Snowboarding journalist: Luke Rees freelance snowboard writer

It took about 30 seconds for snowboarding to change my life, and a week to convince me to quit my job and moved to Whistler. I was hooked from my first slide – it felt so right – even the face plant that followed couldn’t stop me smiling. I never expected to become a snowboarding journalist, but fast forward a decade and I am a freelance snowboard writer getting paid to do what I love.

Snowboarding journalist: Luke Rees freelance snowboard writer Rock drop in Portes du Soleil photo by Numero97 Thomas Humpage Photography

Snowboarding journalist

I mainly write for but have written for other publications such as InTheSnow, Family Traveller Magazine and Love the Mountains. As a freelance snowboard writer I have also written for a range of companies, including Pathron Snowboards, Crystal Ski, Snowbusters and Raven Snowboards.

My style is my own. Less shred talk than snowboard mags such as Whitelines and Onboard – RIP – but less serious than typical ski journalism. I like to write for the majority of snowboarders who love the sport but whose life does not revolve around it. By focussing on the snowboarding and making articles light hearted I aim to deliver an enjoyable read that is laden with useful information.

Of course when writing for external clients I spend time adapting my style to meet their needs. For example Crystal Ski had very strict guidelines to adhere to, whereas Snowbusters asked for the copy to be ‘punk’ style. Both clients – and many others – have been very happy with the results:

Snowboarding journalist: Luke Rees freelance snowboard writer in Sapporo Kokusai Photo by Antti Hentinen

Gemma Moret, Head of Customer Proposition for TUI (Crystal Ski)

We were happy with the content service thanks! John (Content Executive Crystal Ski) and I both found you really easy to deal with and felt that you turned a lot of copy around in quite a short amount of time and it was to the spec that we’d set.

Sue Freeman, Ski-Write

Luke is as enthusiastic a writer as he is a snowboarder and his passion for both is evident in his copy. He is conscientious, diligent and adheres to the brief, the word count and the deadline.

Freelance snowboard writer

Here are some reasons to choose me to write your next copy (I apologize in advance for the cheesy date references):

How I became a snowboard writer and adventure travel journalist

  1. Cheap date: My rates as a freelance snowboard writer are very reasonable.
  2. Been around the block: I have done a season and been riding for more than 15 years.
  3. Go Dutch: I am not precious about style and happy to share the creative process with you.
  4. Not fussy: I will ride anything, anywhere. Off-piste on a freeride adventure, freestyling in the park or blasting around the piste I am happy as long as I am on the snow.
  5. I have no ‘type’: I don’t judge based on name, brand or preconceptions. My views are my own and I base them on my experiences.

I am happily married, so unfortunately not available for dates. However, I am available as a freelance snowboard writer.

So whether you want someone to write about your resort, gear, holidays, tuition or pet squirrel I can help. Likewise, if you are a publication looking for a snowboarding journalist I can help fill your pages with a sideways slant.

Japan snowboard holiday in Hokkaido Photo by Antti Hentinen

To discuss any projects drop me an email at [email protected] or complete the form below:

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