ROAM whitewater rafting adventures

Oct 09, 2013 BY AWE365 Team

ROAM, which stands for ‘rivers, oceans and mountains’, is a worldwide adventure sports company offering the best extreme adventures in some of the world’s most incredible destinations. However, it’s some of the diverse ROAM whitewater rafting adventures that really stand out.

Whitewater rafting on the Chilko River. British Columbia, Canada.

With all your food and gear provided, all you have to do is concentrate on having the time of your life. ROAM whitewater rafting also offers one of the best guide-to-guest ratios on any whitewater excursions in the world. With one guide to every four guests you’ll never feel left out or lost in the crowd.

ROAM logoUltimate Zambezi River Safari

Zimbabwe/Zambia – $6495 for 11 days

Spend eleven days navigating the heaving Zambezi River from your start point at Victoria Falls. See some of Africa’s legendary big game by raft, kayak and on safari featuring luxurious riverside camping with ROAM.

Whitewater rafting adventures zambezi

Bhutan Explorer

Bhutan – $6295 for 11 days

In beautiful Bhutan, enjoy a combined rafting, trekking and cycling adventure, tour ancient Buddhist temples and relax in a deluxe tented safari.


British Columbia, Canada – $8995 for 9 days

On Western Canada’s most rare river trip, you’ll be exploring barely passable canyons, heli-hiking around the Silverthrone Glacier and boating down a 60-mile fjord, past a grizzly bear sanctuary. This is once-in-a-lifetime stuff.

Whitewater rafting adventures Klinaklini River BC

Bear Camp Combo

British Columbia, Canada – $2695 for 6 days

The Bear Camp Combo is a combination of short stay at a remote safari-style camp with a three-day river tour into British Colombia’s ‘Chilcotin Country’. You’ll explore this beautiful land by boat, kayak, horse, bike and on foot.


British Columbia, Canada – $2995 for 8 days

The Chilko-Chilcotin-Fraser River adventure is a white-knuckle, eight-night ride through this incredible landscape. Enjoy the longest stretch of commercially navigable whitewater in North America on this ROAM whitewater rafting adventure.

Whitewater rafting on the Chilko River. British Columbia, Canada.

Expedition Guide School

British Columbia, Canada – $6495 for 30 days

The Expedition Guide School gives you the chance to graduate as an official guide. They’re designed for people wanting to lead their own expeditions and the 30-day course can be broken down into smaller segments.

Moab Multisport

Utah, USA – $2995 for 6 days

Spend a few days hiking through Cataract Canyon on the glorious Colorado River, and enjoy biking, hiking and boating near the isolated resort of the Sorrel River Ranch.

Whitewater rafting adventures Utah

Futaluefa Multisport and Cotahuasi

Argentina $3200 for 9 days and Peru $3495 for 11 days

Heading south of the equator, the Futaleufa Multisport adventure and Cotahuasi River expeditions give you the chance to try and tame two of South America’s fiercest rivers, in Chile and Peru, respectively.

Raft and Ranch (Echo Valley)

British Columbia, Canada – $3995 for 8 days

The perfect combination of five-day deluxe camping trip and river adventure, finished off with a three-night stay at a spectacular guest ranch and spa.

Whitewater rafting adventures raft and ranch BC

Tatshenshini River

Yukon and BC, Canada – $5995 for 11 days

In the far northwest corner of the continent lies the Yukon, with massive glaciers and primeval landscapes, you’ll blast through rapids and gorges with day hikes providing an even better view.

ROAM logoThere’s also the chance to try out a whole range of other activities on these and other ROAM holidays. Specializing in a range of extreme and adventure sports, ROAM offers sea kayaking adventures, trekking expeditions, sailing trips, safaris and a selection of winter sports in addition to its whitewater rafting adventures.


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