Sardegna kitesurfing holidays: 9 best Sardinia kite spots

Mar 08, 2018 BY Paul McWilliams

The island of Sardinia is renowned for its beauty, and in kite circles for some of the best conditions in the Med. All of which make Sardegna kitesurfing holidays hugely appealing. But what are the best Sardinia kite spots?

Sardegna kitesurfing holidays 9 best Sardinia kite spots Image courtesy of Kite Generation

In this article, you’ll discover some of Sardinia’s most kite-friendly beaches. Kitesurfers can expect quality wind, warm air, pleasant sea temperatures, quiet beaches and uncrowded waters for much of the year. All of which makes Sardinia – or Sardegna as the locals call it – a top kitesurfing destination.

Sardegna kitesurfing holidays: The wind

The wind in Sardinia often creates ideal conditions for kiting. However, is it a fickle beast and can change on a daily basis. But as a rule it is more reliable in the south of Sardinia than in the north.

In the south, the Sirocco blows from the southeast which along with thermal winds creates good conditions. These winds are steady, more so than in the north, making kitesurfing more reliable. In fact, the southeastern corner from Villasimius to Fontanamare is one of the windiest places in Europe. Music to kitesurfers’ ears.

Beaches on the north side of the island are hit with the north easterly Mistral and northerly Tramontana. To the northeast you can also ride the Grecale. The winds in the north are powerful, but the presence of nearby Corsica can make them a gusty.

Sardegna kitesurfing holidays 9 best Sardinia kite spots Image courtesy of Kite Generation

All around Sardinia, water temperatures in the summer are pleasantly in the mid-20s, cooling to between 14 and 20 in the winter months. Air temperatures are also warm, with the northern side of the island being a few degrees cooler than the south.

Sardinia’s kiting boom

With competitions being held for many years at Porto Pollo Sardinia comes with a kitesurfing pedigree. But in recent years the sport has really taken off. With many of the best Sardinia kite spots taking advantage of the reliable winds in the south, more and more kitesurfers are heading here for Sardegna kitesurfing holidays.

The warmer water and air temperatures in the south also appeal. And the fact that accommodation and the cost of living is generally lower in the south make it a very popular choice for kitesurfing Sardinia. Although we should point out that in the right conditions some of the northern spots can also be superb.

The best Sardinia kite spots: South


As the capital of Sardinia, Cagliari is a great city to visit. Merging historical buildings and leafy, cafe lined boulevards with a banging nightlife and local kitesurfing, what more could you ask for? Cagliari’s two main kitesurfing beaches are Poetto Beach and Giorgino Kite Beach.

Sardegna kitesurfing holidays nine best Sardinia kite spots Image courtesy of Kite Generation

Poetto Beach

Poetto to the east of the city is where the locals go to hangout and party when the weather in good. The kitesurfing is perfect in the winter season when there are fewer people in the water, in the height of the summer it is not possible to kitesurf here.

With the strong Sirocco, Levante and thermal winds hitting this coast it can create conditions most suited to experienced kitesurfers. However, the sandy bottom does make it safe for beginners and new riders when the wind is not too strong.

Giorgino Kite Beach

Located at the mouth of the harbour, Giorgino Kite Beach is Cagliari’s summer kite spot. It received thermal winds of up to 15 knots and is sunny and warm throughout the summer.

The beach is free to use for kiters, but due to its location it is a managed site. So you will need to have insurance specific to the sport and be able to prove this with documentation if required. Kitesurfers must use the dedicated launch lane, and kites must be armed and landed in the correct area.

Giorgino Kite Beach Cagliari one of the 9 best Sardinia kite spots Image courtesy of Kite Generation

Petrol Beach

From March through to October is the main kitesurfing season at Petrol Beach. With three kilometres of soft sand that’s very safe for kiting and plenty of clean, clear water it is a little slice of paradise. Outside of peak tourism season is usually best for riding.

Expect good winds of between 15 and 17 knots most of the time. The thermal and frontal winds are best when coming from the north and southeast.

Punta Trettu

Punta Trettu is considered by many to be the best kite spot in Sardinia and one of the top destinations in Europe. This lagoon in the southwest of Sardinia has flat, shallow water and steady winds. In short, perfect kiting conditions, especially when the Sirocco and Mistral winds are blowing.

Punta Trettu is ideal for beginners, with the shallow waters perfect for learning the basics, particularly as there are very few swimmers. There are two dedicated kite zones, however, some of the waters around the beach are off limits to kitesurfers, so look out for signs. There are fines if you’re caught kiting in the wrong place.

Punta Trettu one of the 9 best Sardinia kite spots Image courtesy of Kite Generation

This spot is a must to visit during Sardegna kitesurfing holidays. And if you would like to learn it’s by far the best place for beginner kitesurfing in Sardinia. There is a great kitesurf school there – check out Kite Generation for lessons:

Porto Botte

This southwestern bay is another well known spot. With winds blowing in from the northwest it’s one of the best Sardinia kite spots. With three different places to launch, it’s a good choice for both beginners and more experienced riders.

The bay is about two kilometres wide and the best wind is the onshore Mistral. This creates areas of flat water that beginners and intermediates will like. Plus you’ll find some chop for advanced riders to try tricks during Sardegna kitesurfing holidays.


During the low season, from October to May, the beautiful beaches of Villasimius are also ideal for kiting. In the summer, the beaches are busier, so you’ll need to take a dinghy out some 200 metres in order to launch.

Villasimius one of the 9 best Sardinia kite spots Image courtesy of Kite Generation

Campulongu is probably the best kitesurfing beach in the area. There are steady winds blowing from the west and south creating excellent conditions.

The best Sardinia kite spots: North

San Teodoro

Just 30 minutes from Olbia, the stunning La Cinta beach at San Teodoro is a popular kiting spot. Winds usually blow in from the north or southwest.

The three-kilometre white sandy beach often has great kitesurfing conditions. The beach faces east, with stunning views of the Capo Coda Cavallo promontory.

Porto Pollo

The most well-known of all Sardinia’s kite spots, often providing advanced kitesurfers with world class conditions. This long beach is located in one of the windiest places on the island. On it’s day can be one of the the best Sardinia kite spots.

Porto Pollo one of the 9 best Sardinia kite spots Image courtesy of Kite Generation

But the wind is often gusty and is less reliable than spots in the south. Because it’s on the northern side of the island, the water is a little cooler, so you’ll probably need a wetsuit when riding. There are separate zones for windsurfing and kiting.


Another long and beautiful beach, Badesi is exposed to the Mistral wind with conditions more suited to experts. The beach is dissected by the Coghinas river and on clear days there are views of Corsica in the distance. Badesi is about 50km away from the town of Olbia.

With these top nine kite spots in Sardinia, plus plenty more to find, Sardegna kitesurfing holidays are a great option if you want to kitesurf the Mediterranean. And even if the winds change, conditions are always good somewhere around the island of Sardinia.

We hope you enjoyed this guide to the best Sardinia kite spots. If you are planning Sardegna kitesurfing holidays be sure to check out Kite Generation for lessons, kite camps and much more:

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