Spanish surfing holidays: 10 best surf camps in Spain

Nov 07, 2016 BY Paul McWilliams

Good weather, great food and excellent surf means Spanish surfing holidays are some of the most popular in Europe for both beginner and experienced surfers. With so many to choose from, what are the best surf camps in Spain?

Spanish surfing holidays 10 best surf camps in Spain Image courtesy of Star Surf Camps in Fuerteventura

Spanish surfing holidays

There’s a huge choice of breaks for all ability levels in the Galicia, Cantabria and Basque regions in north Spain. Expect great hospitality with refined Spanish style and lots of culture. This Northern Atlantic coast has world famous surf spots that attract everyone from beginners to pros.

People often forget that between Portugal and the Straits of Gibraltar,  southern Spain also has a patch of Atlantic coastline. Here the swell is not as strong as in the north, but there is a lot of wind and reliable waves. The weather is better and the region more touristy.

Throw in the Canary Islands too and you’re spoiled for choice on Spanish surfing holidays. The Canaries are located off the west of Africa on the edge of the tropics so you can guarantee good weather all year. The Atlantic swells come all the way from South America bring plenty of good surf.

Spanish surfing holidays 10 best surf camps in Spain Image courtesy of Art Surf Camp in Razo

10 of the best surf camps in Spain

At most spots you’ll find one or more top surf camps offering lessons, rentals and general good vibes. But to help you narrow down your options, we’ve picked ten of the best surf camps in Spain.

Razo: Art Surf Camp

Located on the rugged coastline of Spain’s Galicia region, Razo Beach is one of the best surf spots in the country. This part of Northern Spain is battered by the vast Atlantic, with huge swells creating some of the biggest waves in Europe.

Spanish surfing holidays 10 best surf camps in Spain Image courtesy of Art Surf Camp in Razo

Founded here in 2004, Art Surf Camp utilises these stunning natural conditions, adding a relaxed surf school environment. With top tuition from Pablo Rodriguez and Manuel Alonso, and superb facilities, this is easily one of the 10 best surf camps in Spain.

The surf house is right on the beach, with locker rooms and hot showers. And even though the waves can get big, there’s surfing suitable for all levels. To book with Art Surf Camp in Razo email: [email protected], call (+34) 638 123 496 or visit their website:


Sitting on Spain’s northern coast in the enigmatic Basque region, Bakio is just a stone’s throw from Bilbao. It’s home of the legendary Mundaka wave, and numerous other world class spots.

All around you the brilliant green coastline and reliable surf of Bakio beach make this a top spot for surfers of all levels. Check out Nomad Surfers if you want to find out more about surf camps at Bakio.


Another of the top Basque Spanish surfing holidays, this is the largest beach on the north Atlantic Coast. Expect big and beautiful waves, plenty of sunshine and a green landscape all around. Plus, the food is incredible here.

Zarautz image courtesy of Good People Surf camp

The Good People Surf Camp is located just a short walk from the beach and offers lessons for surfers of all abilities.

Zurriola (San Sebastian)

This urban beach is located in the city of San Sebastian, with good quality waves breaking along the beach. The best waves come in small and medium swells from the north and northwest.

Each year they host a WQS contest here, and Urban Surf San Sebastian is right on hand to provide quality Spanish surfing holidays.


Somo image courtesy of Latas Surf School

A four-mile stretch of sand backed by a laid back village atmosphere, this Cantabrian surf spot is a popular camp destination. With big and reliable waves coming in off the Atlantic, you’re almost guaranteed surf here.

The Latas Surfhouse gives you the best access to the beach, with teaching available for all levels.


Just along the coast in the Cantabria region of Spain is Noja. It’s a popular summer resort that’s home to El Brusco, one of the best waves in the country. Perhaps best suited to intermediate and advanced surfers, the beach is picturesque and hidden.

Noja image courtesy of Escuela de Surf Ris

The Escuela de Surf Ris offers top surf instruction and rentals, with some especially good advanced classes and tuition.

Costa de Luz

Found in the southern region of Andalusia where Spain’s Arabic and European heritage clash, this coastline is stunning. The waves may not be as big as the north but there’s plenty for beginners and intermediate surfers to love.

The El Palmar Surf camp offers lessons and accommodation in the surf houses on the coast.

Costa de Luz image courtesy of El Palmar Surf Camps


Perhaps better known as one of the world’s best kitesurfing destination there are still plenty of waves here for traditional surfers. When the wind and swells get up there’s top surfing, with stunning views of Morocco in the background.

Hopupu Surf Club knows the area well and will move up and down the coast to find the optimum conditions for your ability making this one of the best surf camps in Spain..


This Canary Island is well known for its surf breaks, with plenty to choose from all over the island. Check out the big Bubble or the long Los Lobos for some serious surfing. But there are some mellow waves for the beginners out there.

Fuerteventura image courtesy of Star Surf Camps

Star Surf Camps offer a real surf island adventure with beachfront accommodation and access to more than 30 surf spots. Definitely one of the best surf camps in Spain.


Another of the best Canary Islands for surfing, this is home to the famous El Quemao (which looks exactly like a pipe). The surf is mostly on the north coast of the island,which is a little more remote.

Check out Calima Surf for the inside track on all the best surf spots and top tuition from instructors. With access to loads of beaches, you can pick and choose your waves.

Spanish surfing holidays 10 best surf camps in Spain Image courtesy of Calima Surf School in Lanzarote

Any of the above 10 best surf camps in Spain will give you a great base for unforgettable Spanish surfing holidays. Check them out to find out more.

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