St Martin kitesurfing holidays guide: Laid back Caribbean kiting

Aug 30, 2017 BY AWE365 Team

Perhaps one of the lesser known Caribbean islands, St Martin is nevertheless a stunning place for kitesurfers to discover. The relaxed lifestyle and incredibly positive attitude of the locals is infectious, and wind is rarely a problem. This means St Martin kitesurfing holidays offer some of the most laid back Caribbean kiting.

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St Martin kitesurfing holidays guide

There is an incredible variety of spots to discover. Huge crystal lagoons and big waves are the extremes, with most other kinds of riding in between. From beginners to experts, everyone can have some fun in the waters around St Martin.

The season is similar to that in the rest of the Caribbean, with November to July being the best time to go. Locals will tell you that on St Martin, December and January are the best months to go, with winds being very big and powerful, almost without fail.

As well as St Martin kitesurfing holidays, the island is also becoming a hotspot for surfers, with the waves on the northerly swell being very popular. It’s also a party island, with a big reputation for fun that’s unusual for such a small island. There is a big diversity of people here too, with riders and surfers having come from all over the world to check it out.

St Martin’s relatively central location makes it a convenient and affordable place to get to. That’s just another reason why St Martin kitesurfing holidays are highly recommended. This Caribbean gem may not have the same standing as some of the other bigger islands, but that all adds to its charm.

Laid back Caribbean kiting

Choose St Martin as your kitesurfing destination and you really won’t regret it. In fact, we’re sure you’ll be very glad you decided to take a chance on a lesser known destination, particularly if you are looking for laid back Caribbean kiting.

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