Review of VENOM Snowboard Edge and Sidewall Protector

Dec 15, 2020 BY Mark Barber

Every snowboarder’s nightmare is when getting to resort finding out that their snowboard has been damaged! Read this review of VENOM Snowboard Edge and Sidewall Protector, which is designed to protect your board in transit, to find out how we got on.

Why protect your snowboard in transit

Let’s be honest, most snowboard bags offer as much protection to your precious plank as carrying it in a paper bag. Especially with once those airport luggage handler fiends get their grubby ham size hands on it! The following video that Snowtech products have posted on their site is great testament to art of luggage handlers:

Over the years I have seen a lot of products come to market on the ski and snowboard scene, with the majority of them trying to fix a problem that does not exist. The Venom snowboard sidewall and edge protector on the other hand is a simple idea and concept for a real need. After all, your snowboard is a valuable piece of kit and it makes sense to protect it.

When I was approached by Snowtech products to carry out a review of VENOM Snowboard Edge and Sidewall Protector I was intrigued and accepted without hesitation.

About Snowtech Products

At Awe365 we are always super excited to see entrepreneurial British snowboard brands on the market and Snowtech Products fits that mould.

The idea of the VENOM snowboard edge and sidewall protector was born after one disastrous snowboarding holiday. When arriving in the resort and unzipping the snowboard bag, it was quickly established that part of the sidewall had been damaged.

Review of VENOM Snowboard Edge and Sidewall Protector

Although misfortunate, this event saw the birth of a concept that was brought to life 18 months later when VENOM was introduced. A product to protect the sidewalls and edges of your plank.

Review of VENOM Snowboard Edge & Sidewall Protector

The product arrives simply but well packaged with a wide array of luminous colours to choose from.  I went for the alien green that unintentionally went really well with my black board. First impressions was that it was a flexible, durable and well made product. Rolled up it seemed surprisingly heavy.

At first I struggled to fit the VENOM onto the edges of my snowboard but this was because I hadn’t read the instructions properly! The VENOM has a slightly bigger lip on one side and this has to go on the bottom of the board. Once I realised this it was easy. Cutting the excess was also easy. My board is a 160 and I had to cut off about 2 inches from the end.

Once applied it was very obvious that my snowboard’s edges and sidewalls were well protected as the VENOM edging is cushioned and tough.

VENOM snowboard edge and sidewall protector

Unfortunately, because of Covid-19 I have not been on a snowboarding trip yet this season and I do not know a burly group of baggage handlers to throw my board around! But, I did give the board a few heavy knocks against the wall and the VENOM snowboard edge and sidewall protector did it’s job protecting the board (and wall!) really well.

Not only is the VENOM good for transit but also for storage. It is also super grippy once applied to the board which is great for propping against the wall. On the downside it can prove a little difficult to slide into a tight snowboard bag.

With the RRP price tag being £45 it does seem slightly on the expensive side. Having said that, it is worth the money if it saves the heartache and hassle of having your £500 snowboard damaged. Think of it like a premium snowboard insurance!

It is also worth mentioning that although the VENOM is made from a light weight material, it will still obviously add weight when travelling by air. Something to be aware of when a pair of socks can tip you over the airline weight allowance. Personally, I would rather go without a few pair of socks if it means my snowboard is protected.

Overall, I love the VENOM snowboard edge and sidewall protector. This simple but well-designed product does exactly what it says on the tin. It is quick and easy to apply and remove. Only taking a few minutes to do after the initial time. It also looks great. Both my wife and my daughter commented how good it looks on my snowboard!

I hope you found this review of VENOM Snowboard Edge and Sidewall Protector useful. For more info and to purchase a VENOM visit


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