Romantic adventure holiday: 6 best extreme marriage proposals

Oct 29, 2019 BY AWE365 Team

Over the years I have experienced two of the best extreme marriage proposals. And neither involved myself! Both were complete strangers on a romantic adventure holiday getting down on one knee.

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In order to make popping the question more romantic and memorable people are going to extreme lengths. Why propose in the pub or at a party when you’ve got Peru or parachuting to pick from?

Romantic adventure holiday

Unbelievably I have experienced strangers proposing twice in adventurous situations. Which inspired me to come up with this article about the best extreme marriage proposals.

The first was in 2001, I was caving in Borneo in the Gunung Mulu national park. When we entered what is believed to be the largest volume cave in the world a French girl proposed to her boyfriend. With only myself and the Malaysian guide as a witness #HeSaidYes!

The second time was more recently on top of Helvellyn in the Lake District, UK. I was with a group of guys on Striding Edge and we were overtaken by a couple. At the top I saw him down on one knee with ring in hand. It was clear she said yes.

Striding edge on the way to Helvellyn Cumbria Lake District UK

So what is a romantic adventure holiday? That entirely depends on the couple. For some it’s five star luxury with activities, for others it’s on a yacht and for some it is wild camping in the middle of nowhere. The key thing is you are both there and both dig the situation.

6 best extreme marriage proposals

Below are the top six ways to pop the question whilst on a romantic adventure holiday:

On top of a mountain

I experienced this on Helvellyn but just about any mountain will do. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Mount Everest, like Swedish climber Thomas Laemmle (via GPS), or one of the Lake District’s peaks after a long hike.

Popping the question on top of a hill is one of the best ways to do it. But why? Well, having made it up there you’ll both be elated, your heart’s thumping, and you’ll have broad beaming smiles. It’s a great time to dig the ring out of the backpack and pop the question.

Best couples adventure holidays: Romantic activity breaks Flickr CC image by Bhavishya Goel

Also in most cases it will just be the two of you. Accompanied by stunning views and a feeling that together you can conquer anything. Of course it helps if you can return to lovely accommodation. When in the Lake district I usually book with Independent Cottages.

Journey to the centre of the earth

From the top of the world to deep beneath it. As I discovered in the Clear Water System of Borneo some folk get their kicks in underground spaces. Easily one of the best extreme marriage proposals I have witnessed!

To be fair it was stunningly beautiful and a unique experience. We had abseiled, climbed, squeezed and crawled our way for what felt like hours. Eventually reaching one of the largest underground caves in the world where she popped the question.

To add to the excitement rather than caving with an electric headlamp we used a chemical reaction to create light in a flaming head-torch. When it ran out – which is did for me halfway through an abseil! – our guide would do a bit of chemistry to get you going again…

Malaysian Borneo overland adventures flickr image by oldandsolo

In terms of a romantic adventure holiday Borneo is a far flung exotic destination – so box ticked. You can experience diving, unique treks up Kinabalu or to the needles, experience a very different culture and get involved in the best Borneo wildlife adventure.

At the bottom of the ocean

Yes, it’s been done before, many times. People have even got married in full scuba gear. However, it’s not an easy one.

You’ll need to work on your hand signals, perhaps spell out your devotion on a marker board. It’s either that or write it out in seashells on the ocean’s floor.

And of course be careful. Steven Weber sadly drowned while doing a freedive wedding proposal to his girlfriend Kenesha Antoinea. This was based at the underwater hotel at Manta Resort in Tanzania – so he had chosen a very romantic spot.

Scuba diving proposal one of the 6 best extreme marriage proposals pixabay royalty free image

On an overland adventure

Overlanding from London to Sydney, or perhaps Alaska to Patagonia – with the right planning anything is possible. If you want to propose on route it’s best to pick up a ring beforehand rather than keeping your eyes open for a little bling along the way.

But where to pop the question? Perhaps ask during a campsite sunset. Or when you’re under the stars in the wilderness, or sat on the bonnet of your vehicle sharing a beer…

But maybe the most poignant would be to ask when you are at the point that means most to the two of you. Perhaps it’s the spot where you are furthest from home, at your rultimate goal, or a destination that inspired you both to travel.

Pop it on the piste

If you both love making the most of the winter season, then get hooked up during your ski or snowboard holiday. Ask on top of a peak, half way down a black run, or at a mountain restaurant. Perhaps ask in a gondola – the Piz Seteur in Val Gardena can be privately hired with champagne!

Romantic adventure holiday skiing and snowboarding pixabay royalty free image

At 12,000ft

Proposing during a skydive is also not unique but without doubt is one of the best extreme marriage proposals. Of course be very careful not to drop the ring…

The logistics of a skydive proposal make it difficult. Unless you are both qualified skydivers you will each have to do a tandem jump – so will have a couple of random instructors along for the experience. To do it yourself you’ll need to do the AFF course first.

However you choose, you can guarantee the extra thought you put into popping the question will be repaid in full. Everyone loves a romantic story and with one of the best extreme marriage proposals you’ll be dining off it for years to come.

Have these top six adventurous ways to propose got you planning a romantic adventure holiday? Then check out our adventure holiday discounts as you could save a fortune.


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