Strikes, delays and baggage charges: Do we have to fly anyway?

Sep 28, 2019 BY AWE365 Team

Are strikes, delays and baggage charges making you reconsider taking an adventure sports holiday? We ask the question ‘do we have to fly anyway?’

Strikes, delays and baggage charges: Do we have to fly anyway?Norwegian Air flight Gatwick to Bergen

Strikes, delays and baggage charges

News that British Airways and Ryanair staff could strike again is bad for travellers. As are delays and major travel disruptions caused by companies such as Thomas Cook going out of business.

We all have sympathy for workers losing jobs – life isn’t easy for most of us at the moment. But when strikes and other disruptions affect our precious adventure getaway, patience wears thin, quickly.

For the intrepid adventure sports fanatic air travel has never been easy. Try checking in two windsurf boards and three sails, as well as a rucksack. And no, no matter how hard you try, that 7ft polished wave cutter is not fitting in the overhead locker.

Best ski resorts by train in the Alps Voyages SNCF TGV Lyria-Neiges

The cost of transporting sports gear often costs more than the actual flight. Take a surfboard, snowboard or bike with any low cost airline and you will add more than £70 to the flight cost. So with strikes, delays and baggage charges increasing what can we do?

Do we have to fly anyway?

If you are crossing only a couple of borders to reach your slope, shore or seabed, then there are other options.

First up: Road trip

Great if you have a van or car with plenty of pace. Fantastic with a couple of friends – check out this snowboarding road-trip in the Alps.

Strikes, delays and baggage charges: Do we have to fly anyway? Road trip in the Pyrenees

Lovely if you have time for a leisurely potter around the French coast. Terrible if your family prefers its creature comforts and your kids ask ‘are we there yet’ every five minutes.

OK, next option: Rail trip

Nice idea if your sporting equipment is not too bulky. From experience a ski or snowboard bag is just about manageable – and there are plenty of ski resorts you can reach by train.

But anything bigger and all those changes and cramped corridors could dull the experience before it has begun.

Finally: Coach trip

As daft as it sounds, it is feasible. Much more eco-friendly than driving on your own and rarely any baggage charges – but check beforehand.

Review of Eurolines coach travel for a snowboarding holiday Flickr image by Sludge G

There is a little effort involved. But as this review of Eurolines coach travel for a snowboard holiday shows it’s not as bad as you think.

Flight or other travel: Conclusion

For long haul, there are no practical alternatives – unless you have a lot of time to play with. For short haul, well, you have a few options. As for strikes, delays and baggage charges, like the wind and the waves, they are beyond our control.

To help keep costs under control check out our adventure holiday discounts.


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