Why singles learn to sail holidays are more popular than ever

Jul 17, 2015 BY Paul McWilliams

Learning to sail is an activity that just seems to call certain people. Whether it’s the lure of freedom or the desire to explore parts of countries that other visitors can’t reach – sailing offers many magical experiences. All of which is why singles learn to sail holidays are more popular than ever.

Why singles learn to sail holidays are more popular than ever image courtesy of Activity yachting

Activity Yachting run singles sailing holidays along Croatia’s beautiful Dalmatian coastline. Their trips run from April to October with prices starting from just £330/€395 for a week, excluding flights. At that price, it’s a pretty great incentive to try singles learn to sail holidays but just in case that’s not enough, here are five more reasons to book yourself onto a course.

You’re never too old to learn something new

Activity Yachting LogoIf you have any prior experience of sailing or even if you’re just a fast learner, it is possible to train towards your International Certificate of Competence (ICC) while on holiday. This will give you a basic skipper qualification that means you can charter your own yachts in the future. Singles learn to sail holidays in Croatia are the perfect way of pushing yourself to learn new skills while having a great time doing it.

Be part of a crew on singles learn to sail holidays

As you might imagine, life on board is cosy and intimate, which makes it a perfect place to meet likeminded people who are sharing your experiences. As well as making new friends on board your own boat, you’ll also be sailing as part of a larger flotilla, which is great for safety and social reasons. At night you’ll all drop anchor together, head ashore and enjoy a meal and a great night. So, why not come and be part of the crew – in every sense of the word.

Why singles learn to sail holidays are more popular than ever image courtesy of Activity yachting

No singles stigma attached

Being part of a crew makes you part of a team so it’s not like you’ll be going on holiday on your own. Sailing on a yacht is all about communal experiences where each person has a role to play to keep the yacht sailing. By the end of your stay you’ll be like family.

Experience a different kind of holiday

Singles learn to sail holidays in Croatia let you develop new skills, reach beautiful parts that other tourists will never see, and still take in all the usual sights and good weather. So you still get all the benefits of your usual getaway, only with a whole lot more fun thrown in for good measure.

Why singles learn to sail holidays are more popular than ever image courtesy of Activity yachting

Much more than lying on a beach

Lying on a beach or by the pool has its place in the holiday pantheon. We all like a bit of time off to do nothing but, let’s face it, we’ve done it all before and it soon gets boring. Being active, pushing yourself to discover new skills and getting a useful ICC qualification out of your break is a much more productive way of spending your precious time off.

Activity Yachting LogoActivity Yachting’s Croatia sailing courses are a great chance to work towards your ICC skipper qualification, combined with the teamwork and bonding experience of a flotilla. These kinds of singles sailing holidays are more popular than ever before, and it’s easy to see why.

If you would like to find out more about singles learn to sail holidays check out Activity Yachting’s website: www.activityyachting.com or give them a call on +44 (0)1243 641304.

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