St Tropez wakeboarding holidays in the South of France

Jun 21, 2013 BY AWE365 Team

Over the last decade or so wakeboarding has become a very popular sport and has aspirations to to attain Olympic status. It is extremely athletic requiring gymnastic skills and good body management plus bravery, skill and determination. If you are just starting out or want to hone your wakeboarding skills then St Tropez wakeboarding holidays in the South of France with Adventure St Tropez could be just the ticket.

St Tropez wakeboarding holidays in the South of France

Wakeboarding is very similar to snowboarding, in that once you are up and riding behind a boat the skills needed are much the same. Use of the board edges and body position relative to the boat and water leads to spins, turns, inverts and various spectacular moves. The team at Adventure St Tropez will be there to help you learn with BWKF wakeboard coaches and a boat driver who is equally sympathetic and experienced.

St Tropez wakeboarding holidays in the South of FranceLearning to wakeboard is much easier if the water is warm, the environment fun and conditions ideal and this is what you will get from a St Tropez wakeboarding holiday. The conditions, coaches and driver all help but the most important element is you. Come with a smile on your face and an enthusiasm to learn and if you don’t let the odd faceplant put you off you will advance very quickly.

At Adventure St Tropez we also offer wakesurfing which has become very popular in recent years. Wakesurfing is very similar to wakeboarding but behind a boat with a big wake creating a wave suitable for surfing. Once you are up the line becomes less important and you will be able to feel the sensation of surfing. The moves are more fluid and dependent on balancing on the board and reacting with the wave beneath you rather than on line tension.

Adventure St Tropez are a British company with experienced BWKF wakeboard instructors offering tuition in both wakesurfing and wakeboarding. We are based in the Gulf of St Tropez 2 miles from St Tropez harbour, so sunshine and warm water and lively fun night life are all part of the package.

We can also include kayaking, sailing, snorkelling, jet skiing, mountain biking, coasteering and coastal safaris in our St Tropez wakeboarding holidays. We have a typical week but no two weeks are never the same as we provide the most suitable activities for the weather conditions meaning we have never lost a day to the weather.

St Tropez coasteering holidays in the South of France

Included in your holiday is an optional evening social programme. Evening entertainment includes a night boat trip to Port Grimaud to have dinner and listen to bands, trips into St Tropez, barbeques and eating out at some of the best and most reasonable priced restaurants on our marina.

Night Life in St Tropez is very chic and great fun, the atmosphere is always light hearted with a great ‘ joie de vivre’ which is hard to equal. St Tropez wakeboarding holidays in the South of France will deliver exciting days and lively nights as St Tropez is quite simply the place to be.

You can find out more here: or contact Adventure St Tropez on +44 (0) 1736 761 838 or +33 (0) 674 747 257. Please mention AWE365 to be sure to get the best rates.

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