Why the Southern French Alps has the best ice climbing in France

Jun 18, 2013 BY AWE365 Team

In the Southern French Alps, there is some of the best ice climbing in France. You don’t need to be an expert to climb here as there are waterfalls, ridges and gullies for all levels. It is the unique topography of the region that gives rise to a huge number of diverse waterfalls ranging from gentle gullies for beginners to long steep technical routes for experts.

Ice Climbing in France - The Southern French Alps

So whether you are a total beginner wanting your first taste of ice climbing or a seasoned climber wanting a winter challenge there is ice climbing waiting for you in the Southern French Alps.

Undiscovered Alps have put together two ice climbing trips that individuals can join. One is over a long weekend and the other for a full week of ice climbing in France within the Southern French Alps. If you are a beginner and worried that ice climbing is not for you read Jerry’s account of his first ice climbing adventure which was run by Undiscovered Alps. It gives you a great personal perspective on the feeling of achievement that ice climbing brings.

Ice Climbing in France - The Southern French Alps

The transient nature of frozen waterfalls, freezing, thawing and re-freezing make ice climbing a unique sport. Every ice fall can change on an hourly basis, providing new challenges, different ice conditions and of course different risks! You can climb the same ice fall 20 times and have a new experience each time.

As such, ice climbing can be a very dangerous sport and it is important to understand the behaviour of different types of ice. Undiscovered Mountains only use UIAGM qualified high mountain guides with excellent local knowledge and experience who are passionate about ice climbing to lead their France ice climbing trips.

Ice Climbing in France - The Southern French Alps

You don’t need to have had any previous ice climbing experience but you will need a good level of fitness, a head for heights and a positive attitude! Rock climbing and mountaineering experience is an advantage but not a prerequisite and both trips are easily adaptable to accommodate people with different levels of experience.

Undiscovered Alps can also provide private courses and trips for climbers who want to explore this fantastic area with one of our local UIAGM guides. After beginner level the guide ratio for ice climbing is 1:2.

If you would like them to put together a trip for you, please contact Sally on +44 (0)345 009 8401 or [email protected]

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