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Oct 17, 2013 BY AWE365 Team

Sri Lanka has long been a destination for overlanding and it is beginning to become popular against after the 26 year civil war against the Tamil Tigers finished in 2009. Sri Lanka overland trips offers some of the best jungle tracks in the world.

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For overlanding in Sri Lanka a 4×4 culture with many hiring facilities on the island make it very easy. The best place to start is typically the capital, Colombo, where international flights land and many SUV are available to hire. While it’s possible to use other vehicles to explore, many of Sri Lanka’s roads are pot holed so a 4×4 is recommended particularly if going off road.

The civil war left much of Sri Lanka’s road system beyond the reach of tourists, and many are only now starting to open up again. It’s important to check if your route is available before setting off to avoid hitting into government road blocks. Generally as long as you avoid the North East of the island you should be fine.

Sri Lanka is a country of contrasts from coastal regions with beaches and fishing to dense jungle and vast hilly tea plantations. Many of the roads will take in all these forms of scenery in roads in various conditions. Given that the island is quite small and the island is covered in an extensive road network so you’ll have no problems finding a route to take in the sites you wish to see on a 2 week holiday.

Sri Lanka surfing holiday

Be sure to some time to enjoy relaxing on the beach and take in some of the other adventures available in Sri Lanka. For example, there is great wakeboarding and waterskiing in Negombo. There is good SUP and kayaking all around the coastline and on inland waterways. Also at a few points around the island you can surf, kitesurf and windsurf.

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