Summer Alps adventure holidays in Italy: 17 best activities in Aosta Valley

Jun 03, 2019 BY Luke Rees

Looking for a different holiday full of fun activities? Well summer Alps adventure holidays in Italy might be the answer. The best activities in Aosta Valley range from biking to hiking, kayaking to climbing and much more.

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Summer Alps adventure holidays in Italy

Bordering both France and Switzerland the Aosta Valley is located in the northwest corner of Italy. It is easily reached from Turin, Milan or Geneva airport, plus there are good bus and rail links.

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They say variety is the spice of life, and in Aosta you could do something different every day for a few weeks. In fact, you may be surprised how many different adventures are possible in the area during the summer season.

With a combination of summer sun, stunning scenery and steep terrain it is the perfect multi activity holiday destination. At higher altitudes, the lower temperatures even mean there is still snow to play in throughout the summer.

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17 best activities in Aosta Valley

With so much to choose from it was tough narrowing this down. But we feel these are the best activities in Aosta Valley.

Road Cycling

Get on your bike and discover the Aosta on two wheels. Popular road rides include the circuit through Avise and the Salassi road before returning, plus the Courmayeur and Place Moulin routes. You can even cycle up to the glacier at Ollomont. The St Bernard Pass and Pont St Martin are also worth checking out.

Mountain Biking

Downhill, freeride, cross country or enduro – the choice is yours in the Aosta Valley. There are five bike parks in the region with downhill trails to suit all levels. The ski chairlifts will whisk you up the mountains saving your energy for the downhills.

MTB one of the best activities in aosta Valley copyright VALLE D'AOSTA Mountain bike Cervinia (foto Nicolò Venturin Chabloz)-7948

There is also a big choice of single track to explore in the region. The Gran San Bernardo Valley and the Grand Tour around the Cime Bianche are the most famous. These are more for experienced riders as the going can get tough at times. Easier routes are available around Epinel and Grand Paradiso Park.

Trekking, Hiking and Walking

There are over 5,000km of trails in Aosta. So you can enjoy a short stroll, a day-long hike or multi-day treks in some of the most beautiful terrain on the planet.

The Aosta Valley is littered with mountain huts where you can stay for a night. They are open throughout the season but you may need to book or obtain a key, so check them out before you set off up the mountain.

Summer Alps adventure holidays in Italy Copyright VALLE D'AOSTA-Hiking Cervino (foto Enrico Romanzi)-4731

Take on the Cervino Valley Refuge Tour or opt for a more laid back trail in the form on the Fontina Cheese Tour. There’s even a gourmet trekking option that lets you combine your adventure with some sumptuous cuisine. And why not? You’ll have earned it after taking on one of the more tiring summer Alps adventure holidays in Italy.

If you prefer to base yourself in one location there are plenty of day hikes to choose from ranging from a few hours to full day routes. Also by walking in the valley, or by using chairlifts, there are a lot of easy walks to take on.


Climbing is one of the best activities in Aosta Valley with more than 30 spots to choose from. There is a good choice of both natural and artificial climbing options available for all levels of climber.

Summer Alps adventure holidays in Italy Copyright VALLE D'AOSTA Climbing at palestra roccia

Natural rock climbing can be found at La Gruviera with its furrowed cracks and large aretes. The Paretone offers a long sloping route and Ozein is a fun rocky outcrop in the forest. You can build confidence and skill at the indoor climbing centre in the valley plus at the Climbing Antey facility.

Via Ferrata

If you are not a climber but want to experience the thrill of climbing a crag then Via Ferrata may be for you. Using iron steps and cables, to which you are always attached, you can get involved with minimal risk. The best via ferratas can be found at Crete Seche and Monte Emilius but there are 18 to choose from.


Easily one of the best Aosta Valley activities, mountaineering lets you take advantage of some of the highest mountains in Europe. Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa, Gran Paradiso and the Matterhorn can all be climbed from Aosta. With plenty of peaks to choose from there are a range of mountaineering options for all levels.

VALLE D'AOSTA-Mountaineering sul Monte Rosa (Società Guide Gressoney-Monte Rosa)-4735

Rafting and Kayaking

With large snow melt during spring and summer, the foamy mountain streams become rampaging torrents that are perfect for kayaking and rafting. The Dora Baltea River an its tributaries have some of the best rapids in the Alps, guided rafting and kayak trips run between May and October.


If you prefer to be in the water yourself then try your hand at Hydrospeeding. Using an open board you can bodysurf your way down rivers and through rapids. It’s well worth having a go during your summer Alps adventure holidays in Italy.

Summer Skiing and Snowboarding

As we mentioned, not all the snow disappears during the summer season and at higher altitudes there is still enough left to enjoy some summer skiing or snowboarding.

skiing and snowboarding one of the best activities in Aosta Valley in the summer Copyright VALLE D'AOSTA

From Breuil-Cervinia, you can ski on the Plateau Rose glacier in Switzerland. At 3500m even during July and August there is still snow.

There are around 25km of terrain available with alpine skiing, slaloms, giant skiing, downhill and SuperG. Plus the Gravity snowpark which has features suited to all levels of freestyler. No wonder that so many of the world cup teams can be found here training here during the summer.


Of course, not all adventures need to take place on the ground. Imagine taking to the air and flying high above the legendary peaks of Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn.

Paragliding one of the best activities in Aosta Valley in the summer Copyright VALLE D'AOSTA

Paragliding is very popular and you can take a course to learn how to fly solo or do a tandem flight. Much of the paragliding activity takes place around the Antey-Saint-Andre municipality.


Back firmly on the ground, or in the water as may be the case, canyoning is another of the best activities in Aosta Valley. Make your way down steep mountain streams enclosed by high rocky walls.

You’ll need to jump off waterfalls, slide down chutes and swim through deeper sections to make your way through the canyon during this invigorating adventure.

Horse Riding

Horse riding during Summer Alps adventure holidays in Italy Copyright VALLE D'AOSTA

Climb on a horse and explore the valley. Horse riding is one of the best ways of experiencing nature without disturbing it too much. There are more than 15 specialist equestrian centres in the valley offering lessons, short rides, day trips and holidays.


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This might not seem like the most adventurous activity, but this is not just fishing by the canal on a Sunday morning. This is hiking and scrambling up to mountain lakes and pristine rivers with more than 25 documented spots.

You’ll be surprised at the variety of fishing available with everything from rainbow and brown trout, to catfish and carp. The Dora Baltea runs along the central valley with tributaries on either side offering some truly stunning and secluded fishing spots.

Summer Alps adventure holidays in Italy Copyright VALLE D'AOSTA-Rafting cascata 2

These are 17 of the best Aosta Valley activities to try during summer Alps adventure holidays in Italy. During your stay you can combine as much fun and excitement as you can handle. Alternatively take a few days to relax in local spas and simply enjoy the majestic scenery.

And, of course, in winter there’s a whole new set of adventures to discover.

To find out more about the Aosta Valley visit:


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