Review of Thule Revolve Spinner 68cm suitcase: Robust hardside luggage

Feb 28, 2020 BY Luke Rees

As I found during this review of Thule Revolve Spinner 68cm suitcase even adventure travellers sometimes need a quality suitcase. I put this robust hardside luggage through its paces on a luxury hiking trip to the Italian Dolomites with my wife.

Review of Thule Revolve Spinner 68cm suitcase Robust hardside luggage

We were staying in the five star Adler hotel in Ortisei. With private airport transfers included my usual 65L backpack didn’t seem appropriate!

We only had one piece of hold luggage between us and needed to fit four days of clothing plus hiking gear. Importantly – for my wife – her lovely outfits for the posh dinners should not be creased.

Review of Thule Revolve Spinner
68cm suitcase

Thule are a high end Swedish luggage brand. They make everything from backpacks to bike racks and carry on bags to roof boxes. I have reviewed the Thule Stir 28L backpack and the Thule Roundtrip Roller snowboard bag in the past and both are excellent.

On unpacking this robust hardside luggage I found it striking to look at and clearly a very secure suitcase. It is solid and will protect your gear from most things travel will throw at it.

Thule revolve Spinner 68cm


One of the major selling points of the Thule Revolve Spinner suitcase is it has four wheels that offer any direction travel. This works well with the multi height telescopic handle.

So unlike two wheel suitcases you have no problems going around corners. You also don’t have to lean it forward to support most of the weight. This all makes it a lot easier to move around particularly in airports and urban environments.

On smooth floors the Thule Revolve Spinner 68cm suitcase requires almost no effort to move it at all. And on uneven ground you can just tilt it like a two wheeler.

How robust is the Thule Revolve Spinner?

The impact-resistant exterior is 100% polycarbonate. With internal corner protectors, a rigid frame and a reinforced front panel the interior is very well protected.

Review of Thule Revolve Spinner 68cm suitcase Robust hardside luggage

All of this is well and good but for this review of Thule Revolve Spinner suitcase 68cm I had to test it. In Ortisei we purchased some ornamental bowls.

We wrapped each individually in T-shirts but were still nervous when we checked the case in. This robust hardside luggage protected the bowls which made it home in one piece.

How easy is the Thule Revolve Spinner to pack?

This review of Thule Revolve Spinner suitcase 68cm would not be complete without talking about its main function: packing. I find luggage fall into two categories, that which gives you less space than you expect and those that give more.

The Thule Revolve Spinner falls into the latter category. Size wise it feels like a middle of the range suitcase. In face it holds an impressive 63 Litres.

Thule revolve Spinner 68cm inside

And being a case it is far more convenient to pack and access than a rucksack or even a holdall style bag. Belongings are held securely in place with an adjustable, internal compression system. There is also a zipper section that is ideal to stop clothes from getting creased.

We found it easy to fit everything we needed into the case and even easier to find it again. This included two pairs of hiking boots, waterproofs and trekking poles, plus the clothing and toiletries for two people for four days.

Security of the Thule Revolve

This robust hardside luggage is kept secure when travelling through inbuilt TSA locks. Plus it has a puncture resistant zipper backed by a solid inner frame.

Personal information also remains safe. There is a concealed and integrated ID slot that retracts into the back of the case.

Thule revolve Spinner 68cm security

I certainly worried less about my belongings with this suitcase. When checking it in or leaving it in left luggage I knew it was much more secure than a backpack or other luggage I own.

Conclusion: Robust hardside luggage

With an RRP of £449 this is an expensive suitcase. But you are investing in a quality bit of luggage that should last a lifetime and comes with a comprehensive five year warranty. But Thule also guarantees to fix any damage, even through wear and tear, in the first two years.

If you like your luggage sleek, secure and strong the Thule fits the bill. In addition this robust, nimble and spacious suitcase is a joy to use even when fully loaded.

At first I thought the 68cm 63L suitcase was going to be too small and perhaps I should have gone for the 75cm 93L version. However, it has proved to be the ideal size for a weekend with the family, four nights with the missus and a week on my own.

Robust hardside luggage Review of Thule Revolve Spinner 68cm suitcase

While I wont use this robust hardside luggage for every trip, to conclude this review of Thule Revolve Spinner 68cm suitcase I’d say it has its place. These kind of suitcases are popular with good reason and I have found it a great addition to my luggage selection.

The Thule Revolve Spinner comes in black, dark blue or dark grey and costs £449. To buy this robust hardside luggage visit:


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