Sea kayaking in Thailand: Paddling in paradise

Dec 16, 2016 BY AWE365 Team

Thailand is renowned for its idyllic beaches, dramatic coastlines, Buddhist monuments, mouthwatering cuisine and party scene. But sea kayaking in Thailand in less well known – and this is an injustice as there’s excellent opportunities, especially around the Koh Samui and Krabi where you’ll be paddling in paradise.

When sea kayaking in Thailand you can expect to explore enigmatic lagoons and mysterious 75-million-year-old caves. Kayak through marine parks that are teeming with life as you float over colourful coral reefs – this is paddling in paradise.

Krabi Sea kayaking in Thailand Paddling in paradise Flickr image by Madeleine_H

Koh Samui: Paddling in Paradise

To the north and west of Koh Samui is the calm wash of Ang Thong National Marine Park. Here you’ll find a delightful medley of beaches, reefs, caves and tunnels that will surprise even the most seasoned paddler – simply paddling in paradise.

From time to time you’ll want to look abeam to the lee shore and try to spot such interesting beasts as langurs (Asian tailed monkeys), turtles, ashy drongos and pythons. Given the cooler average temperature of 26C, January to February is the optimum time to visit.

However, if you fancy some snorkelling or scuba diving as well as sea kayaking in Thailand, visibility is best from March to October. You’ll be able to get up close and personal with such exotic fauna such as the groupers of the marine life-blessed islands of Koh Tao and Koh Nangyuan.

Sea kayaking in Thailand under Karsts: Paddling in paradise Flickr image by madeleine_h

Krabi: Treasures of the Hongs

Reminiscent of films such as The Beach and Mad Max 3 (specifically the oasis of lost children) is Krabi in southern Thailand. Here the cost boasts vine-covered hongs (limestone caverns) through which beams of sunlight pour making for a magical experience.

An organised sea kayaking tour gives you the advantage of local knowledge; the hongs can only be accessed at certain tides and the guides offer expert advice on controlling the inflatable kayaks provided. A trip further afield to the quaint village of Bor Thor will lead you through healthy mangroves and beguiling karsts.

Once ashore, you can check out the elephant sanctuary and surrounding conservation area. All in all, the Krabi region offers eco-tourism of the highest order and is possibly the best spot for sea kayaking in Thailand.

Sea kayaking in Thailand Paddling in mangrove caves near Krabi Flickr image by

Sea kayaking in Thailand: Getting there

Thailand is so well-connected that although you can’t get direct flights from the UK to Krabi or Koh Samui they can be reached within 17 hours with a brief stopover. If already in Southeast Asia you can get local flights from most major airports.

Once you have booked your tickets, try to organise accommodation in advance. Although you can book on arrival it will take more time and can be a real hassle and eat into your time paddling in paradise.

We hope you found this article about sea kayaking in Thailand interesting. If you fancy paddling in paradise then check out our discounts for holidays in Thailand.

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