Sella rock climbing holidays in Costa Blanca: Climb the best crags in Spain

Jul 11, 2019 BY Paul McWilliams

Looking to climb the best crags in Spain? Then you should consider Sella rock climbing holidays in Costa Blanca.

During the summer, the Costa Blanca is associated with package holidays. However, throughout the rest of the year the area is home to another kind of tourist – climbers.

Want to climb the best crags in Spain?

Rock climbing holidays in Costa Blanca make the most of the stunning natural surroundings. The limestone cliffs are home to some of the best crags in Spain.

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Apart from the few scorching summer months there are mild temperatures year round. Numerous cheap flights, ample accommodation and quality climbing make Costa Blanca a top destination for climbers.

One of the most popular area of the Costa Blanca for climbers is Sella. There are enough routes to satisfy almost any climber. You’ll find a long valley with superb south facing ridges, and the north facing Pared De Rosalia. As a result Sella rock climbing holidays are very popular.

History of rock climbing holidays in Costa Blanca

Rock climbing in Costa Blanca has began in the 60s. Since then there has been a steady growth in the number of explored routes and the facilities.

Every year, locals or visiting climbers open up new routes. To make it more accessible, many of the major lines on the crags are bolted. There is so much variety in Sella and is ideal if you want to climb the best crags in Spain.

Sella rock climbing holidays: When

As we’ve mentioned, in the summer the Costa Blanca is full of package holidays. The popular seaside resorts of Benidorm and Alicante swarm with holiday makers, and the smell of vinegary chips floats through the air.

Busier, more expensive and full of non-climbers it takes the sheen off the climbing. And since temperatures are way up in the late 30s or even early 40s, you’d have to be mad to climb in the peak summer anyway.

Sella rock climbing holidays in Costa Blanca Climb the best crags in Spain flickr image by Protozoo

From September onwards temperatures drop into the 20s, perfect for climbing. Sella has no off-season, with good conditions year round but winter is most popular. Plus outside the summer months there are no crowds and prices drop.

Guide to Sella rock climbing

With over 300 sunny days a year, it’s not surprising that rock climbing holidays in Costa Blanca are popular. With over 400 documented routes graded from 3a to 8c+ there is something for everyone.

Almost any climbing guidebook to the area will tell you about the varied routes on offer. But what the books don’t tell you is that there is plenty of scope for exploration.

New routes are popping up all the time. Once thing you can be sure of is you won’t get bored doing the same 10 pitches time and time again on Sella rock climbing holidays.

There’s great climbing throughout the region but Sella is without doubt the best spot in Costa Blanca and one of the best in Spain. There’s enough rock face here to spend a few weeks exploring it all.

The long central ridge in the valley is the most popular and is all bolted. It’s south facing but sheltered so should stay dry even in a heavy downpour. Routes are fingery, technical and single pitch.

Sella rock climbing holidays in Costa Blanca flickr image by Protozoo

In hot weather, check out the north facing Pared de Rosalia. Here there are some longer routes some of which are bolted. There are multi-pitch options involving some more challenging and technical climbing.

If you can find the Hidden Valley you’ll find tufas and pockets on wild and steep walls. You need to lead 7a or above to take advantage of the area.

The Divino in known for long trad routes. The lower sections have plenty of sport climbing mainly in difficult grades.

Climbing holidays in Costa Blanca

Travelling in the off-season, you can find some really cheap flights and great deals on accommodation. And when you can climb the best crags in Spain it makes it all the better.

When the climbing is this good, it all makes winter rock climbing holidays in Costa Blanca possibly the best in Europe. You can book trips with companies such as Rockbusters who’ll organise your accommodation, equipment and guide you to the best spots.

Make sure you check out our rock climbing holiday discounts as you could save a fortune on your next trip.

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