Rock climbing holidays with pros: Coaching by world’s best climbers

Jan 31, 2017 BY Luke Rees

Looking for climbing coaching by world’s best climbers? Then check out the range of rock climbing holidays with pros available at Rockbusters. With a team boasting some of the best in the business, Rockbusters trips offer you the chance to improve with some serious legends.

Rock climbing holidays with pros: Coaching by world's best climbers with Rockbusters

Coaching by world’s best climbers

Looking to jump up a level in your bouldering technique or get red-point tips from one of the world’s best? Want to address specific physical or mental weaknesses?

rockbuster logoThen Rockbusters is where it’s at. They’ve assembled an incredible array of talented climbers to pass on their knowledge and passion to you on their rock climbing holidays with pros.

Check out just a few of the members of the crew below and you’ll see exactly what we mean by ‘Coaching by world’s best climbers’.

Rock climbing holidays with pros: Coaching by world's best climbers: Adam Ondra Flickr image by Mattias Kanhov

Adam Ondra

Pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming. Rockbusters offers you the chance to climb and learn from the legendary Adam Ondra. In discussions about the best in the world, Adam’s name is a guaranteed inclusion.

Spend time on-sight and redpoint climbing with Adam on the crags of Siurana and Margalef. Expect to learn plenty of strategy and mind set tools, plus plenty of hands on coaching by one of the world’s best climbers.

Patxi Usobiaga

A multiple world champion known for his explosive style, Patxi is one of the best climbers on the planet. Spend a few days working with the master, learning his techniques and training in the climbing gym at Reus.

Rock climbing holidays with pros: Coaching by world's best climbers: Patxi Usobiaga Flickr image by Mario Sánchez Prada

Patxi delves deep into your technique, analysing your strengths and weaknesses and using intense PUC training to help you improve. He’ll develop a personal campus board to help you build strength, pushing your climbing to the next level.

Daila Ojeda

Hailing from the Canary Islands, Daila’s first love was surfing but at 18 she discovered climbing and was soon swapping the board for the face. Relocating to Catalonia, she dedicated her life to climbing and soon developed into one of the world’s best.

Daila has travelled the world sharing her passion for the sport and does exactly that on her instructor courses throughout the year with Rockbusters. Ladies can join her girls only climbing trips for inspiration, but there’s plenty of regular coaching too.

Rock climbing holidays with pros: Coaching by world's best climbers: Daila Ojeda image by Rockbusters

Hazel Findlay

Renowned as one of the toughest climbers (both mentally and physically), Hazel specialises in helping climbers overcome their fears. Working with advanced climbers and developing individual techniques, Hazel helps you to understand your mental blocks, conquer them to become a better climber.

Learn how to manage internal negative dialogues, manage fear and maintain your mental toughness throughout your climbing your career. Who’d have thought things would go mental on rock climbing holidays with pros…

Pablo Scorza

Physio to the pros, there are few people in the world who understand the biomechanics of climbing better than Pablo. His expertise in the functional side of climbing can help you to avoid injuries and develop a better balance on the face.

Rock climbing holidays with pros: Coaching by world's best climbers with Rockbusters

Pablo believes that most climbing injuries are caused by wear and tear plus issues with technique. As he helps to address these issues, you’ll gain a better understanding of coordination, accuracy, muscle memory and strength. Meaning you’ll become a better climber.

Rock climbing holidays with pros

On these rock climbing holidays with pros, other members of the Rockbusters crew (all incredible climbers and instructors in their own right) will be on hand to help put theory into action. You’ll discover unique opportunities to improve, and become a much better climber.

rockbuster logoFrom skills weeks to shorter trips, whatever area of your climbing technique you want to work on, you can learn from legends. Head off on a rock climbing holiday with pros, with coaching by world’s best climbers at Rockbusters.

If you fancy getting coaching by world’s best climbers, then check out the rock climbing holidays with pros by Rockbusters:

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