is more touristy than Fuerteventura. But if you stay away from Los Americas and Los Cristianos it is a lovely destination.

The best spot for windsurfing is El Medano. Conditions are good year round with reliable winds and regular swells. There is flat water, wave riding plus bump and jump available in the area. Read our full guide to El Medano windsurfing for more info.

We hope this guide to the best places for summer windsurfing in Europe has helped you decide where to go. Be sure to check out our windsurfing discounts as you could save a fortune on your next trip.


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