Savedra Dive Center Philippines: Moalboal Scuba Diving Holidays

Sep 19, 2013 BY leebutler

The Philippines is fast becoming the destination of choice for scuba divers from all over the world. The country is the centre of marine biodiversity; nowhere else on earth will you find so many unspoiled coral reefs and species of fish, some of which cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. That’s why Moalboal scuba diving holidays offer a once in a lifetime diving experience.

Moalboal Scuba Diving Holidays whale shark image courtesy of Lee Butler from Savedra Dive Center Philippines

Moalboal, a charismatic provincial town, is a peninsula on Cebu’s south western tip. Commonly known as the gateway to the Visayas, Moalboal is home to the best dive sites the Philippines has to offer. Here, you will find incredible vertical wall dives, caverns, offshore islands, marine parks, fish sanctuaries and beautiful white sand beaches.

Savedra Dive Center Philippines

The Savedra Dive Center is a 5-star PADI Instructor Development and Technical dive center in the heart of Moalboal, Panagsama Beach. Here, we train divers from complete beginners to professionals, all year-round. There are many reasons why so many visitors fall in love with Moalboal and head back here year after year – and Moalboal scuba diving holidays are high up on that list.

Corals can be seen a few meters from shore. The lip of the wall is only 50 meters from our door, and from there it drops to depths in excess of 70 meters. This makes our dive sites suitable for snorkelers, recreational dives and Tec divers.

Moalboal Scuba Diving Holidays tongo turtle image courtesy of Lee Butler from Savedra Dive Center Philippines

On typical Moalboal scuba diving holidays, you will see green and hawksbill sea turtles, schools of fish so big they go beyond the range of visibility (20 to 40 meters). Look a little closer and you will find pipe fish, shrimp and crabs in the corals, white tip and thresher sharks resting on the sand or out for a hunt. The lucky diver might meet the world’s largest fish, the whale shark, as it’s cruising by.

Travelling in the Philippines

Foreigners visiting the Philippines rarely fail to notice how warm and friendly Filipinos are. With English spoken widely across the country, communication is easy and relaxed. Hospitality is a matter of pride for Filipinos and is extended to everyone. Visitors will feel at home very quickly here. Let your guard down and enjoy.

Moalboal Scuba Diving Holidays pigmy seahorse image courtesy of Lee Butler from Savedra Dive Center Philippines

Fun dives for certified divers start from as little as 1000.00 PHP. Our dive sites are accessible year-round and we have something to offer divers of all levels.

The Savedra Dive Center Philippines visits Pescador Island every day. We have Recreational Diver training courses daily, starting from Open Water all the way through to Master Scuba Diver. Check out what is offered and their prices here.

Moalboal Scuba Diving Holidays Moalboal white beach image courtesy of Lee Butler from Savedra Dive Center Philippines

Choosing where to take your professional diver training, and with whom, is the most important decision you will make during your diving career. Savedra has a dedicated team of Staff Instructors, Instructor Trainers and a Course Director to guide you through your Divemaster, Technical Instructor, and PADI Instructor Development courses. Contact us today for a bespoke training package.

Getting to the Philippines

Getting here and around the country is incredibly easy. Buses, ferries and domestic flights are very straightforward even for a traveller with only the most basic grasp of English.

Moalboal Scuba Diving Holidays pescador sardines image courtesy of Lee Butler from Savedra Dive Center Philippines

Probably because the Philippines is a collection of 7,107 islands, there are a great deal of options when it comes to transport links and they are frequent and dependable. Savedra can assist with all of your domestic travel bookings and accommodation. Just let us know where you would like to go and when.

Moalboal Scuba Diving Holidays blacktip shark image courtesy of Lee Butler from Savedra Dive Center Philippines

Moalboal is a mecca for Technical Divers. There are few places on earth where sites for this type of diving are so easily accessible. Savedra offers daily dive schedules for Tec divers and training is available year-round from our team of instructors and instructor trainers. We are CCR-friendly and have a range of back and sidemount equipment for rent.

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