Sri Lanka SUP holidays in Negombo: Paddleboard, wake & waterski

Nov 01, 2018 BY Luke Rees

Looking to discover a dream spot to try the fastest growing water sport in the world? Then check out Sri Lanka SUP holidays in Negombo. A beautiful water sports destination in easy reach of Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo that also offers wakeboarding and water skiing.

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This is your chance to discover Sri Lanka and try paddle boarding, complete with stunning views, warm crystal-clear waters and white sandy beaches. And all within easy reach of the international airport, so travel time is kept to a minimum.

Sri Lanka SUP holidays in Negombo

Discover a Dreamspot logoStand up paddle boarding, commonly known as SUP, is a fun and relaxing activity it for all the family. Essentially, if you can stand up and paddle then you can give it a go (hence the catchy name).

What makes the difference with SUP is where you choose to do it. SUP holidays in Negombo give you the chance to spend some fun time on the water set against some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Launch from the private jetty, paddle through crystal clear waters along the river and explore the Negombo region.

The boards are big and buoyant, which means that as well as exploring the area on a long distance paddle, you can also use them for fishing or yoga. There are guides on hand to show you the ropes who also lead expeditions, or you can simply head out under your own steam for a gentle paddle at sunrise or sunset.

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While it is undoubtedly a relaxing activity, you can also push yourself to go faster or go on longer excursions for endurance. The action of standing and paddling is great for your core and balance, which is why it’s a favourite of surfers and windsurfers looking to build strength.

All the required equipment is at one site, with selected top brands available. And everything is maintained in top condition. Or you can also bring your own on your Sri Lanka SUP holidays in Negombo if you prefer.

The accommodation

You’ll stay in the specially designed Kumudu Villas – The waterski getaway. There are two beautiful properties that have been built right on the water, with everything a water sports enthusiast could want.

These unique private villas come with everything you need to enjoy long days on the water. They were even designed to give you the perfect view out over the slalom course so you can watch friends and family having fun on the water.

A nine-metre, foldable glass door looks out over the water, so you’ll always feel connected. Sit inside or out and watch the action or drift off to the sights and smells of the neighbouring jungle.

In the middle of the two villas there is a swimming pool and bubbling water lounge for up to four people. Jump in and let the bubbles soothe your aching muscles. And when you’re suitably refreshed, grab your board, kite or skis and make the five metre walk from the terrace down to the jetty.

In addition to Kumudu Villas, there is also the Kumudu Valley Resort. Located directly in front of the Ging Oya River you still get great views of the slalom course, the only waterski slalom course in Sri Lanka.

20 spacious chalets surround a tropical garden. Each comes with a range of luxury features such as air conditioning, 24-hour room service and satellite TVs (not that you’ll have too much time for watching it).

Sri Lanka SUP holidays in Negombo Image courtesy of Discover a dream spot

The resort also comes with a hotel owned boat for excursions along the river to see wildlife. And after an exhilarating day, head down to the waterfront restaurant to sample some local seafood, freshly caught that day, or choose from a range Sri Lankan or Western dishes.

Many other activities

SUP is a new addition to the Negombo experience. The core of their activities revolves around the superb water ski and wakeboarding facilities.

Water skiers and wakeboarders will love the slalom, freestyle and barefoot opportunities. From beginner to expert, young or old, singles, couples and families, the camp caters for everyone.

It’s the only slalom course in Sri Lanka, protected from wind and waves by the natural environment and with great conditions all day. And there aren’t many places in the world where you get flat river water, ocean waves and luxury villas all in one spot.

Sri Lanka SUP holidays in Negombo wakeboarding Image courtesy of Discover a dreamspot

The Infinity ZX1 fitted with a flite pipe and GPS cruise control system is the ultimate slalom boat for skiers and wakeboarders. There is low wake at any speed and incredible acceleration, so it’s great for both beginners and pros.

Plus, there are coaches on hand to help you build confidence and work on your technique. They can create an individual training plan, or if you’d rather just get straight into it and learn on the water, that’s fine too.

Coaching starts at 9am and runs through until 4pm every day. And in the afternoons, the wind gets up a little and there are suitable conditions for windsurfing or kitesurfing out on the water – both the river and ocean.

If all that wasn’t enough, there are also kayaks and canoes you can borrow during Sri Lanka SUP holidays. So you can head out to explore more of the Negombo coastline and Ging Oya River.

Sri Lanka SUP holidays in Negombo Image courtesy of Discover a dream spot

Discover a Dreamspot…

In the evenings, head out along the Beach Road for a couple of drinks in one of the popular bars and restaurants in Negombo. You might not get the all-night parties of some other destinations but things do get lively at weekends. Plus, fewer people in the bars at night means more space on the water during the day.

Discover a Dreamspot logoA dream SUP spot with flat water, beautiful beach, luxury villas and crystal-clear waters all just metres away, make Sri Lanka SUP holidays in Negombo the perfect destination. Conditions are usually excellent, with the mangroves and palm trees preventing a back wash and wind waves. So, you can paddle, ski, wake or kite whenever the mood takes you.

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